Monday, July 14, 2014

Awareness Groups

I am pleased to announce that our awareness group at Woodford Spiritualist Church has started to grow.  Even though several people couldn't be there last Friday as it was either they were on holiday or like Rafia Ajaz in the middle of a fast for Ramanden.  Wonderful dedication in my opinion in this hot weather.  The workshop on Sunday also went very well and it was nice to see such a lovely group and some very interesting work was done as you can see from this example. .  This coming Saturday also a Woodford is a workshop entitled "The Inspiration of Sound" ( and I am please to announce that we will also be doing two mini workshops in dockland on on the 31st August "Sensing and Seeing Auras the Basics" This short workshop will be basically for beginners and those with some knowledge, but everyone is welcome.  There will also be one on the 7th September details of both of these will follow next week,  These workshops will last two hours and cost just £4.  On the 23rd August at Woodford again a lovely workshop recommended by us called "The Magic of Nature Worship" with Alan Albiston. Next week on the 22nd July we will be starting another awareness group at the Ringway Community Centre 268, Baring Road Grove Park, SE12 0DS - It will start at 7.30 pm  and finish around 9 to 9.30 pm. For details of any of these please contact Pat on 07927 288904 or email  Unfortunately we have no more recommendations for this month, but if we hear of anything new in August we will let you know.  We are still trying to decide what kind of mini workshop we should do for the second date in September at docklands.  Now to the Gnome Tour Graham Watson and his gnomes are in dockland on the 20th July at Barbara Barnes's small sanctuary "The Island of Light Spiritual Sanctuary", Barkantine Hall, Westferry Road, Isle of Dogs,London E14 8JH , which is where we will be doing the mini workshops.   More news of the gnome tour in our next update.  We are also pleased to say that the owls, gnomes, key rings and rattles are selling swelling our funds for our centre. So if you want any knitted items or readings please contact us and we will arrange it.  Meanwhile enjoy the warm weather.

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