Friday, April 13, 2007

This image on the right is quite magical and has the feel of a Chinese Brush painting, although this was not the method use. Quite delicate and inspirational and in contrast on the left the beautiful rose, which to me represents unconditional love a butterfly in flight for transformation. These two pictures again were inspired and like the previous two painted by Gloria Alexander. Quite lovely.

These inspirational pictures were created by Gloria Alexander whilst attending the Art From the Heart weekend courses at the Britton Centre. Again each piece has a special quality. I asked Gloria if she could put some of her work on the blog, as we felt it was very powerful. As she has not access to the internet at the moment, we have added them and also as she did not give them titles I will give you my feelings on them, but we would be interested to know what your interpretations are. The painting on the right to me represents water lapping gently against the rocks and that on the left fire burning so brightly it fills the sky with it warming glow. We will be interested to hear your comments on these images.