Sunday, December 29, 2013

News and More News

Firstly we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and wish you all abundance and blessings. We hope none of you have been involved in the floods and storms in anyway that caused damage.  I have got to say the last one was really scary here and I felt like Dorothy in Oz.  We have also re- opened out Etsy site plus we now have a new website and it has a forum which has a membership fee of £10, which gives you access to the forum, membership discounts and also discussion etc.  It will tell you about up and coming workshops, events, fayres  and not just ours.  So for just under 20p annually its excellent value in my and I am so grateful to my friend Brenda Diskin for sorting it all out for me.  She is a genuine earth angel. We have lots of new events scheduled for 2014 and two new courses one which encompasses a lot of what we have done before including manifestation, colour, spirit art and much more so please come and join us for the "Co Create With Spirit" which will be held at in March.  Daniel took part in the Carol Service at Woodford and sometimes in the New Year I shall attempt to load up a video, which although the image isn't wonderful you can hear Daniel's voice singing "We Three Kings" and I will confess it was a lovely concert.  We will be updating this blog early next year meanwhile stay warm, dry and problem free,


Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter is here

We had what we feel was a fairly successful workshop last weekend at Woodford Spiritualist Church (www.woodfordchurch).   Even though there were few in numbers being lots of people had been taken ill or had prior arrangements. On that note I would like to send healing to Eileen who fell over just as she was leaving for the workshop and also her friend who I believe was having her own traumas with her son not being well and also to Frank who had a very nasty ear infection. Due to the lack of support at workshops at Camden at the moment it was mutually decided it would be best to cancel the workshop on the 7th December and move it forward to next year.  We have a complete course planned for next year at Woodford called"  Co-Create with Spirit" plus we are hoping to also hoping to run an afternoon course called "Intuitive Ways With a Sketch Book" possibly on a Thursday or Tuesday afternoon hopefully twice a month ~  it will include a form of meditation through drawing. We are hoping to make it a four hour workshop and there will also be planned trips out to connect and get inspiration from mother nature too.  We are delighted to announce we are serving Barbara Barnes little sanctuary in docklands " The Island of Light" at the Barkentine Centre, Westferry Road, E14 8JH  next Sunday the 9th December for the candle service, which starts at 6.30 (bring your own candle).  Its hard to believe I took a snap of the bush at the top just over the month ago and now it has turned these beautiful shade of reds, yellows and oranges.  Hopefully the cold bout of snow that has been forecast will not mature as we are also serving Stockwell on the 13th December.  For those of you who are interested and local we are also selling our Crafts at the Pop in Christmas Fair at the Green Man in December.  Watch for details in the next post.  I would also like to suggest if you have the time or live in around Chalk Farm you give your support to the "Fundraising event for Philippine Typhoon Appeal" being organised by Odette Kurland - telephone 07946664133 (they need donations for the raffle) and all proceed will go directly to the appeal. For more details of the workshops or fair please contact me on +44 7927 288904 or email We will also be setting up a new website and forum very soon where people can help one another with venues, publicity etc.