Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Many thanks to various people.

What a lovely group of people came on the course organized by and we really hope they all gain some insight and enlightenment during the day.  We are back at Drury Lane on August the 10th (believe there are some places left, but you will need to book as soon as possible. The piece of psychic art on the left came via one of the students on the day and I do wish we could have photographed more and with a better camera nevertheless its so nice to have a piece of students work to display on the blog.  You must have all been getting tired of seeing the shamanic or sound healing eggs.  We have however heard some amazing stories in regard to results using these rattles and indeed they have brought great blessings to some people we understand. We are also pleased to announce that they are selling very well and so are the key rings (every penny helps to swell the funds. We will be  back at Woodford Church on the 30th June with our "Manifesting Your Dreams Intuitively" course and this is the final day in which we will take newbies to the course after this it will get impossible,  Those who attend will be expected to support the support group from time to time as we believe that anyone who is trying to manifest something needs support and help.  As you know we have our own project in so much as we want to manifest a Spiritual and Alternative Therapy Sanctuary which we feel has been slow coming,  basically due to financial restraints. We are determined by hook or by crook to manifest it before the end of the year. Maybe we can manifest a sponsor. Then on 6th July we are doing the evening demonstration at Woodford Church ( and later in the month we are at Balham Spiritualist Church on the 27th July with a "Sound Healing Workshop" (  We believe we are the only mediums running sound healing workshops in London at the moment and if you have never experienced this kind of workshops you will be amazed at the energy it generated.  We have decided due to circumstances beyond our control that the workshop at the Seekers Trust in July has had to be cancelled, but we will be holding a healing weekend later in the year.  In August we are at Stockwell, Woodford, Chingford and Vestry Road.  Then at the end of August we are off to Grimsby which we are very excited about.  More news next week.  Until then enjoy the warm weather.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Odds and Ends

Firstly I would like to thanks Karen for making as so welcome at Bow Church last week. Thank you also to John for not only chairing for us but taking us back to the station. To Denise Shoremi and everyone at Windsor Church for such a warm welcome equally to Christine Oborne at the White Rose Sanctuary.  Last Sunday we took the service at Stockwell and once again thank you one and all especially Ken for chairing in such  lovely atmosphere.  We couldn't resist the picture right taken last Sunday outside Stockwell Church.  Just love Jasmin it is so pretty.  Next Tuesday we will be facilitating a one day workshop in Covent Garden Psychic "Development for You" (details  Basically a beginners course although it can geared to those who are more experience as you that have attended our workshops know.  We are back at Woodford (www.woodfordchurch) on the 30th June with the continuance of our course "Manifesting Your Dreams Intuitively" and there will also we a support group in the evening with that in mind as we feel that while people want to move forward it isn't always easy and support is welcome.  We are also pleased to announce that both our Shamanic knitted rattles and the key rings are selling really well.  It has been pointed out to me that the key rings are light enough not to ruin car keys especially the very expense car keys.  The key rings can be knitted with names on them or if you prefer plain or just with initials.
They can also be knitted in various colours and the shamanic eggs all are different and no two are exactly the same. Prices for key rings start from as little as £3 going up to £8 and the shamanic rattles depend on size and shape, but start at just £5 going up to £30 for the very big one all are of course with postage and we can post anywhere in the world. 
So far they have gone to North America, Canada, Australia as well as Ireland and Wales within the United Kingdom.  Each has its own colour vibration and those of you who work with colour will be aware of the power of colour. These rattles can be used for shamanic work, but equally for Sound Healing.  We are also available for church bookings (including cancellations if we are free) plus workshops and readings.
Lastly tomorrow evening we are looking forward to going to Julie Felix's Birthday Concert (75 years young) in the Leicester Square Theatre (we believe there are a few tickets left so why not join us).  Some of you will remember the amazing "Sound Healing Workshop" she did at the Seekers Trust.