Sunday, April 6, 2008


This piece of work was created by one of our students who gave it to me to share with you. It is vibrant and alive. This inspirational work has been progressing bit by bit and he has set up a blog, which you all might like to view.
What is interesting is if you view some of his earlier work on this blog. It is quite different.

Kent Spiritual Teaching Group

On the 18th of March we were please to be able to give a taster workshop for the above group in Swanley "Art from the Heart". We want to share just a few of the pieces of work, which were produced in just over an hour and an half. This picture on the right is full symbolic imaginery I sure you will agree. Please let us have your comments on it. I was produced by a lady called Haley, who you will see producd the piece of work I have called "Teardrop"

This is the second image produced by Haley which she is letting us share with you. When you first look at it it appears to be any eye with a tear dropping from it. Then when you look at it again it appears to be a fish. We would be interested to hear your views. I am calling it "teardrop"

This image was created by a lady called Maureen who again did some very interesting images in this short taster. Again she has let us share it with you.

Again this totally different image and is full of symbolism and a lightness.

This is another image which was produced that evening by a gentleman well past retirement and it is one of my all time favourites. It is sensitive and gentle, but conveys such a message of hope to all who see it. Thank you Howard. It is special.
Incidentally if anyone wants details about this group we would be delight to send them toyou. So email us. We assure you they are a warm, friendly, lovely group.
If you click on this image it will enlarge.