Monday, July 21, 2014

Whats happening

What a lovely group there was on Saturday for our workshop at Woodford Spiritualist Church and some interesting work was produced.  Every piece was different and the first half an hour was very experimental and this portrait was produced, which we all found very exciting.  During the day there was other work one of which is here.  The awareness group is growing slowly and we hope to build on it.  Although as we are aware these things take time.  Please remember if you are thinking of exploring your spiritual path we have these awareness groups and our other is at the Ringway Community Centre at 268 Baring Road, SE12 0DS at 7.30 pm every Tuesday starting 22nd July.  We will be answering questions and guiding you on the start of your spiritual journey or for those of you with some knowledge adding to your awareness.  We are also running an awareness group at Woodford Spiritualist Church every Friday starting at 7 pm.  On 31st August as wee advanced notice about a mini workshop in docklands in Westferry Road.  This opportunity has arisen whilst Barbara Barnes is on holiday and we will be doing two of them "Sensing and Seeing Auras"  is the first starts at 6.30 pm and ends around 8.30 pm.  It will be a small fun workshop and give you the opportunity to explore this subject in more depth.   Another announcement, but this one about a workshop we recommend lead by Alan Albiston  who is an excellent tutor and we have been to this workshop ourselves and found it fun and informative so please come and support it.  It will be at Woodford Church on the 23rd August starting at 11 am.  Cost £10 please bring a packed lunch. On the 10th August and the following 13th August we are back at Woodford teaching "Co-Create with Spirit" and then following "Intuitive Ways with a Sketchbook".   On the 7th August in the evening we are at Edmonton, but more details in our next post. All details of the awareness group and workshops are here as well as many others. Finally the best news till last and that is that Harvey the chocolate labrador I mentioned in an earlier post is now safe from the threat of being put down.  It has now been proven that Harvey is not a dangerous dog, which we all knew.  Nevertheless the traumas to Harvey's owner as well as his mum is something which cannot be rectified.  Finally could you all put Graham Watson on your healing list as he is now in remission from cancer and he has been feeling pretty grim after he came off a cocktail of drugs,


Monday, July 14, 2014

Awareness Groups

I am pleased to announce that our awareness group at Woodford Spiritualist Church has started to grow.  Even though several people couldn't be there last Friday as it was either they were on holiday or like Rafia Ajaz in the middle of a fast for Ramanden.  Wonderful dedication in my opinion in this hot weather.  The workshop on Sunday also went very well and it was nice to see such a lovely group and some very interesting work was done as you can see from this example. .  This coming Saturday also a Woodford is a workshop entitled "The Inspiration of Sound" ( and I am please to announce that we will also be doing two mini workshops in dockland on on the 31st August "Sensing and Seeing Auras the Basics" This short workshop will be basically for beginners and those with some knowledge, but everyone is welcome.  There will also be one on the 7th September details of both of these will follow next week,  These workshops will last two hours and cost just £4.  On the 23rd August at Woodford again a lovely workshop recommended by us called "The Magic of Nature Worship" with Alan Albiston. Next week on the 22nd July we will be starting another awareness group at the Ringway Community Centre 268, Baring Road Grove Park, SE12 0DS - It will start at 7.30 pm  and finish around 9 to 9.30 pm. For details of any of these please contact Pat on 07927 288904 or email  Unfortunately we have no more recommendations for this month, but if we hear of anything new in August we will let you know.  We are still trying to decide what kind of mini workshop we should do for the second date in September at docklands.  Now to the Gnome Tour Graham Watson and his gnomes are in dockland on the 20th July at Barbara Barnes's small sanctuary "The Island of Light Spiritual Sanctuary", Barkantine Hall, Westferry Road, Isle of Dogs,London E14 8JH , which is where we will be doing the mini workshops.   More news of the gnome tour in our next update.  We are also pleased to say that the owls, gnomes, key rings and rattles are selling swelling our funds for our centre. So if you want any knitted items or readings please contact us and we will arrange it.  Meanwhile enjoy the warm weather.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Little Man

What a lovely day it is today warm with a gentle breeze blowing.  The first thing I can going to ask is that you continue sending healing to Harvey and his master as the problem still isn't solved.  On Sunday we made a trip to see my little man and also Kyle Treslove at The Island of Light Sanctuary run by Barbara Barnes in the Westferry Road. Poor Kyle had to do battle with the elements and at one stage his voice couldn't be heard as the rain was beating so hard on the roof.  He gave a beautiful very inspired address with a poem from spirit.  Well done Kyle.  Anyone to is around that way is guaranteed a warm welcome from Barbara. I do happen to know that next weeks medium on the 13th July is Lorne Hunte and on the 20th of July Graham Watson and his gnomes continue the Grand Gnome Spiritual Tour.  Big Jacob Basher who is Big Ted's brother made a brief appearance on his way to his new home.  If you want to see more of the gnomes then Graham Watson will be,  as I said at the Island of Light on the 20th July and on  Thursday the  10th July  A Evening of Clairvoyance At Fleet Spiritualist Church 7.30 pm 193 Aldershot Road, Crookham Crossroad,  Fleet, Hampshire GU52 8JS and then on the 11th July The Essex Show with a special  Charity Evening of Clairvoyance to raise money for Hopefield Animal Sanctuary Essex £10 per ticket -telephone No. 01245 608200. Now to our own news and I am pleased to announce that the new awareness group at Woodford Church ( took off with good numbers and we are hoping it will grow steadily.  There are our on going courses at Woodford and the next is Co- Create With Spirit on the 13th July starts at 12 noon and finishes at 4 pm and we also  have a Saturday Workshop on the 19th July "The Inspiration of Sound" starts at noon finish at 3 pm.  We are also pleased to announce a new Awareness Group which will be starting on the 22nd July at Grove Park at 7.30 and if you are interested in that please ring 07927 288904.  Meanwhile if you want any owl, gnome or any other knitted items please contact on the above number of email  Being knitted to raise funds to run sanctuary of healing, teaching etc.  We are still investigating possibilities of a place to do this. Another advanced notice is that Alan Albiston will be doing a very inspiring all day workshop at Woodford on the 23rd August and Judith Thorne is at the Blue Moon Spiritual Centre on the 12th July (although I think all the places are taken).


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My first post of the month is to ask all our readers to send positive healing vibes to Harvey a lovely chocolate labrador and his owner Darren Purdie plus Darren's mum who was walking the dog at the time the incident occurred. Harvey has been accused of being  aggressive and viscous.  He is in reality a great big softie who wouldn't hurt a fly and the other dog in question was an akita.  He is under threat of being put to sleep and this would be totally unfair as well as upsetting so many people.  Any good thoughts in that direction would be very welcome.  Could you all also send healing to our friend Deborah Smith from Weston Super Mare who is in hospital at the moment plus her mum Elsie and her daughter Charlotte.  Our thanks to all.  Now to our news - we are quite excited about the awareness group due to start this Friday 4th July at Woodford Spiritualist Church (  Starts at 7.30 pm and finishes at 9 pm.  Only £3 admission and no needs to book.  This group is aim at beginners and those with a little knowledge, but all will be made welcome. On Tuesday 8th July we are there from 1 pm till around 5 - 5.30 pm  with our on going course "Intuitive Ways With Your Sketchbook" only £10   then on the Sunday 13th July starting at 12 noon till 4 pm  "Co-Create With Spirit"  and the cost is just £6.  On the Saturday 19th July we are again at Woodford Church with a different kind of workshop "Inspiration of Sound" again pay on the door £6 non members and £5 members.  I hasten to add we are quite active at Woodford Spiritualist Church. It so nice to be busy teaching and imparting knowledge or more sharing what we know.  We will also be running a small circle locally starting next week with limited numbers.  We are also hoping at some future date to run a meditation and mindfulness circle.  We will at some future date be arranging some workshops in Romford on a Wednesday from about 11 am to early evening at a venue near Chadwell Heath.  If any of you are interested in this please email us on or  ring me on 07927 288904. The gnomes are still on tour and Graham Watson will be at the following place.  Tomorrow the 2nd July  he is at Kingswood Village Club, Brighton Road, Lower Kingswood, KT20 6SZ and the admission is £5. Proceeds to animal charities and doors open at 7.15 pm for 7.30 pm or for more details ring 07747 843010 Mariea.  Then on Wednesday 9th July he is at Hounslow Spiritual Church, but more details of this  and other events in the gnome grand tour is  next post.