Wednesday, April 6, 2016

We spend a very interesting day at the Ambassador Hotel with Clearly Destiny's "Spiritual Diversity" Fair ending up having coffee with our dear friend Alan.  We reconnected with Lilian Verner Bonds who we are hoping will come and do a workshop for us in Epping.  We also connected with a lady called Liz Dean and are reading her book Switchwords at the moment plus.  We are hoping she will come and do a talk for us at Epping too plus the lovely Rosella Longinotti with her beautiful mandelas. plus Arun from the Amazing Himalayan Salt Co with the wonderful salt lamps.  Lovely to see Tracey Hood again and reconnect with Lindsley Cash.  They can be located at 12 Woburn Walk, London WC1H 0JL or rung on 0207 387 0358 ( ).  Just a reminder that we are serving South Woodford Church with coming Monday 11th April at 2 pm ( I would also like to recommend the workshop on Sunday 10th April 11am to 4pm with Stephanie Barrows who is an excellent tutor ( are a number of excellent events and workshops at this church and I would also mention Sharon Law's open circle on a Tuesday evening like our awareness group on a Monday evening it starts at 7.30pm.  On Wednesday April 13th there is an evening of spiritual communication at Epping at our usual venue with the Alan Albiston.  Its starts at 7.30 pm £5 entrance or £3 for seniors plus for an extra £1 you can bring a friend who has never been to the venue before. We are lucky to be able to  hire a space at the Friends Meeting House in Epping in Hemnall Street CM16 4LL.  We are also planning on holding a fund raising event there with therapies, mini workshops and talks plus readings on July 9th more details to be posted when its all worked out.   

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