Sunday, July 29, 2012

Latest New from the Purple Lady and Rainbow Healing Sanctuary on the Move

Our beginners course was very popular and all being well we will continue with it in September. On the 19th of September we are starting a new course at Woodford Spiritual Church.  It called "Exploring your Soul and its journey"  11am - 4pm (bring a packed lunch) tea, coffee, etc available. It will help to give you some direction with your journey.  This workshop will make you think outside the box and set you on the right road.  Even if you aren't planning a new project, venture, but just want to reinforce what you are already doing and hopefully give you new ideas. It will then continue each month until December.  A course not to be missed. We are also planning a workshop in Plymouth and some at the Seekers Trust in Kent ( The first of these is the 28th of Occtober a "Sound Healing Day for  Peace to extend out to the universe and beyond.  We have now decided that we must be established in one locality before the end of 2012.  The location we have in mind is the Herttfordshire/Essex borders, but we are open to suggestions. We have joined LinkedIn under the name Rainbow Witchery please come and join us. If you want a telephone reading with your own piece of art (as seen above) each one is painted for the recipient  please email us initially on or Don't forget that the little guys above are for sale on our Etsy site. along with many other power pet.  All funds raise are towards the centre. We are also part of a group formed on LinkedIn called Spiritual Teachers, which is being organised by a lady called Susan Griffiths.  An excellent medium and teacher (please come and join us).