Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Heartfelt calling cards

I am probably repeating myself, but I do feel privileged to be able to hire such a beautiful space at Epping not only the splendid garden, but the unique calmness of the whole building.  The workshop last Saturday was interesting and we a looking forward to inviting Lucya Starza back to do a workshop next year.  There is a picture on here with at least five of them and it I such a pity it wasn't the other three too.  Hopefully Liz and Clare might take a picture and add it to the reply at the bottom of this post.  I intend to ask Christine to bring her one to our next meeting in order to take a picture.  Lucya is facilitating workshops and courses so please keep an eye on her blog ( for her workshops as well as many other up and coming events indeed Wicca Moon in Eltham will be having a workshop this coming Saturday which I now believe is full, but there is a free runic on the 19th October 3pm to 4pm (
 Our next meeting will be on the 23rd November from 4 pm to 8 pm with Liz Gale and entitled "All Hallows Eve Traditions" which will be a mini workshop and talk.  Liz is a well informed lady and an excellent speaker.  Cost as usual is £20 plus a free raffle ticket and light refreshments, which will be in keeping with the evening. 

We have had some very interesting workshops and circles which have produced some interesting pieces which could be used for the platform.  I am sharing these with you.  .
Friends who are loving and truthful are a great source of joy,
They will help you on your journey and will do you no wrong.
Serenity and joy they will give you for they know whatever you do for others, you do for yourself.
So today we drink deeply from the cup of friendship.


It filters through your fingers and ends in a trickle.
From where did it go,
Such volume has now become just a damp patch on my lawn
Maybe the next shower will refill my cup.
We are now sending out our calling cards to the universe and we are asking that by the end of this year we have found and located the place we need to set up our sanctuary.  These are the ideas we have in mind when it is established.
1.  A teaching centre for alterative therapies as well as spiritual 
2.   A healing sanctuary for both humans and animals.
3.   A library
4,   A bookshop
5.   A low price café where those who are lonely can come just for
      a chat and hopefully make friends.
6.   A small garden Japanese style for meditation
7.   A craft shop
8.   A vegetable and flower garden
9.   A small art gallery as well as a craft centre


Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Manifesting Plus and healing

We really enjoyed facilitating the workshop at Brentwood Spiritualist Church and we would like to thank all them for making us so welcome.  The journey was well worthwhile and we think judging  by the feedback everyone enjoyed it.  We look forward to doing another one there.  The picture here is one of the simple spirit art readings done using various ways of linking to spirit. 
Next Saturday 28th September Daniel  Naughnane is doing a workshop at Woodford Spiritualist Church (  It is called "Preparing a Vision of your future" which starts at midday and finishes around 5pm.  Its only £10 and non members £12.  The following week on 5th October we are back at Epping when Lucya Starza is running a "Magical Doll" workshop and will be backed by her book "Poppets and Magical Dolls"  It starts at 1.30 and cost £20 plus £2 contribution towards materials.  The venue which we are so lucky to be able to use is "The Friends Meeting House" in Hemnall Street, Epping,  CM16 4LL. 
We are now very determined we need to manifest a permanent home for the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary and have an idea which will become apparent in the fullness of time, but uts heartfelt.  Meanwhile here is what we would like to manifest amongst other ideas. Here is the list.
1.  A teaching centre for alterative therapies as well as spiritual 
2.   A healing sanctuary for both humans and animals.
3.   A library
4,   A bookshop
5.   A low price café where those who are lonely can come just for
      a chat and hopefully make friends.
6.   A small garden Japanese style for meditation
7.   A craft shop
8.   A vegetable and flower garden
9.   A small art gallery as well as a craft centre

Lastly I want to draw your attention to two interesting articles which fell in my path.  Here is the first one Secondly this one which I also found very interesting All knitted items are to put funds into the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary project.  We are knitting key, owls and gnomes. 


Sunday, September 15, 2019

Resolutions and all that

The garden fete at Little Ilford Spiritualist Church went very well.  Mandy and Alex Mayes plus the committee had put a lot of hard week into the day and the sun had shone for them.  The Medley of Mediums even if I do say so myself went very well at Woodford Spiritualist Church a dream combination of Alf Hunt, Alan Albiston and not forgetting the lovely Ruth Lipkin.
Our next important event is this coming Saturday when we are delighted to be facilitating a workshop at Brentwood Spiritualist ChurchWorking Spiritually with Colour", which although will be focusing on colour is also a development of both intuitive and  mediumistic skills.  Please come and join us as the class is suitable for both beginners and more advance student.  The address is as follows Primrose Hill (off Crown Street), Brentwood, Essex, CM14 4LT or ring 07931 848023 to secure a place. 
I have been reflecting on the resolutions we made early this year and seeing how many of them were put into practice.  Firstly I will remind you of our

Daniels Intentions

1.   Getting organised (de-clutter) rooms, kitchen, craft and workshop materials.

2.   Having a place for everything (and everything in it's place)
3.   Improving sleep pattern  (early night - early start)
4.   Rationalise cuttings (newspapers and magazines)
5.   Making time for personal communication with guides
6.   Make more time for creativity
7.   Do some home baking
8.   Visit new churches
9.   Attend more workshops which interest me
10.  See new mediums
11.  Learn a needle craft
12.  Learn my human anatomy
13.  Attend another course with Daniel Mapel
14.  Driving lessons
15.  Attend another workshop with Ian White

Nextly mine

1. Clearing the clutter from our home
2.  Go to workshops with new tutors
3.  Visit a new church once a month
4.  Learn to do needle felting
5.  Learn to do arm knitting
5.  Lose weight
6.  Create new creative spiritual workshops
7.  Pay it forward once a week
8.  One day a week for us doing something we both want to do.
9.  Start my Book of Shadows
10. Move home
11. Finding somewhere permanent for the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary
12. Walking at least 20 minutes a day when the weather gets better.
13. Go on the second part of the practitioners course with Daniel Mapel (Ian White next)
14. Get to grips with Amigurumi (possibly go on a course)
15. Learn Ikebana

Well we are three quarters of the way through the year and I hasten to say we have only achieved a few of themI have however managed to make headway in the areas of needle and wet felting, creating new spiritual workshops and paying if forward once a week, Daniel however has managed to do quite a bit od de -cluttering, rationalising his newspaper cuttings as well as doing some wet felting and needle felting. We are still search for a place to be and will continue with our endeavours as well as trying to improve on these resolves. 

Friday, September 13, 2019

Weekend events Plus

Just a short update to say we are having quite a busy day tomorrow the 14th September. Firstly we will be at Little Ilford Spiritual Church between 11 am and 4 pm doing readings. Daniel Naughnane will be doing spirit art and selling our little handmade knitted and crochet items (all profits go into our fund to manifest a permanent home for the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary).  Incidentally the little needle case was made by Faye Luminesence Lamb of Unravel and Unwind in Rochester located at Intra.  I understand there will be stalls plus a cream tea on the menu.  For those of you who are interested the address is Third Avenue, Manor Park E12 6DS.  We will then we travelling on to South Woodford Spiritualist Church with a "Medley of Mediums who are Alfred Hunt, Alan Albiston and Ruth Lipkin.  Do come and join us for one or both of these events. 

The following pieces were from our workshop last week and I am delighted to be able to share them with you. 
Peace and Harmony is a little luxury
Look for signs that surround you
Warmth of the sun to the creatures that pass us by.
Be it a squirrel or a dragonfly

Divine energy floods us with rays of light
to guide our way and soothes and replenishes us
We in turn are duty bound as children of the higher power
 to reflect the gifts of light within us on all that is around us.

We have come from the divine light,
We are surrounded by divine light
We are protect by divine light and its is our destiny
 here on the Earth Plane to increase that divine light within us. 
This is truly life's luxury
Peace and Harmony to All

The second piece is as follows

Respectfully ask for the opportunities
To come our way, to be lucky with our life's choices and to
find purification in mind, body and soul.

Our next important date is the 21st of September when we are facilitating a workshop at Brentwood Spiritualist Church and we are really looking forward to this.  We will be giving full details in our next post so keep that date free and join us if you can.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

What next and where

Firstly I would like to say what a splendid day it was at Woodford Spiritualist Church last Saturday.  We were extremely proud of our students and I must say even more when I read the feed back they received. Some of them did 10 readings which is a huge amount.  So well done Alex, Carol and Sandra. We have now moved our circle to the Monday evening and our next afternoon workshop will be on the 9th September at 4 pm until 7pm followed by the Progressive Awareness Group in the evening starting at 7.30 pm. As you all know I run the closed circle and Daniel Naughnane runs the progressive awareness group.
Last Sunday our trip to Rochester turned out to be very fortunate as on arrival I was gifted the little fellow on the right.  Its given us an idea to reinstate our pay it forward key ring idea, which we stopped because of the bomb scares.  This little guy was part of the little yellow duck project supporting blood, bone marrow and organ donors (  
We will bypass our return journey as it was horrendous including a two and a half hour wait on Rochester Station. 
Our next event will be the 14th September at Little Ilford Spiritualist Church where we will be doing readings and selling our crafts.  It is a Garden Party from 11 till 4.  There will be lots of stalls there and cream teas.  I really wish Mandy Mayes good luck with the event and hope its well attended.  We will be going on to an event at Woodford Spiritualist Church which I have organised for the church funds with Alan Albiston, Alfred Hunt and Ruth Lipkin "A Medley of Mediums"  Please come and support both events.  Incidentally the small children's drawing on left is Mandy's grandson. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

New Night and Fledglings Evenings

We are really looking forward to taking our students on the platform at West Wickham Spiritualist Church tomorrow evening 21stAugust (  We were very proud of them at Woodford Spiritualist Church when they made their platform debut.  They will also be doing readings at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( on the 31st August for the day of private readings 2 pm till 4 pm.  Great day to get to know the church only £1 for as many readings as you can fit in plus giving students practice. 
We are also pleased to say our closed circle and Progressive Awareness Group will be meeting on a Monday evening plus a mini workshops on various subjects once a fortnight. That is to say from Monday 9th September we will meet at 4 pm till 7 pm for the mini workshop and then 7.30 till 9 pm for the circle.  The following week no workshop, but evening as the 9th September then the next mini workshop will be on the 23rd September.  Please be aware to watch dates as some Mondays the committee convenes. We were so pleased to welcome Alex back to circle and I note her guide didn't lose anytime in grabbing control of her hand for a psychic drawing for Sandra.  We are actively looking for different churches, centres and sanctuaries  to take our students too. Please contact us if you are interested by emailing or ringing 07927 288904.   
We are also taking part in the Garden Party at Little Ilford Spiritualist Church which is on the 14th September starting at 11 am to 4 pm at 111 Third Avenue, London E12 6DS.  I know Elizabeth Gale, Sarah Sheppard, Michael Matthews, Nigel Irvine, Andrew Hain, Daniel Naughnane and myself are taking part.
The little camel was a present from Dubai and thank you so much to the person who gave it to me (you know who know who you are.  Its so cute and I am thrilled to pieces with the little fellow. 
Our next workshop will be on the 21st September for Brentwood Spiritualist Church and obviously we will be giving details of this in one of our future posts nearer the date. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Progressive Awareness Group

We are now definitely changing our night for the Progressive Awareness Group to a Monday.  We will also be running this on a Monday and also twice a month there will be afternoon workshops.  We will be starting on the 9th September as long as my medical mayhem gets sorted.  The workshops will be from 4 pm to 7 pm and the evening circle from 7,30 to 9 pm.   We are hoping to run a mini workshop that day too. More details in later posts.
Please come and support us on the 21st August when together with our budding mediums we will be at West Wickham National Spiritualist Church. There will be more details in our next post. It will be their second time on the platform and I have to add last time we were so proud of them as they all did very well.   
We also have two workshops coming up in September one at Woodford Church and the other a Brentwood plus not forgetting the Summer Fete at Little Ilford and on that note the other wee picture I have included was from Alex and Mandy's grandson.  I love children's pictures as they have so much imagination (sadly as we grow older a lot of us lose this).  I was wondering what people would see in the cloud picture I have posted here may reply on blog itself/  It was quite an interesting formation and we watch it change several times,
Just a wee reminder we are still making things to help fund the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary and below are a few examples. 
I also found the following article very interesting
More news in next post