Friday, February 28, 2014

Intuitive Ways to use a Sketchbook and Co-Create with Spirit

Ok I now understand why I was compelled to change the date for the "Intuitive Ways With a Sketch Book". I had actually though we had evaded the snow this year.  Now I understand we are going to have some next week.  The positive side of this is that it will kill off some of the nasty virus and bugs doing the rounds. So our new afternoon course will be on the 18th March starting at 1pm. Don't worry about a sketchbook first time around as we can give advise about where to buy it.  It is one of the only extras you will have on this course accept for a donation of £5 later in course for materials. We will also cover lots of different ways to use art materials including encaustic wax, printing, acrylics, water colours and possibly oils so this course will be two fold your intuition will sharpen and you will be more creative (all right brain activities)  I would like to wish Judith Thorne a belated Happy 75th Birthday.  On the 12th March there is a reasonably priced Reiki I and II course in Romford.  We are not the tutors but can recommend the lady who is teaching so please ring me for more details on 07927 288904. We are looking forward to serving West Wickham Church for the first time on the 16th March and Edmonton on the 31st March  (more details in our next post). On the 30th we are with Barbara Barnes in Docklands.  We are delighted to say we had our first donation to our project and are thrilled to pieces as we want to create a place where people can come and learn, but also find time for themselves to relax.  Please take a look at our new and consider buying some of our handed knitted items as gifts.  I would also like to thank Pat Andrews so much for the donation of the hearts and stars she sent for some of our rewards. 


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Intuitive Ways to use a Sketchbook

Here is our up to date news,  Tomorrow we are at Wimbledon doing readings and I will be doing a mini workshop.  The address of the venue is Merton Manor Club, 76 Kingston Road, Wimbledon, SW19 1LA. Nigel Irving will also be doing an Astrology Workshop and I can assure you this on its own will be well worth going to.  The readers include Liz Gale, Sarah Jane,  Nigel Irving,  Daniel Naughnane (drawing pictures of your guides), Clare Grey and myself Patricia McNally. There will also be Reiki amongst other things including stalls with our knitted items plus a jewellery and book stall.  As I mentioned in our last post we are at the David Nason Centre on Wednesday 19th February as mentioned in our last post starts at 7.30pm.  Again on the 23rd February we are back at Barbara Barnes little haven in Docklands details again in our last post.  Here at last are the details of our new workshops.  This is going to be exciting, fun and informative. " Intuitive Ways of Using a Sketchbook"  Daniel wrote this for the website and I am sharing it with you.  "Sketchbooks are not just for drawing in and you certainly don’t have to be able to draw to use one.  In these on going workshops we’ll use a variety of methods to create images.  You do not have to be able to draw to take part.  All we ask is that you are willing to give in to your creative urges and allow your inner child to come out and play. We will then use the images produced as tools to explore and heighten your intuitive and spiritual abilities using a number of fun experiments (the emphasis in all our workshops is learning and enlightenment with a generous helping of love, light and laughter thrown in).We hope you can join us on this exciting journey of self-discovery through creativity. Please bring with you an A4 Sketchbook (not tear off) or if you prefer a cheap scrapbook, but you must have somewhere to store and record your images as they will also be used for future workshops.  Most basic materials will be provided including teas and light refreshments, but pleased bring a lunch".  This will start in the 18th March and be a fortnightly event we hope.  More details when all details have been confirmed, but the idea at the moment is to run it from 12 noon to around 5pm.   

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Go Fund Me Project

We are now four days into February and have had a completely chaotic start to the month with circumstances completely beyond our control.  We are now trying to get back on course. Firstly I would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year "Kung Hai Fai Choi"  Our enterprise website group is growing. Please take a look at it. I will put all websites at the end of the post.  We are definitely hoping ti make a complete move by the end of 2014.  We still need to find the right locality and have set up a go fund me site with this aim.  When it came to money we put a large sum on it, but in honesty we are looking for something that will suit the aims of the sanctuary and we may well have to think about renting.  The main thing is it is established and it can be a place where we can invite other teachers who feel our aims are the right ones and we have tried to summarise it in the site. Quite a difficult task I hasten to add.  We are offering rewards such as knitted items, readings, spiritual paintings.  If any one else has any thought about what we can offer please message us.  Our any other good fund raising ideas. We are at the David Nason Centre, The Veneer Road Community Centre, Sydenham, SE26 5EQ 7.30 pm for 8 pm on the 19th February and with our dear friend Barbara Barnes on the 23rd February when she will be doing a special with readings at the Island of Light, Barkentine Hall, Westferry Road, Isle of Dogs, E14 9J. There will be a selection of mediums there and prices are within most peoples pockets.
Lastly here are the rest of the contact details. These four little owls are some of my latest offerings and all but Union J. Owl -have gone to good homes,  Hopefully he will too and meanwhile I will go on with our latest projects while working out finally bits for our next two courses "Co-Creating with Spirit" and "Intuitive Ways with a Sketchbook" the former for March. and the latter to be decided.,uk

Lastly I am asking all our friends and readers to share this project in so much as a combined like minded energy creates and it is our dearest wish to found a place where like minded people can not only met, but discover who they are.  A place that is the haven for peace, self empowerment and learning. We would also welcome new members to our new website group and we have a trainee reader on the site who I feel is going to be an asset to spirit and he will do readings for a donation.  Please look at the trainee section and click on Frank,