Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Awareness Group and latest news

The awareness group on Monday evening has grown and we have now divided it into two groups and both Daniel and I will take it in turns to take the groups.  We have also decided to hold a spiritual discussion group at Epping as well as an awareness group one night a week.  Topics at the awareness group will vary and I will also be inviting other mediums to come and bring their views to the groups as I have said each medium works in a totally different way and we will be able to discuss things such as this plus subjects like trance, transfiguration,physical mediumship, mental mediumshop, spirit art etc. This will be held once a month. rainbowhealingsanctuary@outlook.com.  We will also be holding two trance evenings where you can come and watch trance and ask questions.  Daniel Naughnane channels a guide who will answer questions on the indigos, star children, the children of light and whatever name people call them.  I am also inviting Maggie Jones who is an excellent trance medium.  This coming month we are very busy and our first workshop is at Clapham North Spiritualist Church, 11a North Street, Clapham Old Town, Clapham, London, SW4 OHN on the 1st August at 12 noon till 5 pm, which will be followed by the Saturday Service, which we are also taking.  The workshop is Sound Healing with Colour and is only £10.  A healing day for you as well as learning about colour and how it can help  you in your everyday life (http://www.facebook.com/events/536323876506824/).  On Sunday the second we will be taking the service at Letchworth Spiritualist Church and are really looking forward to it.  If you happened to live in the area the address is 6 Gernon Walk, Letchworth, SG6 4UL, which starts at 6.30 pm The following week This coming week we are serving Stockwell Spiritualist Church on Friday the 24th July at 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm and on the 8th August we are holding a workshop "Make Friends with Your Pendulum" workshop there.  They are both  friendly churches so please come and join us.  The address is St.Michael's Road, London SW9 (www.stockwellspiritualistchurch.co.uk). If you haven't got a pendulum don't worry there will be some to borrow or buy. Our next workshop at Woodford is on 16th August (www.woodfordchurch.com).  Details of the next events will be on  my next post after the 24th of this month.  Meanwhile my recommendation this week is a workshop on the 26th July with the lovely Susan Griffith at Woodford Spiritualist Church please click on here for complete details, but it is entitled "Your Intuitive Side - discovering your power house within". Our GIVE A GNOME A HOME campaign is going quite well and we have several gnomes up for adoption at the moment, but this little fellow at the top is going to live in the United States of America off on his gnomestick tomorrow.  The others here are up for adoption and we are also available for telephone readings or one to ones in East London.  Please email us on rainbowhealingsanctuary@outlook.com.  Monies from these and the gnomes go to help fund our sanctuary so please consider adopting a gnome and next time you have a reading this also applies. 
 If you wish to discuss any particular subject please feel free to email me on

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Change of workshops and Awareness Circle

We are pleased to announce that once two old members of the group return to the awareness circle we will be at full capacity as we have not got the room of anymore members at the moment and will  be thinking about moving some of the more senior members on to either and open circle or closed circle.  I need to think about this carefully.  I will be talking to everyone in the next two weeks about this.  We are changing the workshop on Friday 17th July at Visions of Creativity from the Seeing through Drawing with Daniel Naughnane to Exploring a Past Life myself and then the following meeting Daniel will do his workshop. On the 17th too we will have healing available before the workshop and therefore we will open  - these events are held at the Friends Meeting House, Hemnall Street Epping CM16 4LL. I would also like to recommend a workshop on the 18th July at Woodford Spiritual Church with Beverley Swift being held at Woodford Church entitled "Taking Care of our Spiritual Wellbeing" (www.woodfordchurch.com). I would also like to recommend a workshop with Alan Albiston also on the 18th July called "Working with Angels" and is being held in the Maidmore Room, Great Parndon Community Centre, Abercrombie,, Harlow only £10 and starts at 2 pm and finishes at 5.30 pm.  The picture on here is of Julie Holmes's collection of gnome and I will add this lady crochet wonderful dog coats so get one make before Winter for the dog in your life. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Give a Gnome a Home

Sadly due to the tube strike today Martin Jones's workshop had to be cancelled, but we are pleased to say we have rescheduled it for the 4th September. Our next meeting at Epping will be on Friday 17th July at 7,30 when Daniel Naughnane will be leaving a meditation with a difference "Seeing Through Drawing" no drawing skills needed as spirit lead the way. We are also sorry that Liz Gale has had to cancel her workshop and it will take place later on in the year, but it will be replaced by a workshop on past lives so if that's something you are curious about watch this space.   Our awareness group started again last Monday and I am delighted to say we have lots of new members we welcomed to the group.  The energy generated by spirit and the angels was amazing.  We would also like to send lots of healing to several people firstly Jeffrey and Dawn Johnson in the USA and also to our dear friend Dave Hayden and his wife Gill.  Dave had is operation yesterday and today he is leaving the hospital and going home.  He has been told to REST and we are hoping he heeds this. Jeffrey is suffering from PTSD (due to his time in Iraq and he needs lots of healing being sent so can you all join Daniel and I in sending as much positive energy to both him and Dawn.  We are also going to try and get our gnomes to go viral as they are knitted to help fund our spiritual sanctuary.  So please guys if you can find anyway to spread the word about "Give a gnome a home" then please do.  I would also like to mention that Stephanie Barrows has a new exciting website which some of you might find interesting www.dream2realitycoaching.co.uk and don't forget her old website too www.coachforspirit.com.   On Sunday we have a workshop at Woodford Spiritual Church (www.woodfordchurch.com),  which starts at 11.30 am and finishes around 4 pm  or just before. We welcome any new people and hopefully will see some of the old faces.  More news in our next post and watch out for August as we have a workshop every week in various localities including the Helen Duncan Convention, which is being held in Derby.  Helen's granddaughter Margaret Hahn will be coming over from the United States to talk about her grandmother and her mediumship.  Included in these will be our Sound Healing with Colour Workshop, Make Friends with Your Pendulum and a Manifestation one more details to follow. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Awareness Group and Visions of Creativity a Epping

We are pleased to announce that our awareness group will be starting again on Monday 6th July at 7.30 pm (please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of circle if possible).  Details can be found on www.woodfordchurch.com as well as many other interesting workshops held at the church.  We will be changing our Sunday workshops into a series on one day workshops starting in August 16th with "Make Friends With Your Pendulum" - you can bring your own pendulum or we will have one to borrow or even some to buy.  Our next event at Epping is with Martin Jones and is on the 8th July "Intuitive Creativity" and its going to be a lovely evening as Martin is a nice guy and an excellent tutor and medium starts at 7.30 pm but please arrive for at least 7.15 pm  so the evening can start prompty - it is as usual being held at the Friends Meeting House in Hemnall Street, Epping. I have got to say the new train on the DLR certainly makes the journey more pleasant and we love the rainbow colours - I think its only going to be in service for a month so take the opportunity to take a ride on it while its in service.  Our give a gnome a home campaign is certainly helping to swell the funds for the sanctuary and we we are pleased to say these little guys below have now gone to live in Evanville, United States of America.  So nice to see our gnomes, angels and fairies travelling the world and we are hoping they will reach out with their healing worldwide.  I have also added two others a little rainbow fairy, which incidentally is still for sale and an an angel given as a present to someone who had just embarked on their first workshop, which was about angels