Saturday, April 22, 2017

April 29th and more

It is now coming up to our big event in Woodford Spiritualist Church (
 next Saturday 29th April  and we are looking forward to seeing you all there.  We would like to say a big thank you in advance to all those who are help or donating their time to help raise funds for the sanctuary.  The day will start at 12.30, but we will be opening the doors at noon.  There will be readings available plus reflexology and hands on healing both spiritual, reiki and shamanic with Tracey Forde Robinson, Katalin Catherine Jones and Sam Prigmore.  These are available for £10 for 20 minutes.  We also have a large selection of mini workshops all at £2 each.  It will give you a taster of what is available. In the evening we have a Medley of Mediums with Martin Jones, Alan Albiston and Pauly Chaplin. Admission £5 starts at 7.30 pm.  I will be listing them in detail at the end of this post.  The picture on the left was sent to me by one of our students who was practising expanding her aura in a crowded train to get herself a space (it really does work). I am also including a picture of a lady from Kalamazoo Robin Jez who bought one of our naughty gnomes amongst other things, which are knitted to raise money for the sanctuary. Robin spends her time spreading love around the world and you can connect with her on facebook.  She is a lovely lady.  So please help her in this endeavour as we also feel if more smiles and love were sent out to the world there would be less conflicts.  I am sure you all agree with us. In May we have another ( (Sound Healing Workshop at West Wickham, but more details of this in our next post, which will be after Saturday. I might add that on May 13th we3 will be at one of Sue Cole's events in Kent (again more details next time)   Now to a list of the workshops:-
Room 1       12.45          -       The Healing Touch -  Katalin Catherine Jones
                      1.55          -        Healing with Sound  -  Daniel Naughnane
                      3.05          -        Kickstart Your Intuition - Susan Griffiths
                      4.15          -        Change Your Life (a beginners guide)  -  Sam Prigmore

Room 2         1.00          -        Your Authentic Self's Big Dream   -   Stephanie Barrows
                      2.10          -         Flora and other Femail Deities    -      Wendy Stokes
                      3.40          -         Connecting with your Divine Energy   -   David Irwin
                      4.40          -         Spring Time Traditions and Celebrations   -  Elizabeth Gale
                      5.45          -         Mindfulness in Everyday Life                    -  Martin Jones

Room 3         1.30          -         Doing it Right    -  Stevie Robinson
                      2.40          -         Gordon Higginson (a talk)     -   Haydn Clarke

Please book and pay for workshops on arrival as places are limited.  We may well have a discussion group in Room 3 around 3 pm where you can ask various mediums how their mediumship works for them as everyone is different. 


Monday, April 10, 2017

What a lovely event Sue and Peter Coles with their team arranged at Hartley yesterday and thank you to all those who came for readings.  It was lovely to see Amanda Fisher plus her two babies plus Dave and Gill HaydenGary Wimble from Energy Workouts and I might add we are hoping to arrange a workshop with him so if anybody is interested please message me on here or better still email me at or text on 07737 137377. Our next event is this coming Wednesday 12th in the evening at the Friends Meeting House, Hemnall Street,Epping   CM16 4LL  The doors will open at 7 pm and the workshop start at 7.30 pm tea and coffee available on arrival plus biscuits.   The workshop is entitled "How to work with the Universe" or a taster blueprint way of manifesting your dreams cost just £7. Don't forget on Tuesday evenings we are at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( with our awareness group plus closed circle.  It is a good opportunity for those starting out on their spiritual path to join the awareness group from which they can progress to Sharon Law's open circle then on to the closed circle.  Starts at 7.30 pm with doors opening wound 7 to 7.15 pm depending on road traffic.  I would also like to recommend a workshop on Saturday 15th April at the same church with Beverley Swift.  I have attended several of Beverley's workshops in the past and I can highly recommend these apart from being a lovely lady she is also an excellent tutor.  The workshop " Exploring Inspiration starts at 11 am and finishes at 4 pm. Next piece of news is on the 29th April "Day with Spirit" front Susan Griffith will be doing a workshop called "Kick Start Your Intuition"  So we will have a great team that day.  Finally don't for get our new course "Crafty Mindfulness Through Crochet" will strat on the 18th April from noon till 5pm only £15 including all materials. Don't forget also that all sales from our knitted and crochet items goe to a fund to help run the sanctuary and every home need a gnome.  We are also available to serve churches run workshops and do readings including party bookings. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

We are still thing about our next move in relation to the sanctuary.  We will be going ahead with our meetings in April and having a break in May so we can sort out where to do the next events and we are seriously considering splitting them between Epping and Ware.  Our next event is on the 12th April at Epping which starts at 7.30 pm and the doors open at 7 pm - workshop is entitled "How to Work with the Universe" - a blueprint to manifesting your dreams.  Cost just £7 which includes tea/coffee and a raffle ticket. The workshop leaders are Daniel Naughnane and myself.  On the 9th April we will be back at the Wellfield Psychic and Holistic PLUS, which starts 12 noon and finishes at 5 pm - Address: Wellfield Community Hall, Hartley, Kent DA3 7EG, which is going to be a very interesting day.  We now have the chakra family for sale or raffle or auction, but we are not sure which so any suggestions guys would be welcomed as we need to raise funds for our sanctuary. Please let us know your opinion. Our  next "Day with Spirit" on the 29th April is going very well and the things on offer are growing and we will be offering as well as hands on healing, reiki and reflexology as well as lots on mini workshops which will be jolly good value at £2 each,.  Readings and therapies are £10 for 20 minutes. Evening of Clairvoyance £5   The workshops are as follows:-
1.  The Healing Touch (Katalin Catherine Jones)
2.   Healing Through Sound (Daniel Naughnane)
3.   Spring Times Traditions and Celebrations (Liz Gale)
4.   Flora and other Female Deities (Wendy Stokes)
5.   A Talk on Gordon Higginson (Haydn Clarke)
6    Doing It Right ( Stevie Robinson)
7.   Mindfulness is EverydayLife (Martin Jones)
8.   Connecting with Your Divine Energy (David Irwin)
9.   Your Authentic Self's Big Dream (Stephanie Barrows)
10.  Change Your Life (begiiners guide (Sam Prigmore)

In the evening we will having an evening of clairvoyance with a Medley of Mediums.  Will be doing another post soon so please let us have your opinions on how we should raise money with the chakra gnomes.  I have also added a picture of Mr.& Mrs.Spring.


Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Showers the good kind.

Well here we are at the first day of April and what goodies have been lined up.  Our next workshop at Epping is on the 12th April with Daniel Naughnane and myself "How to work with the Universe" (a blueprint to manifest your dreams) Go with the Flow" with Alan Albiston. and its starts at 7.30 pm with doors opening at 7 pm.   The one after that is on the 26th April  We also have new workshop starting at Woodford Spiritualist Church called  "Crafty Mindfulness Crochet"  -  a combination workshop which will not only teach you a fun handicraft, but also help you be in the now.  This will be lead by myself and materials and crochet hooks will be provided as part of the workshop.  This workshop is in two parts and if it is well attended we will be running another similar one in which you will be able to crochet and design your own mandela with my help.  First one is on the 18th April and starts at  noon and finishes at 5 pm and the second part is on May 9th.  First part £15 and second part £12.  So if you fancy being mindful and learning how to crochet this is the workshop for you.  Will be a fun day with lots of learning making yourself a crochet key ring maybe not as elaborate as this one but it could be used for yourself or given as a present or donated to one of the raffles for fund raising for various projects or charities.  Now to our big event of the month "A Day with Spirit" on the 29th April at Woodford Church (  Workshops so far are the following:-
1. The Healing Touch"                               -     Katalin Catherine Jones
2. Healing Through Sound                         -     Daniel Naughnane
3. A Talk on Gordon Higginson                 -     Haydn Clarke
4. Doing it Right (mediumship)                  -    Stevie Robinson
5. Mindfulness in Every Day Life               -    Martin Jones
6. Spring Time
 (Traditions and elebrations)                        -    Liz Gale
There will be some other workshops yet to be announced plus readings therapies and a Medley of Mediums in the evening so please come and join us.