Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Magical Dolls

We are really looking forward to the workshop at Epping on Saturday 18th May and we hope it will be well attended.  Don't forget it starts at 1.30 but doors open at 1 pm for meet and greet.  The day is just £20 which includes any materials used plus light refreshments and a free raffle ticket.  Workshop entitled "Your Creative Soul" in which we will also be combining a wee bit of sound healing at the start of the day to calm everyone from the outside distractions. We are now in the process of planning other events as the venue has got some repairs which need doing.  It now looks as if these will go ahead in August so we can make plans one of which we have already arranged and it is " Making a Magical Doll" (poppet and how to use it) with Lucya Starza on October 5th, which will start at 1.30 pm.  The cost will be £20 which will include all materials, there is a suggested donation for materials of £2.  I am also hoping Lucya will have a copy of her book for sale. We will need to know numbers for this as obviously materials have to be brought.   We are also planning a workshop with Anita Panayiotis on animal healing.  Hopefully by my next post we will have news of that.  Now back to ourselves and on Thursday 23rd May we will be at Woodford during the afternoon with "Your Creative Self"  which will start at 2.30 and 6 approx. and then at 7 pm is our normal circle.  We are planning at some stage to take it back to Tuesday's as we are gearing it around medical appointments.  I would also like to mention several specials which will be taking place at Woodford Church in aid of the church.  The first of these will be on the 6th July at 7 pm with Raymond Prendergast and will include a free raffle and refreshments.  Time for making friends and seeing an excellent medium. More details nearer the time.  Advanced notice on September 14th there will be an amazing trio of three being Alan Albiston, Alfred Hunt and Ruth Lipkin.  More details nearer the time, but it will include refreshments and time to make new friends.
The last of our felting course at the Woodlands Farm will take place this weekend a selection of what was produced is also above. 

Monday, May 13, 2019

Next event at Epping will be on the 18th May and its with our good selves Daniel Naughnane and Patricia McNally "Your Creative Soul". Usual venue in Epping, which is The Friends Meeting House, Hemnall Street, Epping, Essex CM16 4LL.  We are so fortunate in being able to hire this venue as the energies inside are wonderful.  It starts at 1.30 pm, but doors open for meet and greet at 1 pm. As usual entrance includes light refreshments and a raffle ticket.  Following this on the 26th May at Woodford National Spiritualist Church at noon there is a workshop with Terry Finnrgan  called "Finding Yourself Through Colour" and following "Intuition and Colour" with myself (  Full details on the website. The Healing Week at Woodford went quite well and I understand that the Healing Power of Laughter with Sharon Law was well attended.  As was was our own and also Elizabeth Gale (see small photograph with Daniel. Towards the end of the week on Friday numbers dwindled and sadly Sharon only got two for the meditation and so did Brenda Hodgson for her mini workshop.  The next day it gain more in numbers with Anita Panayiotis and Valerie Coates's workshops.  Incidentally Anita will be doings an animal healing workshop at Epping later in the year and Lucya Starza is doing a poppets one in October and we will be giving more details in a later post. Last Sunday morning we sent at the Woodlands farm on our felting course, which is where the beautiful clematis was and the sheep too.  Details of this and our makes will be in our next post in a few days time when we might have more news of the two workshops mentioned. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

We are looking forward to taking part in the Woodford Church Healing week and we will be there nearly all day tomorrow.  At 12.00 I will be leading a mini workshop called entitled Healing with the Archangels (suggested donation £3),  which will start at 12.00 until 2 pm.  Then at 2.30 pm Daniel will be leading a workshop with Sound Healing and this will finish around 5.30 (suggested donation £5).   There will then be a break until 7 pm when our normal circle time will be devoted to a mediation and a discussion on various forms of healing again (again suggested donation of £3).  We understand that the first workshop the "Healing Power of Laughter" with Sharon Law.  On Friday our good friend Liz Gale is doing a workshop called "Healing with the Universal Energy", which starts at 3.30 pm. For full details of the rest of the workshops please look at the Woodford Church website ( 
The workshop after that will be at Epping called "My Creative Soul", which will be on the 18th  May at 1.30 pm and doors will open at 1 pm for meet and greet.  Full details will be found on one of the posts next week. Cost just £20 which includes teas and light refreshments plus a raffle ticket, 
I have posted some more pictures from the Woodland Farm and we are there again this coming Sunday and when we are making a bowl. As I have said previously it is a splendid venue.    We are also going to book another workshop in Rochester and that will be to felt an angel or fairy with Unravel and Unwind.   

Monday, May 6, 2019

We had a very fruitful day at the Woodland Trust and almost finished a picture. It is certainly worth looking at some of the events there and so do take a look. (  Viv and Sylvia certainly packed a lot into the morning and we are looking forward to making a bowl next Sunday. We also had an interesting talk about the farm itself and how much it cost to run it (a bit scary I might add)  I would also like to recommend courses with the following organisations, which I believe they are both members of the following organisations and  You can see from the other picture how intent Daniel was with his wet felting.  I also have added some picture of the creatures hanging from the education room in the Woodlands as they run numerous classes for children.
Our next workshop is part of healing week at Woodford Church on Thursday 9th May at noon with "Healing with the Archangels" lead by myself and then when it finishes there will be a half hour break and at 2.30 until 5.30 Daniel will lead a  "Sound Healing Workshop". Following this will be a meditation with a discussion about various forms of healing such as reiki, angel reiki, kiniesology and other forms of therapies, which will start at 7 pm and finish around 7.30 pm.  all of these events are by donation as its the healing week.
Following this the workshop after that will be at Epping and its called "Your Creative Soul" and Daniel and I will be leading it.  That is on the on the 18th May, which starts at 1.30 pm (and doors open at 1 pm for meet and greet). 
Liz Gale is also doing a workshop on Friday afternoon and so is Lucie Steflova for the healing week and I will be giving more details of these in my next post.   I will where I can be adding reviews of these workshops and even if I can't attend it will be nice to get some sort of feedback. 


Saturday, May 4, 2019

Workshops and Healing week

Just a gentle reminder that the Woodford Healing week commences on the 6th May with the afternoon service.  Those taking part are Anita Panayiotis, Brenda Hodgson,  Daniel Naughnane, Elizabeth Gale, Lucie Steflova, Sharon Law, myself and the healing leader Valerie Coates.  My workshop is on the Thursday 9th May at 12 noon to 2 pm "Healing with the Archangels" suggested donation £3 and Daniel's will follow at 2.30 to 5.30 suggested donation of £5 "Sound Healing".  Finally from 7 pm to 8.30 pm Meditation and discussion on various forms of healing suggested donation of £3 (all workshops on the healing wee are by suggested donations). 
On the 18th May we will be running a workshop at the Friends Meeting House, Hemnall Street, Epping CM16 4LL which starts at 1.30 pm (doors open at 1 pm for met and greet).  The workshop is "Your Creative Soul" and we are hoping for some lovely art and inspirational verse etc.  Following this on the 26th May we are back at Woodford with a workshop entitled "Intuition and Colour" at 2.30 pm till 5.30 pm.  Before this is also a short 2 hour workshop with Terry Finnegan on colour called "Finding Yourself through Colour".  Find details of this and the healing week on the Woodford National Spiritualist Church website
We are looking forward to the second part of our four week wet felting course at the Woodlands Farm in Welling, which is situated in the Shooters Hill.  We really enjoyed last week and it is a lovely venue. On the subject of craft I am sharing on here some of our latest creations, which we will be selling to raise funds for the "Rainbow Healing Sanctuary" 
We found some really interesting links to share with you one on mindfulness and mediation being introduced into schools, which I found very interesting the others I feel will be of interest to a lot of people so do click on these two links. This one refers to dancing
Watch out for more news soon and especially from our class tomorrow. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Beltane Blessings

Normally I don't blog two days running, but I wish to pass blessings to you all for Beltane and also to suggest places you can look for Beltane Celebrations.  Probably best place we know is Lucya Starza's blog as there is always a full list of pagan events and incidentally its a blog well worth reading. Very informative and beautifully written.
We thought we would share a few more photographs of the Woodlands Trust Farm at Welling with you as we will be spending some time there on the wet felting course, which runs for another three weeks. We are looking forward to next Sunday. 
Don't forget this coming week is the healing week at a lot of spiritual churches and South Woodford National Spiritual Church and workshops leaders taking part in this are Anita Panayiotis, Liz GaleDaniel Naughnane, Sharon Law, Lucie Steflova and myself.  The healing leader is Valerie Coates. Do come along to some of these events and see if the power of healing can help you or just learn about various aspects of healing. Please if you attend one of these events could you write a review.  It would be nice to get feedback about ant of the workshops we organise and I am sure the tutors concerned would be delighted.  In our case any constructive criticism is also welcome. 
Don't forget also those interested in trance there is a workshop on the 11th May with Maggie Jones at West Wickham Church and I believe it starts at 10.30 am until 4.30 pm entrance £20.  Places are limited so contact church as soon as possible.
Our next workshop at Epping is on the 18th May at the Friends Meeting House at 1.30 (doors will open at 1 pm).  Cost £20 which includes the workshop as well as teas, coffees and a free raffle.  I always feel we are fortunate to have such a beautiful place to work. The address is Hemnall Street, Epping, CM16 4LL. The workshop is with us and is entitled "Your Creative Soul"
Following this on the 26th May we are back at Woodford with two short workshops both on colour.  One with ourselves and the other with Terry Finnegan.  More about that in a later post. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Wet Felting at the Woodlands

We really enjoyed our wet felting workshop at the Woodland Farm Trust with Viv and Sylvia  and we are looking forward to this coming Sunday for the next part of the course.  I love the setting even if I am not mobile enough to walk around the grounds I can nevertheless appreciate the setting and mother nature.  We certainly learnt a lot from the short morning workshop.  Do take a look at the other courses run by SEYA at the farm ( We are looking into the possibility of running a course there ourselves. 
Our most exciting news is three of our circle are ready to embark on the next stage of their journey and will be making their platform debut on15th July at 2 pm ( as I have said to them come and sit on the platform with us and if you do get messages give them and if you don't there is no problem. 
Next week is the Woodford Church Healing week please come along to some of the events arranged, which start on the Monday afternoon with the service, which is at 2 pm but please come early and have a cup of tea and a chat;

Tuesday 7th MayThe Healing Power of Laughter with Sharon Law 7 pm - 9 pm

Wednesday 8th May -  normal healing day at Woodford (see website)

Thursday 9th May - Healing with the Archangels with Patricia McNally 12 noon - 2 pm 

                               Sound Healing with Daniel Naughnane 2.30 pm - 5.30 pm 

                               Meditation and discussion on various forms of healing 7 pm - 8.30 pm

Friday 10th May -    First Steps in Crystal Healing with Lucie Steflova  noon - 3 pm

                                Healing with Universal Energy with Liz Gale 3.30 pm  - 6 pm

                                The Magic of Meditation with Sharon Law 7 till 9 pm

                                 So you would like to be a healer with Brenda Hodgson 7 pm - 9pm
                                               (learn the first steps)

Saturday 11th May   Animals like Healing Too with Anita Panayiotis 10.30 am - 1.30 pm

                                Healing the Spirit  (Exploring the power of healing) with Valerie Coates
                                 2 pm to 5 pm

Woodford were truly blessed at the AGM with a beautiful service beforehand with Bruce Bayley.  The opening prayer, the address and indeed he mediumship were a joy to behold.  Advanced notice Bruce is back in July with a workshop so please check the website for details next month.