Sunday, April 18, 2010

Angelic Creativity at Eltham National Spiritualist Church

There was a lovely group for this workshop and the energies were soft and gentle. There were many interesting pieces produced and this is just a taster of the selection.

The Ray of Pink Love

Warmth from the heart -
For all to receive -
Let love and the Angels surround you -
Give and receive like a small child -
Open ones heart to the possibilities -
Let love guide you -
Love yourself as much as you love others -
Do not judge others for who they are -
But love them for who they can become -
Loving Pink healing rays to spread to us all -
Surround the Earth with a beautiful pink
orb of light bringing healing to all -
four legged, two legged, the winged and the finned -
the Earth, the Waters, the Stones, the Trees and
the unseen ones -
Put Pink in your LIFE and see the miracles happen with love

This was a group effort - four joined as one