Monday, July 29, 2019

Thank you Mandy Mayes

I think I will be camping at the hospital soon.  What with this heat and the hospital its enough to make a sane person scream.  Sadly yesterday did not go as well  as I would have hoped, but I would like to say a big thanks on behalf of myself, Daniel Naughnane, Elizabeth Gale and Nigel Irvine for the kindness and hospitality.  Everyone was so friendly. Thank you Mandy and Alex Mayes plus their team at Little Ilford Church.  Unbeknown to everyone there was a procession locally we were told for the Goddess Kali.  Consequently less people came through the door than were expected.  Very sad as it was obviously from what we knew masses of work and preparation had gone into it. Nevertheless it was a great day and those that did come enjyed it.  Hopefully their fete in September will be better attended.  The psychic art picture above was drawn through Daniel and was for Amar Singh who owns Amar Singh Crystal Cave (see facebook).  It was nice to make contact with Helen and Andrew Hain plus seeing Marcia Jolly and Samantha Hall
We are pleased to announce our Progressive Open Awareness Circle will be meeting on Monday evenings and this will either start on the 5th or 12th August. More details in our next post. 
Meanwhile I would like to invite people to come an join Wendy Stokes workshop on the 11th August at noon till 5 pm.  The workshop is entitled "How to Perform Lenormand and Kipper Cards.  I have also found some interesting articles on the internet which I though might interest reading.( This bit on Icelandic elves and the following piece on fairies ( then this one parallel world (   Finally one on one of my favourite subjects trees and how they communicate (

Monday, July 22, 2019

More Medical Mayhem

I have to say I could certainly do without all the hospital visits on such a warm week.  If the weather men are correct it will soar to 38 degrees. It isn't quite the right time to have to spend time hanging around a hospital.  On the other hand I guess I am lucky to get such quick appointments.  Sadly it has meant the group, the closed circle and the mini workshop etcetera  have had to be cancelled.  Just as I had some new exercises I was going to try out which spirit gave me.  No doubt they will wait.  Last weeks circle was very interesting and we did paper scrying.  It was interesting to see how people placed their pictures on the paper and it might we an interesting exercises for readers to do their own interpretations of the pictures placed on here. 
The workshop with Alan Albiston last Saturday at the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary in Epping went very well apart from the mammoth delayed people had including ourselves whilst travelling.  One one member of the group had their car break down on the motor way, another had problems with keys, we got stuck for quite a while on the central line.  One student got stranded at Ipswich.  I would like to thank those who did attend this workshop that is Nicholas, Diana, Ruth, Federica, Antony, Christine, Carol and of course Daniel.  At present the first event we have booked there is one in October with Lucya Starza, but we are planning another one in September with several workshops in one day including we hope tea leave reading.  More news of that in a later post. 
We are also pleased to announce we will be facilitating a workshop at Brentwood Spiritualist Church on September 21st 11 till 5 entitled "Working Spiritually with Colour" and we will be adding more details nearer the events.
Lastly two interesting pieces I saw on the internet one in relations to one of my favourite subjects trees ( and the other in relation to sound and its healing power ( I do hope you find them as interesting as I did.   


Sunday, July 14, 2019

Lastest News

We are really looking forward to taking the fledglings from our circle onto the platform that is Carol, Sandra, Sarah and Christine.  Every on welcome at 2 pm at Woodford Spiritualist Church in South Woodford (  Don't forget there are two open circles one on Tuesday with Sharon Law and another on Friday with John Jenkins both start at 7.30 pm. 
Our next workshop at Epping is with popular medium Alan Albiston and is entitled "Energies and Auras".  Those of you who have attended Alan's workshops in the past know its bound to be a good workshop with lots of interaction.  It starts at 1.30 pm and doors open at 1 pm for meet and greet.  Light refreshments will be included in the price. 
We have a few interesting workshops in the pipeline and there will be a scrying on with Daniel Naughnane and I plus a poppet making one with Lucya Starza  more details in a future post so watch out.  On the right is another picture from Intra taken last week and above is my piece of felting.
I found quite a number of interesting bits on the internet which I feel compelled to share with you. Here is the first and I will be interested to hear your views.  Especially with the following one which I feel is a brilliant idea and long over due.  Lastly this piece (so remember you don't have to be good at art to enjoy it and creativity is good for you.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Medical Mayhem

Totally sorry for  the lack of communication on here, but I had what I would describe as a medical emergency with my warfarin, which took from around 11.15 on Friday evening till 7.30 on Saturday morning,  Consequently we were in no fit state to attend or even open up for Mike Matthews nor attend the evening with Ray Prendergast. Nevertheless I did hear good reports in regard of this. My other decision was whether or not to cancel West Wickham, but decided it would be unfair to wait until Sunday to cancel if I was still feeling grim . At this stage our felting course hung in the balance as I had no whether I would be attending it.  As fate decreed I felt a bit better on Sunday and decided  we would be ok, but  I will add by the time I returned to Bromley South I was totally shattered.  I am so glad we didn't miss it though as we met a delightful lady of 100 years old who was full of vitality.  I do hope we encounter her again with her daughter Jane Furst.  Incidentally the open studios is well worth a visit and Intra has some interesting pieces.  I can also recommend Faye Luminesense Lambs's workshops in Rochester take a look at Unravel and Unwind.  Faye's next workshop on felting is on the 4th August and I believe it starts vat 2 pm and finishes around 4.30 pm so come and join us
Our next event is on Monday 15th July at 2 pm and we are very excited about it as some of the closed circle newbies will be joining us on the platform. So if you are free please come and join us at Woodford Spiritualist Church (, 
Following this our next workshop is at Epping in our usual venue with Alan Albiston and we will be giving more details in one of the next posts.  Its bound to be as very popular workshop and is on the 20th July at 1.30 pm (don't forget the doors will open at 1 pm for tea and biscuits).  Some of the work bottom right is Faye's and this picture does not do it justice, but will give you a wee idea. 
Hopefully I won't be as tarde with my next update.  Watch out for details of the MBS Fair at Little Ilford Spiritualist Church in the East End of London soon. Its on 28th July and we will be attending as will Liz Gale and Nigel Irvine.   

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Latest News

Thank goodness its cooled down a little and a wee it lower in our opinion would be better still. We are looking forward to the workshop on Saturday with Mike Matthews.  Everyone welcome whatever level and the start time is 12 noon until 4 pm plus the cost is only £5 and £6 for non-members (or you can make yourself a member for just £5 a year). The title of the workshop is "Your Pathway to Mediumship". Following this in the evening is a demonstration of mediumship with Raymond Prendergast in aid of the church funds, which starts at 7 pm admission just £3.  On Sunday we are the mediums at West Wickham Church for their divine evening service at 6.30 pm  but before that we will be in Rochester at Faye Luminesence Lamb at Intra for a felting course in wet felting, which starts at 2 pm, until 4.30 pm and I believe there might still be places on the workshops.  Just look up Intra in Rochester for a list of different workshops. 
Tomorrow evening we are at Woodford Church with the closed circle as well as the Progressive Awareness Circle to which everyone is welcome (, which starts at 7 pm and do have a look at the up and coming workshops with various mediums some of which are new at the church, 
Our next workshop at Epping is on the 20th July and the doors will open at 1 pm for meet and greet followed by the workshop itself at 1.30 pm.  It is with popular medium Alan Albiston so watch out for details in our future posts.  The above butterfly cards was one of the things we won at the Wool and Textile Festival last Sunday. 
We are getting on a bit better with our intention list as more de-cluttering has been done this week and we have started learning Tunisian crocheting.  I have also got the idea for one new spiritual workshop, which will be completely different to anything else we have ever done. 
I also found this very interesting  (


Monday, July 1, 2019

Rethinking Intentions

Welcome to July and I must admit I am pleased the weather has cooled down a little, which was a blessing yesterday at the Wool and Textile Festival at the Woodlands Farm Trust,  We had a brilliant day and are pleased with the results.  I felted an apple and Daniel an apple and a strawberry with Mec and Marcia from(  We then went and join Sylvia Becker ( for the Tunisian Crochet and learnt enough to start practising.  I will add both Mec and Sylvia are excellent tutors.  Unfortunately we didn't get time for the origami, but maybe on another occasion we will.  I also purchased a free form brooch from Sylvia, which I will photograph and put on my next post. The picture top right is Marcia who is hard at work crocheting.
On Saturday we were at Wicca Moon on a "pop up" pendulum workshop with Shirlee Moon as it is always interesting to see how someone else teaches a subject you are also teach and we had an excellent afternoon as well as making a couple of purchases as you can see top right (,uk).  Do watch
out for more of Shirlee's pop up workshops and be aware we are planning some too.  
This coming Thursday we will be at Woodford with our closed circle and Progressive Awareness Group.  Every one is welcome to the latter both of which start at 7 pm until 8.30 pm (  Do also be aware there are other open circles at the church run by John Jenkins and Sharon Law as well as workshops and short courses such as the course being run by Paul Bathgate.  On Saturday there is s workshop with Michael Matthew, but more about that in our next post as well as other revelations.  We will also be reviewing a super CD by Reg Miles watch out in our next couple of posts.
We decided to rethink our intentions after looking at what hadn't been done plus continuing with those which had been accomplished and here is our combined list, which we will now check every month and I must say our de - cluttering is not doing at all well.  Lets see how these go.

Pat and Daniel's joint Intentions

1  Getting organised (de-clutter) rooms, kitchen, craft and workshop materials.
2. Improving sleep pattern  (early night - early start)
3. Visit new churches
4. Learn my human anatomy
6.  Driving lessons
7.  Lose weight
8. Create new creative spiritual workshops
10  One day a week for us doing something we both want to do.
11. Move home
12. Finding somewhere permanent for the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary
12. Walking at least 20 minutes a day when the weather gets better.

We will obviously be continuing with the things we have actually got off the ground such as paying it forward, crafts etc and adding to this bit by bit.
The next two links will show you how important nature is. ( and the following one.  Be interested to have your views. (