Monday, February 4, 2019

And the North Wind will blow.

Well the snow did eventually come down and it is bitterly cold.  Still hoping we will be able to go ahead with Alan Albiston's workshop on 16th February, which starts at 1.30 pm (doors open 1 pm) at our usual venue in Epping.
We are also planning an afternoon workshop on the 12th March starting at 2.30 pm until 5.30 pm  it will be series of workshop with a spiritual/creative theme entitled - "Your Creative Self".  It will consist of various form of right brain work which will help with your intuitive and mediumistic side.  It will be geared to learning with a fun element.  The cost is £6 for non members and £5 for members of the church. 
Reluctantly we have had to cancel our circles yet again as it is still bitterly cold and we did not see anything was to be gained from sitting in a cold room or us travelling on public transport in this kind of weather.  As spirit told us we will still be here as we aren't going anywhere.  Nevertheless we are going on with our online blog ideas, which we would be delighted if you would join in with and better still if you gave us feedback or hit any snags with it.  If you haven't started this I would suggest today or tomorrow for the Chinese New Year.  I also have a Chinese Money Envelope with a bank note in it in order to ensure I have money for the coming year.  Try it as it worked for my partner and myself. 
We are getting some lovely feedback in regard to our poppets, which I will post in a moment.  We sell these at £10 plus postage and they are made especially for each person.  You may have heard these little dolls referred to as voodoo dolls (personally I call them magical dolls), but in actuality they can be used for good as well as evil and like all forms of magic, it is the intent which is so important.  Ours are made with love and filled with crystals and herbs.  They make a delightful presents and we charge £10 plus postage.  I do hasten to add we have given some away as presents when I feel there is a need.  If you do order one of these it is a good idea to find out the favourite colour of the recipient.  Equally if its for yourself. Be aware of the following
Red is not a good colour if you have high blood pressure on the other hand it is excellent for low blood pressure. 
Blue and Purple are not good of you suffer from anxiety, SAD or any mental problems. 
Green is a good colour for healing and balance plus lowering blood pressure
Yellow for education and learning
Orange for an emotional boost
Pink for Unconditional love
Purple for spiritual matters
Do remember this in regard to your wardrobe. 
In regard to our poppets
Eileen Sweeney said "I am happy with the poppets and  use mine to relax when I get stressed out. It definitely helps my daughter  she carries hers with her as she suffers anxiety and it has helped her. My granddaughter carries her to school with her as it makes her feel safer"
Robin Jez said "I feel everyone needs a poppet..they are healing.  I love mine and so does Joshua. We both get great joy with them in our lives. Thank you Patricia and Daniel"
I would like to thank both of them for such lovely feedback and Lucya Starza for the inspirational.  We were certainly guided to the right place the day of Lucya's talk and if you want to know more about these magical dolls why not buy a copy of Lucya's book "Poppets and Magical Dolls" I know you can buy it at Wicca Moon in
Don't forget we are available for readings including telephone readings plus workshops and churches.  We can be emailed on or text/ring 07927 288904
Lastly I would like  to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year "Gong Hei Fat Choy"

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