Friday, March 16, 2007

Although I am one of the tutors on this course many of the exercises involve pairwork, when the numbers are odd I will join in on the meditations and will produce work inspired by it, so that the person left without a work partner has an opportunity to take part.

The image to the right was produced after a guided meditation taking us to a point of transformation.

As you can see this image is completely different from the two collages and it has a delicate feel to it. I like it because at the time it conveyed the meditation perfectly. You meet some very interesting and spiritual people on these workshops. It has showed me lots of new things and given me different ideas.
Each time I go on a workshop I do not know what to expect. What I am always sure of is that I will enjoy it and have a lovely time in good company.
For some reason these workshops seem to draw very spiritual people who are on a voyage of self discovery. Thank you Pat and Daniel for all your help and guidance. My path now seems closer.
I look forward to the next workshop.

These are two of the collages I created in a workshop I attended with Pat and Daniel. I really enjoy these workshops and look forward to them. I have found they have boosted my confidence. Especially as I suffer from dyslexia. These have helped me to express myself more fully.
Hopefully, I will be able to attend more of these and produce different kinds of work. I will show you some more of the work I have done in my next post.