Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Well these are two of the gnomes we have been auctioning to raise funds to fund our sanctuary.  This is amongst serving churches and organising workshops. Graham Watson has purchased two of these little fellows we call naughty gnomes and they have begun touring churches in around the country.....so watch out they may be coming to a church near you.  They have already visited Bognor Regis Spiritualist Church and then on to Hackbridge Spiritualist Church.  Graham has managed to keep these naughty gnomes under control, but who knows what will occur at the next churches he is serving on May 31st it will be Tolworth Spiritualist Church, which starts at 7pm and the address is 12a Princes Avenue, Tolworth, KT16 7JJ and then on the 1st June Graham will be at Walton Christian Spiritualist Church at 6.30 pm and the address is The Halfway, 143 Hersham Road, Walton, Surrey, KT12 1RW.  Then on the 4th June at Hounslow Spiritualist Church, 15 Hansworth Terrace, Hounslow TW3 3TS. Now up to now he has been able to control these little fellows, but what will happen nextime?  This we will have to wait and see. Now to the rest of the news and any more recommendations we have.  Our next workshop is on the 1st June at Woodford Spiritualist Church and starts at 12 noon "Co- Create With Spirit.  It finishes around 4 pm and then we will be going on to serve Barbara Barnes  little sanctuary on the Isle of Dogs which is at the Barkentine Hall in Westferry Road, London E14.  Who knows what might happen there as "Big Ted" (another ) wants to practice just in case he gets to go on the "Grand Gnome Tour". and Mr.Silly though he might put in an appearance.  On the 10th June we are back at Woodford Spiritual Church and this time with "Intuitive Ways with a Sketchbook" which starts at 1pm and finishes around 5.30 pm.(www.woodfordchurch.com).  Then we are at Stockwell on the 21st June with "Sound Healing with Colour" and there will be more details of that in our next post.  Those of you who have experienced our sound healing workshops know what energy they generate.  I have two more recommendations and they are both at Woodford Spiritualist Church.  The first is with Judith Thorne on the 7th June and it will start at noon " Spiritual Survival" and then on the 21st June a workshop with Roz Sharkaway "The Process of Alchemy".  Both in my opinion will be well worth attending as both these ladies have a wealth of knowledge which they are eager to share. All details can be found on the website of the church, which I have previously mentioned.  Lastly our latest piece of news, which we wish to share is that we will be running an Awareness Group in East London.  Although this is aimed at beginners everyone will be welcome.  Again there will be more details in our next post.  Incidental Judith will also be doing a workshop at the Blue Moon Spiritual Centre in Oxted, Surrey and I will be posting more details of that in one of our next posts. This centre is run by two lovely ladies Carole Pilcher and Sarah Sales.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The new" Intuitive Ways with a Sketchbook" is bring forth some amazing results these are the latest printings to be produce and the media is acrylic.  I will be showing just some of these done over the next few posts.  The one on the right is quite awesome and we couldn't believe this image when it presented itself.  I would be very interested to hear some of the comments in regard to this work.  please  post on the place for comments below.  We have now decided that these workshops will be held only once a month and the next one will be on June 10th
and the "Co Create with Spirit" will on the lst June which is a Sunday starting at 12 noon instead of 11am.  As many of you know we travel from the fringes of Kent to teach and this extra hour will give us a stress free journey.  We will also be reducing the price and we are hoping soon to start a course entitled "Make your Own Oracle Cards"  in the evening.  Dates to be announced.  Next Saturday 17th May we are at the "Blue Moon Spiritual Centre" with our "Sound Healing with Colour" workshop.  I believe that there might be a couple of places left so ring Sarah Sales on 07920763493 or Carole Pilcher on 07541992417 as I also believe Terry Bowen has a past life workshop on the 7th June.  Quite sad as we are already committed on the 7th June, but do watch out as this centre is about to grow.  Next Sunday at the Island of Light the little church run by Barbara Barnes in dockland is the special where readings will be offered at a very reasonable price plus massage with Rafia Ajaz.  The readers are Daniel Naughnane, Phil Warr plus some new readers who are Frank Villiers, Nancy Jade Althea plus a lady called Marcia whose last name I don't know and of course your truly.  Starts at 6.30 and the address is the Barkentine Hall, Westferry Road, London E14.   Before I close this post I would just like to mention two other workshops which will be worth while attending (I will be there myself all being well and so will Daniel.  The first is "Spiritual Survival" on the 7th June with Judith Thorne a very knowledgeable lady and equally knowledgeable is Roz Sharkaway on the 21st June "Alchemy of Sound".  More details can be found on www.woodfordchurch.com