Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I hope everyone is enjoy this hot weather.  I cannot say that Daniel nor I are as we are finding it far to humid and hot.  No doubt all the sun worshippers have been out in force and it is of course wonderful for those holidaying in the United Kingdom.  Getting back to things more spiritual we had a wonder energy generated at Stockwell Spiritualist Church last Saturday and we feel those whom attended enjoyed their day and also benefitted from it. I would like to thank Paula, Lee and Christine for looking after us so well.  Big Ted made an appearance as he was quite convinced Graham Watson was going to be there with some of the other gnomes and he kind of behaved himself and his worst mischief was playing with the tuning forks.  I would like to draw your attention to a workshop coming up this weekend on Sunday 29th June  at Woodford Spiritualist Church (www.woodfordchurch.com) with Susan Griffiths called "Practical Intuition can help you in every day life".  It starts at 11 am and finish at 4 pm.  Susan is an excellent teacher and you are bound to learn something which you will find of benefit.  We have three workshops in July at Woodford, but we would like to draw your attention to our new Friday evening group there.  It is an Awareness Group and it starts at 7.30 and finishes at 9 pm.  It will cover a whole range of subjects and will be on going so please join us each week if you feel you want to know more about Spiritualism and things relating to it.  We are also available for group readings and party books and love serving new churches, sanctuaries and centres.  Please contact us on rainbowhealingsanctuary@hotmail.co.uk or ring 07927 288904.  Lastly I would like to thank Pam at Woodford for the solo she sung at the service yesterday, which brought tears to my eyes.  I was lovely for everyone and so inspiring and uplifting before our Monday service at Woodford.  Danny Boy is one of my favourites and I know Daniel appreciated it.  It is always such a delight when she sings and lifts the energies to an even higher level.



Friday, June 20, 2014

As I sat here updating the blog I saw a little robin preening itself in the warmth of the sun and I will take that as a blessing and a message to stand my ground., but it also means divine service shamanism and I am taking this as a sign that at long last there is a teaching centre on the horizon. I am still raising moderate amounts of money via knitting and we are always available for readings, church bookings and workshops.  We love imparting knowledge and are willing to travel.  Just a reminder that we are at Stockwell Spiritualist Church tomorrow with our "Sound Healing With Colour Workshop "which starts at 11 am and finishes at 4.30 pm.  We had hoped to get there tonight to see Graham Watson and the Spiritual Gnomes on Tour, but because of my vertigo problems decided it would be too late getting home and we need to be fresh to give our best to spirit tomorrow.  Hopefully those of you who go tonight will make sure the naughty gnomes behave if poor Graham has problems with 's them.  I believe tonight's service starts at 7.30.  On Monday we are the mediums at Woodford Church and the service starts at 2 pm so please join us (and you never know one of the naughty gnomes make appear there). You are always guaranteed a warm welcome at Woodford no matter whose there a cup of tea in offered and biscuits (www.woodfordchurch.com).  A very friendly church so don't be shy come and join us this Monday the 23rd June. We are very excited about the new Awareness Group that starts on the 4th July at Woodford Church cost just £3 - so just turn up at 7.15 for 7.30 no needs to book.  Everyone welcome although it is aimed at people new to spiritualism and this way of life, but those of you who feel you can learn something are also welcome. We are pleased to announce we have a new monthly circle starting at Grove Park and we hope to start this on  the 9th July ands will be held at a friends home.  It will have limited numbers and the cost is just £4.  Don't forget we also have one workshop and two courses at Woodford in July and for those of you who can't make Sundays or Tuesdays.  It is called "The Inspiration of Sound" and it starts at noon and finishes at 3pm.  On the 20th the July the Grand Gnome Tour will be at the  Island of Light Church on the Island and so will Graham Watson.  All being well so will we as we love this church and the Barbara Barnes the lady who runs it.  Barbara's next special is on the 17th August so keep that date in mind if you need a reading. Don't forget we are still raising money for the centre and with this in mind please take a look at our other blog http://craftladyrainbow.blogspot.com. Although its seems the most popular items are owls, keyrings and of course gnomes.   So why don't you give a gnome a home.  

Monday, June 16, 2014

Well that seems to be a quick Summer.  Hopefully it will reappear soon.  This coming month we are going to be busy well at least in the early part of it,  Firstly let talk about other things.  Could we all send healing to Maggie Jones who is having an operation today and its the second time she has had this operation so lets hope this time its successful. Talking on the lines of successful I would like to tell everyone reading this post that the workshop we went to last Saturday at Harrow on the Hill Spiritualist Church lead by Alan Albiston was excellent "The Magic of Nature Worship" and I hasten to add he is repeating this workshop at Brentwood on 21st June (see previous entry).  I f you live in that area or are willing to travel it will be worth it.  I would also like to thank everyone at the church for making us welcome lovely energy generated by all. There is lots going on that weekend ands we are at Stockwell Spiritualist Church on the 21st June  with our " Sound Healing with Colour" workshop starts at 11 am and finishes at 4.30pm (please bring a packet lunch and it you have a Tibetian Bowl or Rainstick please bring those too, but no drums.  If you are near Woodford Spiritualist Church (www.woodfordchurch.com) then again on the 21st June start at noon is a three hour workshop with Roz Sharkawy and again after attending her last one I can recommend it without hesitation (we would have been there if we had not been working ourselves). On the 29th June there is also a workshop at Woodford with Susan Griffiths entitled "Practical Intuition : How Intuition can help in Everyday Life", starts at 11 am and finishes at 4 pm. .Susan is a  good tutor and permitting we hope to be at this workshop.   On the 23rd June we will be taking the Monday afternoon service at Woodford Spiritualist Church and then on the 29th June we are at Edmonton Spiritualist Church for their evening service (a new church for us) and as always we are looking forward to taking these services.  On the 8th July we are at Woodford Spiritualist Church with our "Intuitive Ways With a Sketchbook" and I am pleased to say our group is growing.  Starts at 1pm and finishes around 5.30 pm.  Then on the following Sunday the 13th July it is "Co-Create with Spirit" starts at 12 noon and finishes at 4 pm.  Then later in the same month in the same church we have a Saturday workshop which starts at noon and finishes at 3 pm (more of that in our next post). We are now looking for ways we can generate money to open a centre as well as looking for a permanent venue (we are going to make further investigations, but we feel we would like to being this to fruition in the Epping area so if anyone has ideas in generating money and if they know of a hall or building around that area that is not in use please contact us on 07927 288904. or email rainbowhealingsanctuary@hotmail.co.uk.  We still have our give a gnome a home campaign in full swing and Graham Watson and his Spiritual Gnome Tour have become very popular and we have been auctioning them on Facebook and so far no less than 10 have found there way to various parts of the country.  Julie Holmes has offered to crochet doggie coats for the household pet and Pat Andrews has given me some hearts as part of our fund raising effort, but we need more ways of generating cash as I feel before we can take on a venue we need to lave at least £3,000 if not £5,000 and so far only £320 plus which is a start.  We need new ideas and also other venues to do workshops and therefore we would be grateful for any help.  The next leg of Graham's "Grand Spiritual Gnome Tour" will be as followsOn Friday the 20th June they are at Stockwell Spiritualist Church which is a bit worrying as we are there the next day and you never know what they might get up to the address of Stockwell is St.Michael's Road, London SW9 0SL. We are going to be auction another gnome off later today and also a two day workshop and as long as our fares are paid and accommodation found we will travel anywhere in the in the United Kingdom.  Please support us by giving an owl or gnome a home.  Take a look on here http://craftladyrainbow.blogspot.com 

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I hope you are all enjoying the hot weather.  I will confess that neither Daniel nor I are. There is lots going on at the moment and masses of workshops to think about going to.  Firstly Graham Watson is continuing his "Grand Gnome Tour" of the churches.  His next port of call will be on Saturday the 14th June at Crawley Spiritual Church, Capel Lane, Gossops Green Crawley, RH11 8HL and then on the 18th June at Three Bridges Spiritual Church, New Street, Three Bridges Crawley RH10 1LW and then on the 19th June at Woking Spiritual Church, Grove Road, GU21 5JB.I have posted this picture of Mr.Silly, Mr.Valentine and Mr.Posh two of which are joining the tour and hopefully will be there in time for those mentioned.  Now to workshops and I noticed that Alan Albiston is having a workshop this Saturday the 14th June at Harrow Spiritualist Church, 1 Vaughan Road, Middlesex.HA1 4DP "The Magic of Nature Worship".  I notice he is repeating that workshop on the 21st June at Brentwood Spiritualist Church, Primrose Hill, Brentwood, Essex CM14LT.  Alan  is highly recommend by us as he is an excellent tutor. On the 21st June there will be another workshop we would have loved to have attended run  by Roz Sharkawy called "The Process of Alchemy" and if we hadn't been teaching at Stockwell Spiritualist Church, St.Michaels Road, SW9 0SL ourselves with our "Sound Healing with Colour Workshop" we would have dearly loved to attended this one.  Roz is a first class teacher and I would recommend her completely as I am sure those who attended her last workshop would agree. This will start at 12 noon at Woodford Church (www.woodfordchurch.com)  If you are near Stockwell please come and experience this powerful form of healing which helps to relieve the stress of modern society and the fast pace of life to which we are all subjected. It starts at 11 am and finishes around 4.30 pm. We are pleased to announce that we will be busy in July as we are hoping to start a meditation group at Grove Park as well as the new Awareness Group at Woodford Spiritualist Church, which starts on 4th July at 7.30 and will encompasses all the basics of spiritualism as well as helping people to be aware of their own intuition and abilities.  It is aimed at beginners, but everyone is welcome.  Having talked to a number of people we have discovered that many of them feel their actually knowledge is not what it should be and therefore its open to all.   Following this on then 8th July will be our "Co- Create With Spirit", which  starts at 12 noon will  finishes at 4pm and then on the 13th July again our "Intuitive Ways with a Sketchbook".  1 pm to 5.30 pm.  The gnomes as well as the owls etc, are being made to raise fund to start our own Academy and we need to find other ways to raise funds so if you know of any halls in or around London  that are cheap to hire I would be grateful if you could either post on this blog or email rainbowhealingsantuary@hotmail.co.uk.  At the moment the fund is just £311 and we need to raise a lot ,more to get it off the ground,  Any ideas too you guys who do fund raising. If you are interested in buying any of our knitted goods and especially the gnomes and owls look on http://craftladyrainbow.blogspot.com or ring 07927 288904 or me.