Friday, November 9, 2012

Firstly I would like to thank Wendy Stokes for inviting us to the book launch of the Jacket Technique written and introduced by Hans de Waard from the Netherlands who is doing another presentation on Monday in Bristol ( ). I  would also like to recommend a book by Wendy who we met for the first time at Hans's demonstration.It is called "The Lightworkers' Circle Guide".  I would also like to thank James Baydar and Greg Sheppard (plus their lovely little dog Hugo who sent out unconditional love to everyone)  for making everyone so welcome ( and lastly Peter Geekie for the laughter appreciated by myself, Daniel and Angela.   I would also like to reiterate about the workshop at Reading National Spiritualist Church on the 1st of December with Mark Brandist ( . Now us we are at the lovely little church run by Barbara Barnes on the Isle of Dogs in on Sunday 11th November (see previous entries for address and then on Monday at the newish centre run by Peter Brewster as see details in previous entries.Don't forget on the 18th November we are back at Woodford Spiritualist Church (   On the 8th December we are at Balham Spiritualist Church, Hamilton Hall, London, SW17 7BQ with our "Sound Healing Workshop with Colour"  guaranteed to help rid you of stress and leave you feeling happier.  I would also like to wish Pip Norris and Olga Day good luck with their new spiritual centre at St. Mary's Cray which opened last week.