Friday, April 22, 2016

New workshops and things to look forward to

We will finish off the month of April at Epping with a workshop with Daniel and I "Sound Healing with Colour".  We will also be introducing Angelo Gibertoni who will join us whilst he is in the United Kingdom to do healing.  The workshop will take place on the 30th April and start at 12 noon.  If you have a rainstick, indian or tibetian bowl, rattles, bells ,tinshas  etc (not drums unless its a kettle drum)  please feel free to bring them.  Sound healing with colour is extremely  powerful and it will be a day for you to learn about colour and bathe in the healing. A sacred space will be set out and the day will be devoted to healing and finally we will send the energy generated to mother earth.  So please come and join us.  May is going to be a very interesting month as we have an Evening of Communication with Maggie Jones, plus a workshop with Keith Hudson and Michael Redwin.  Talking about Michael Redwin he is also doing a workshop at Woodford tomorrow which starts at 11am and finishes around 4pm called "Working Together For the Whole" (  In early May we are at the small church in Walthamstow in Coleridge Road,  We have never served this church before so we are really looking forward to it.  Our main news is we are planning doing a fund raiser at Epping and so far those taking part are Alan Albiston, Ruth Lipkin,  Alfred Hunt, Sharon Law, Jasmine Rose, Daniel Naughnane and the lovely Lorna Hunte will be doing healing. We are also hoping to have reflexology etc.   The day will start at noon and finish around 9 in the evening with a medley of mediums.  During the day there will be talks, mini workshops plus a question and answer session amongst other things.    For more details of any of these contact or ring 07767 137377.  Our gnomes and owls etcetera are still available all funds raise are helping to fund the sanctuary, 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Rainbows and Blessings

Don't forget that tomorrow we have a workshop at Epping and we would be delighted to make anyone interested welcome.  It starts at 12 noon and finishes at 5 pm.  If you have found manifesting impossible or want to experience other ways this is the workshop for you.  Motto "The Impossible can be done immediately miracles take a little longer" and the tile of the workshop is " Creating Your Dream Life" only £20. Venue:  The Friends Meeting House, Hemnall Street, Epping, CM16 4LL (Harlow end of Epping).We are also very excited to announce that we now will be able to offer healing again at Epping.   I had to share this beautiful rainbow on the left with readers which happened one day on our trip to Woodford (  On Sunday we will be doing a mini workshop same subject in the little sanctuary run by Barbara Barnes in Westferry Road in the Barkantine Hall in between Island Gardens and Canary Wharf near the medical centre.  Starts at 6.30 pm and I know a warm welcome will be extended to all by Barbara from the "Island of Light".   On Monday we will be holding the awareness group as usual at Woodford.  We are hoping to run both a closed circle and a trance circle very soon, but the venues are as yet to be decided. We also want to make an advance change in our programme at Epping the workshop on the 30th April will now be a "Sound Healing with Colour" so if you have a rain stick (indian or what is called a Tibetian bow)l, bells or the such like come along and feel the power of this healing energy. We still have our give a gnome a home campaign and we have masses of little owl key rings for sale.  Ideal as a very light weight key ring.  All sales help to funding the sanctuary to keep prices as low as possible. Our meditation CD is for sale at £10 plus postage and we are so pleased at the amount of sales we have had.  

Friday, April 8, 2016

We are pleased to announce that we will be doing a fund raiser on the 9th July in Epping and it will run from noon till around 9 pm at night.  It will consist of holistic therapies, healing, reiki, plus talks and mini workshops ending the day with an evening of clairvoyance.  There is a possibility of a trance demonstration, but tickets would be purchased beforehand and it would be limited numbers.  Those doing a talk or mini workshop are Liz Gale, Alan Albiston, Daniel Naughnane, Sharon Law and of course myself.  All of us will be doing readings plus Jasmine Rose and we are hoping Alex Camies will come and do a mini workshop on dreams and that Maggie Jones can also join us. If you want to come and help please message me on or ring 07767 137377 or a private message to facebook.  Just a reminder we are taking the  service at Woodford Church (  on Monday 11th April at 2pm and in the evening we will be there for our awareness group.  We are also intending to run a closed circle soon.  I would also like to invite you to take a look at an event our friend Shelley Josephs is running again you can private message her on facebook or send me a message and I will pass it on  
 We are looking at running our new Combined Foundation / Practitioner Course (Soul Care Doula / End oife Care Guide - accredited course). It will probably be in October 2016, 5 intensive days for £450 (including lunch, a dinner and refreshments - non residential).
~~  50% of the profits will go to the Solace Charity!!~~"
On 16th April I will be running a course at Epping "Creating Your Dream Life"  Starts at noon and finishes at 5pm - Cost of £20 which includes all light refreshments but please bring a packed lunch.  We are continuing our campaign to give a gnome a home and now have added owl key rings at just £6 plus postage these key rings are very good for cars as they are so light weight they won't ruin the keys plus of course our meditation CD is still for sale.  The black and white pictures are from a recent workshop and they are easy pieces of psychic art.  On that note we will be holding a new course soon "Mindfulness, Meditation and Art". Just another reminder we are still looking for somewhere as a permanent home for the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary so if you know of a building of hall that needs some TLC and isn't being used at the moment please let us now.  We are will to do work on renovation as long as it is in the right locality - thinking of Sawbridgeworth or the surrounds or Old please be on the look out. .    

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

We spend a very interesting day at the Ambassador Hotel with Clearly Destiny's "Spiritual Diversity" Fair ending up having coffee with our dear friend Alan.  We reconnected with Lilian Verner Bonds who we are hoping will come and do a workshop for us in Epping.  We also connected with a lady called Liz Dean and are reading her book Switchwords at the moment plus.  We are hoping she will come and do a talk for us at Epping too plus the lovely Rosella Longinotti with her beautiful mandelas. plus Arun from the Amazing Himalayan Salt Co with the wonderful salt lamps.  Lovely to see Tracey Hood again and reconnect with Lindsley Cash.  They can be located at 12 Woburn Walk, London WC1H 0JL or rung on 0207 387 0358 ( ).  Just a reminder that we are serving South Woodford Church with coming Monday 11th April at 2 pm ( I would also like to recommend the workshop on Sunday 10th April 11am to 4pm with Stephanie Barrows who is an excellent tutor ( are a number of excellent events and workshops at this church and I would also mention Sharon Law's open circle on a Tuesday evening like our awareness group on a Monday evening it starts at 7.30pm.  On Wednesday April 13th there is an evening of spiritual communication at Epping at our usual venue with the Alan Albiston.  Its starts at 7.30 pm £5 entrance or £3 for seniors plus for an extra £1 you can bring a friend who has never been to the venue before. We are lucky to be able to  hire a space at the Friends Meeting House in Epping in Hemnall Street CM16 4LL.  We are also planning on holding a fund raising event there with therapies, mini workshops and talks plus readings on July 9th more details to be posted when its all worked out.