Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year Greetings

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and we hope you have an abundant, healthy, stress free, peaceful 2013 with many blessings.  We have lots of new plans for 2013 including workshops, courses, seminars and retreats.  We also are still hoping to establish a permanent sanctuary universe willing.  We have been doing an online course with a lady called Rachel El Naugh who some of you remember from Dragons Den and this online course is on offer at the moment for just £8 (until 5th January) and I would recommend anyone who is trying to get something up and running whatever size your project or business you take a look at it. Her website is I can guarantee you will not be disappointed if you sign up for it and you can also follow her on Twitter@rachelelnaugh and us too.  We will I confess not be doing much in January as we feel weather wise this month is not good and also after the feastive spend out money is not exactly bountiful.  Our first workshop will be at Grove Park South East London on the 23rd February "Exploring Your Psychic Ability the Easy Way" We are offering this course until 21st January for just £20 after which it will be more.  So why not book now as there are limited places. It is within 5 minutes walk from Grove Park Station. If you want more details please email us on or ring + 447927288904. We have several things in the pipeline,  which we will be announcing hopefully in our next post including development groups held in the afternoon for those people who either cannot make it in the evenings because of being full time mums or just do not like being out of doors in the evenings.   We will be facilitaing some retreats at the Seekers Trust in Kent either in early Spring or Autumn or probably both with not only ourselves, but other tutors one of which is Susan Griffith and is highly recommended by us. There are new venues for our workshops including Stockwell, Windsor and Potters Bar.  We will of course be back at Woodford, Camden and Balham. We are also hoping to hold a series of short evening courses in Central London, which will be very convienent for those of you who actually work either in the City or West End. We are also formulating an online course and I will be making a meditation video in the near future.  I also hope to get to grips with recording the meditation CD soon. Readings are always available with or without a spirit painting these can be done on the telephone as long as you have a landline.   If anyone has any speaking events we would be delighted to attend them or if you want a workshop, course or seminar please contact us travelling is no problem.  We are actively seeking new venues so if you know of a suitable hall near you and have a group that would like to host a workshop let us know. Do please take a look at our other blog   Some of the workshops we run are the following:-

Sound Healing with Colour
Colour for Healing
Easy Ways to Mediumship
The Easy Way to connect to Spirit
Keep It Simply Simple Mediumship
Psychic Art the Simple Way (Day workshops and courses)
Manifesting Your Dreams the Easy Way
Exploring Your Psychic Ability the Easy Way
Easy Way to Make Mandalas
Make Your Own Oracle Cards
The Intuitive Way to Manifest Your Dreams Easily (Course)
See through drawing (Meditation through drawing).

These are just some of the courses we faciliate and will be adding more all the time. We believe in the KISS principle Keep It Simply Simple (we also do more advanced courses or small mentoring groups). Book our February workshop now to get early bird discount.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Wishing you all a Happy Yule

Firstly I would like to wish all my readers a Happy Yule and those of you who do not celebrate this season a happy holiday. Firstly we would like to thank Balham Church for and those that attended of Sound Healing Workshop with Colour for making as so welcome and for coming.  The following day we had another successful workshop at Woodford Spiritualist Church.   Our next lot of thanks must go to Barbara Barnes in the little dockland church last night for arranging the readings night and we really enjoyed giving.   Thank you Barbara for the opportunity and for the lovely welcome (always the same).  Now our next lot of news.  We have arranged a workshop for late February 2013 at the Ringway Community Centre in Grove Park, which is located in South London.  We have used this venue in the past, but not for sometime.  This place is related to Edith Nesbitt who wrote the Railway Children and indeed you can hear the trains.  It also has a wondeful nature trail. It will be on Saturday 23rd February 2013  11 am - 4 pm  and is entitled" Explore Your Psychic Ability the Easy Way". This workshop is suitable for both beginners and advanced students. You will discover different ways to make your connection to your intuitive side or link with spirit. You are guaranteed this in a safe environment with teachers who care and will help you to succeed in your endeavours. You are also promised it will be a fun day full of love, light, compassion and healing.   The Cost will be £25, but there will be an early bird discount if booked before 21st January 2013 the cost will be £20 light (refreshments included). Numbers will be limited, but there will be two tutors to help you on your journey. The Ringway Community Centre is roughly a 5 minute walk from Grove Park Station and is on three bus routes. Ring us on +447927288904 or email us now on for more details. Remember to book as soon as possible as we are going to limit spaces.  We have lots more workshops planned and as well as our old venues we are delighted to have been invited to Potters Bar and Windsor new venies for us. More news in my next post.  

Friday, December 7, 2012

Firstly I would like to thank Christine Oborne from the White Rose Sanctuary at Petts Wood for inviting us to take the service earlier this week plus Jacqueline Nye for chairing not forgetting all of those people who came that evening as without them there wouldn't have been a service.  I know from the feedback we have received everyone seemed to enjoy the evening.  This coming weekend we are ats Balham National Spiritualist Church on Saturday 8th and Woodford  Spiritualist Church on Sunday the 9th.  There has been a change to our discussion group as Maggie Jones has had to cancel (not her fault) and we are delighted that Phil Warr so kindly stepped into the chair,  Thanks so much Phil and I know it will be a very interesting evening as Phil shares many of our views (for all details see previous entry in our blog). On December 16th we are back at Barbara Barnes lovely little church doing readings together with a number of other mediums and the address for those of you who might not have been to this lovely little church is Barkentine Hall, Westferry Road, London E14 8JH. The evening starts at 6.30 pm so be there early to get your reading as there will be a lot of other excellent mediums joining us. I would also like to recommend you take a look at the following link and if you can join in the event.  It is an important time for all lightworkers to unite welcoming the new vibrations and to send out love, healing and light to all parts of the planet (  The picture on the top right is just one  picture in a calendar that has been made to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind (thats us as Professor Dumbledore and Professor Mcgonagall .  It is the brain child of Yvette Coppin from the Forget-Me-Not Sanctuary of Spiritual Friends. So if you want an unusual Christmas Present or Calender why not buy one of these.  I do understand that last years ones sold fast and Yvette had to do a second order l so if you want one you had better contact her soon on O20 8300 0870.  During the last 18 months the centre has raised over £3,000 for charity, which I think is exceptional. The Memory Tree Service was lovely and it was quite magical watching the pink and purple balloons released for our loved ones in spirit sail into a clear starlit sky and again thanks Yvette for the inspiration.  We have lots of plans in 2013 and we know that things are moving forward.  We are planning on some more retreats at the Seekers Trust ( and we have been invited to Windsor amongst other places, but more news of that in our next post

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A business exhibition to me is the last place one would expect to find somebody interested in the new vibrations coming to Mother Earth, but imagine our surprise when we actually encountered one such lady who was presenting giving a talk.  She said and I equally agree from late December on business will have to be done in a new way.  It must not and should not be just for money, but something one loves doing and feels passionate about. This fits in exactly with both mine and Daniel's feelings and that is exactly where we are going and we will only be doing things we are passionate about and giving our best.  Although we hacve always done this people haven't seemed to understand it shouldn't always be about money, but we now feel this will be the way to keep us solvent and establish what our hearts desire.  Moreover our mission in this lifetime.   Do take a look at her links She is also on  Twitter@rachelelnaugh.  From now till Christmas we are going to be a wee bit busy spiritually.  Next Tuesday the 4th of December we are at Petts Wood at the White Rose Sanctuary, G.E.A.Hall, Woodhurst Avenue, Petts Wood, Kent, BR5 1AR. Service starts at 7.45 pm (for more details ring Chris or Alan on 01689 854905).  Then on the following Saturday the 8th we are at Balham Spiritualist Church, Hamilton Hall, 211 Balham High Road, London,  SW17 7BQ.  Starts at 11 am and finishes around 4.30 pm - Members £10 and non-members £12.50 " Sound Healing with Colour".  This is a workshop for everyone, but is especially beneficial to light workers helping them to regain energy and balance.  For more details please ring either 07871 422386 or ourselves on +44 7927288904.  The next day we are back at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( with the last part of our "Exploring Your Soul and its Journey". Starts at 11 am and finishes around 4 pm.  This will be followed by Maggie Jones and a demonstration of Trance then it is guess what guys taking the evening service with ourselves and Sharron Jane that's at 6.30 pm.  The following Sunday we are back at dockland with Barbara Barnes with one of her special evenings of readings. Details on next post of mediums but I do know that there will be Susan Griffith, Shelley Josephs, Sharon Law and Phil Warr.  Finally I would like to recommend an event on the 5th December at the Forget-Me-Not Sanctuary of Spiritual Friends, Anstridge Community Centre, Anstridge Road, London, SE9 2LL for their Memory Tree Service where they hand memory cards on a tree for loved ones in spirit and set balloons free in their memory.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Firstly I would like to thank Wendy Stokes for inviting us to the book launch of the Jacket Technique written and introduced by Hans de Waard from the Netherlands who is doing another presentation on Monday in Bristol ( ). I  would also like to recommend a book by Wendy who we met for the first time at Hans's demonstration.It is called "The Lightworkers' Circle Guide".  I would also like to thank James Baydar and Greg Sheppard (plus their lovely little dog Hugo who sent out unconditional love to everyone)  for making everyone so welcome ( and lastly Peter Geekie for the laughter appreciated by myself, Daniel and Angela.   I would also like to reiterate about the workshop at Reading National Spiritualist Church on the 1st of December with Mark Brandist ( . Now us we are at the lovely little church run by Barbara Barnes on the Isle of Dogs in on Sunday 11th November (see previous entries for address and then on Monday at the newish centre run by Peter Brewster as see details in previous entries.Don't forget on the 18th November we are back at Woodford Spiritualist Church (   On the 8th December we are at Balham Spiritualist Church, Hamilton Hall, London, SW17 7BQ with our "Sound Healing Workshop with Colour"  guaranteed to help rid you of stress and leave you feeling happier.  I would also like to wish Pip Norris and Olga Day good luck with their new spiritual centre at St. Mary's Cray which opened last week.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Firstly our recommendation of courses or events you might find beneficial, but please be aware this is only coming from our view point.  Don't forget the event at the London Spiritual Mission on the 8th of November with Hans Waard, which I refered to in a previous post.  Then the workshop with Mark Brandist on the 1st December at Reading National Spiritual Church (again see in a previous entry),  which I now understand is almost completely booked so if you want a place  you had better book soon.  Next  I would like to suggest a workshop on the 24th November at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( with Michael Redwin 12 - 3 pm entitled "Nothing goes right on the outside when nothing is going right on the inside". We have been to a number of Michael's workshops and as well as the enjoyment level we have always come away with more knowledge. Another two workshops which might we worth your while going to are facilitated by Maggie Jones the first of whch is at Stockwell Spiritualist Church on the 3rd November 11am - 4.30 pm (telephone 020 7733 7761 and then on the 10th November at  10.30 am - 4.30 pm at Morden Spiritualist Church  (telephone 020 8648 5369).   Both workshops are on mediumship, but for more details please ring the churches concerned.    I would next like to share two pieces of work, which came from our last workshop. The image in the top left hand corner is just a simple piece of psychic art from which the student gave a reading as we believe in keeping things simple.  We intend to do a weekend of taster workshops with this in mind which will be exactly the right level for everyone.  Simple ways to intuition, inspirational prose or verse, psychic readings, spirit art and mediumship.  Watch for further details in our next blog entry.  I would also like to share this with you again from the same workshop "Exploring the soul and it's journey".
The time for your journey should always be uppermost in your mind,
The journey is never ending it evolves as you evolve,
Take time to evaluate the journey,
How can you further understand where you are going on your journey,
What do you need to make your way clearer,
Look within not outside your journey is a mirror,
Your progress inside dictates your outer world condition,
It is only when you are travelling forward inside,
That the changes you seek outside can begin.
This coming Sunday 4th November at 3.30pm we are serving Chingford Spiritualist Church at Hawkwood Crescent, Chingford,  London, E4 7PH.  Then on the 7th November we are at the ISM (see previous blog entry).  Then we are back at Barbara Barnes's  liitle church on the Isle of Dogs where you can guarantee a warm welcome  thats the evening service on the  11th November and the next day we are taking the service at The Light within sc, Glydon Community Centre, Raglan Road, Plumstead, SE18 7LB at 1.30 pm.  Following this we are back at Woodford on the 18th November with the continuation of "Exploring the Soul and its Journey" Just a wee bit of an advanced notice we are doing the last part of the workshop in December plus a workshop at Balham.  So watch out for details of this and also anymore recommendations.   

Friday, October 19, 2012

Apart from some hiccups including me taking a tumble in a supermarket (no I hadn't been drinking as someone  has suggested). The mat in its doorway wasn't straight and I caught my foot.  There was a lovely group on the workshops in Plymouth   these included Michael Hainsworth who took this video of Daniel in trance (first attempt ever to see himself in trance).  Thanks Michael then there was Joan Allen, Alysia Gimblett, Lowenna Markham, Caroline Cassidy, Dominic Kearney, a lady called Laura and not forgetting the lady who made it possible Fran Hoggarth.  The Thunder Beings were kind to us and the weather was clement.  If it hadn't been for the three earth angels  the accident would have been a disaster. My other half who looked after me as well as Michael and Joan who gave me healing and thanks to them the pain in minor we also love being around Harry the Cat a real; sweetie, as long as he can't smell nubuck leather. I really enjoyed the tea leaf reading.  One things we did learn from the weekend was to set rules.  That incident which caused the major hiccup will not occur again.
EOn Now back to our next events which are as follows.  On the 7th November we are at the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums  (  in Romford with a Sound Healing Workshop (see last blog entry for address) starts at 8 pm. Then on the 12th November we are at The Light within sc, Glydon Community Centre, Raglan Road, Plumstead, SE18 7LB  service starts at 1.30 pm.  On the 18th November the continuation of our course  "Exploring your souls Journey". Finally we are planning a weekend of workshops in Cheddar (more details when its arranged). 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A wee bit about myself

As promised is the second of us.  This time it's me. Patricia Mc Nally was born in South London. Her enthusiasm for art began when she was given watercolour lessons in early childhood and    has been developing that medium from then on. Although she has had no formal training she has made in-depth studies of many great artists most particularly Gwen John, Joan Eardley, Lawrence Stephen Lowry and Jules Pascin. Recently she has been drawn very much to the work of Quentin Blake in truth he is her hero. In 1985 she joined the Mary Ward Centre, where her tutor (the late Peter John Garrard) whose constant and helpful advice aided her transition to a new medium oils.  She has since gained further experience on a number of courses and workshops at  Summer Schools at the Slade School of Fine Art, the Heatherley School of Fine Art, St Oswald Studios,  the Blackheath School of Art and the Curwen Print Study Centre. Her first studio space was at Kew Studios many moons ago. She prefers to paint intimate landscapes looking for the more unusual aspect.  Her interest in printmaking lead to a series of collographic landscapes of a similar nature but on a grander scale.  She was then commissioned by the “Artists and Illustrators Magazine” to write an article on her way of working with this form of printmaking. She also works in pastel and enjoys wood engraving. She has exhibited widely and has had several one-person exhibitions and several two-person exhibitions. Her work has also been shown in the Mall Gallery (the RBA), the Alberti Gallery (in Cork Street) Eva Jekel Gallery all in London and the Schacht Fine Arts Gallery in New York. She has also taken part in the Wrotham Art Festival. She was presented to the Princess Royal during an exhibition, which she was invited to take part in at Heythrop College in London. Her paintings are in international collections. She believes intuition and art can be united, as we are part of the great creator, so we are creative. Her interest in the esoteric and mystic took her to the College of Psychic Studies and the Spiritual Association of Great Britain both in London. She felt she gained a great deal from her studies at both establishments. She has continued her studies in this area.  Recently the work and writings of Caroline Myss has had a great influence on her and like Caroline believes we are here to fulfil our own sacred contract with the divine. The in depth knowledge of Julia Cameron who has influenced her immensely.  Her passion is teaching and imparting her knowledge to people. Her subjects are constructive and unusual ways to use a sketchbook, printmaking, creativity, meditation, self-awareness and mediumship.  She is convinced all human beings have a creative flame; it only has to be fanned with enthusiasm and love. She holds a Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector and like her partner is a member of the Institute  for Learning.n Eventually she would together with her partner like to establish a centre for teaching and therapies as a way of encouraging people to develop their own spiritual awareness and inner truth, but also sees this as away to relieve the stress of modern living.  She hopes it will be based on some of Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy.  She has a great love of music which covers the whole spectrum, but her favourite singers are the Beatles, Nilsson, Gracie Fields, Julie Felix, James Cameron, Enya and Judy Garland. She also likes reading when she has the time her favourite authors being Laurie Lee, Richard Adams, Mitch Albom, Caroline Myss and Roald Dahl.  She now runs her own unique workshops to encourage creativity and intuition. For more details of these workshops please e-mail  or ring 07927 288904.  Firstly I would like to remind you about the workshop at Reading National Spiritualist with medium Mark Brandist.  Well worth attending.  We are going and we know we will enjoy the day as well as strengthen our link to spirit (  Another person whose service I always enjoy is Janet Talty who is at Bexleyheath Christian Spiritualist Church, 85 Lion Road, Bexleyheath, Kent, DA6 5NT on the 31st October at 7.30pm.   Our next workshop as I said in my previous post will be on the 21st October at  Woodford National Spiritualist Church (  and that evening we are taking the Sunday evening service.  On the 7th of November we are at the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums in Essex which meets at the Friends Meeting House, Balgores Crescent, Gidea Park, Nr. Romford. The workshop is a Sound Healing one, which we are looking forward to doing.  We are a new church in Plumstead on 12th November in the afternoon and we will be posting that in our next blog entry and hopefully showing you some of the students work from Plymouth. Meanwhile I have posted an old one of an imagine inspired by the altar in one of the churches and created via one of our students who is also my brothert Allan McNally.











Thursday, October 11, 2012

A wee bit about Daniel

Just for a change apart from updating you on our workshop, events and recommendations I though I would tell you a little about us.  I will be doing this over our next two entries. Daniel Naughnane was born in Wimbledon and lived most of his early life in Battersea. He had a creative flare from a very early age and during that time he had many out of body experiences, which lead to his exploration of the mystic and esoteric. His creativity continued during his schooldays, where he studied pottery (hand built pots and sculpture), but it was not until after he left school that his interest in fine art (oils, watercolours, pastels and pencil) began.  It was also around this time he began to study relief printing (linocuts, woodcuts etc). In 1985 he joined the Mary Ward Centre, where his tutor (the late Peter John Garrard) aided his artistic development.  He has since gained further experience on numerous courses and workshops including the Summer School at the Slade School of Fine Art, the Blackheath School of Art, the Heatherley College of Fine Art , St Oswald Studios, the Curwen Print Study Centre and the Kew Studios where he had his first studio.  He has exhibited widely and has had a number of one-person exhibitions and several two-person exhibitions. His work has been shown in the Royal Festival Hall in the South Bank Picture Show. He was presented to Princess Royal during an exhibition at Heythrop College where he worked and took part as an exhibitor.  He has also taken part in the Wrotham Art Festival. His paintings are in international collections.  His interest in the esoteric and mystic took him to the College of Psychic Studies and the Spiritual Association of Great Britain. He has continued his studies and development and feels this is a never ending progression.  He loves music his favourites being Julie Felix, James Cameron and Gracie Fields.  His really great love is books anything and everything.  He is an enthusiastic teacher and communicates this in all the subjects he teaches. His subjects are printmaking, meditation, self-awareness and mediumship.  He holds a Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector and is a member of the Institute for Learning.  Eventually he hopes to establish a centre for teaching and therapies as a way of encouraging people to develop their own spiritual awareness and inner truth, but also sees this as away to relieve the stress of modern living. He now runs workshops (including drawing with the inner eye) to encourage creativity and intuition. The picture on the right is entitled Father Francis and is one of Daniel's Psychic Art pictures.  Now to our usual workshops, events and recommendations.  On Sunday as mentioned in my previous entry we are at the Island of Light Church.  We will soon be off to Plymouth for our private function and are looking forward to meeting so many people Fran, Michael, Lowenna, Joan, Alysia and not forgetting Harry the Cat. 
It's only for a few days, but it will be a break from the smoke and we will be in good company.  Then on our return we are at Woodford National Spiritualist Church with an all day workshop "Exploring Your Soul and It's Journey" followed by our discussion group with Sharon Law and Shelley Joseph.  We will then be taking the evening service at Woodford ( After this we are at the ISM in Romford for a Sound Healing Workdshop.  More details of that next time.  Don't forget our recommendations in  our last entry.  The venture in Bromley has been put on hold for two reasons.  Firstly the contract will not be ready until the end of this month and secondly as two previous members of Bromley are going to set up there own centre in St.Mary's Cray and we felt it only fair to put Bromley on hold under the present economic climate being the localities are fairly closed to one other.  Our venture would have started just before Christmas and I feel people want to participate in the festive season and money at the moment is scare.  Nevertheless, lets wish Pip Norris and Olga Day lots of good luck and blessings with the new centre.  Rainbow Healing Sanctuary will  now possible go ahead mid to late January 2013. New venture at this time take a lot of hard work and energy.   

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Firstly I would like to mention a couple of interesting events that have been brought to my notice.Looking ahead there is a workshop at Reading National Spiritualist Church on 1st December with medum Mark Brandist whose workshops I have been to many times.  He comes highly recommended by both my partner and myself.  His is a different kind of workshop and those interested in philosphy will be more than pleased as some aspect of this always intergrates into them.  There is also a special the Island of Light at  Barkentine Hall Westferry Road, Isle of Dogs, London  E14 8JH.  A special evening of readings plus healing run by a lovely lady Barbara Barnes, which starts  at 6.30 pm on the 14th of October mediums participating in the event are Maggie Jones, Martin Jones,  Shelley Joseph, Phil Warr, Daniel Naughnane,  Pepyta Norris and myself.   On the 5th of October we are doing a special evening of Spirit Art at Woodford National Spiritual Church  We are then off to Plymouth to do a private workshop and looking forward to meeting lots of people we have only spoken to on the telephone.  On the 21st October we are at Woodford National Spiritualist  Church again with our series of workshops entitled "Exploring your soul and its journey "(please come and join) 11 am till 4 pm and the same evening we are also taking the Sunday service there which starts at 6.30pm.   This takes us toNovember when we will be facilating a Sound Healing Workshop at the ISM in Romford and also serving a new little centre near Plumstead, but more of that in our next update.  One thing before I finish this post there has also been brought to my notice an interesting talk on form of healing called the Jacket Technique by Hans Waard from the Netherlands will in London in November. It sounds extremely interesting (more news of this next time).  Details about the new Bromley group is still under discussion.  Just for a change I have added a very interesting photograph taken at the home ofa lady who had lots of cats whilst I was stroking a lovely little friend called Spooky. One last final thing we are hoping to get the beginners group up and running again at Woodford Church as soon as possible, but we need a bigger group of people together so those of you who were involved please email us at or leave a message on 07927 288904  

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hi everyone don't forget we are at Divine Light Church this coming Thursday, but sadly we have to announce Sevenoaks was cancelled due to lack of support, which isn't surprising considering someone has put on the grapevine the place has closed down.  Most unspiritual we feel and sad for those running it.  On Saturday the 6th October we are back doing a special at one of our favourite churches Woodford National Spiritualist Church (starts at 7.30 pm) where you are guaranteed a warm welcome. Then on the 14th of October we are at another lovely little church run by a lovely lady called Barbara Barnes called "Island of Light" at the Barkentine Hall, Westferry Road, London, E14 8JH doing readings with a group of other mediums who are I believe  Maggie Jones, Martin Jones, Philip Warr, Pip Norris, Shelley Joseph and Sharon Law.  Following this we are off to Plymouth to do a workshop with a lovely group of people we are eager to met.  Became friends on facebook and are now doing a workshop down there thanks to a lady called Fran Hoggarth who is a student of crystal healing.  The following weekend we are back at Woodford with our course "Exploring Your Soul and It's Journey" 11 am to 4 pm followed by our discussion group with mediums Sharon Law and Shelley Joseph bound to be interesting.  Sometime ago we were told by spirit that there would be another sanctuary before our own was established, but the place we seek would be found before the end of 2012.  We are still looking for this place, but the one we are caretaking has arisen in Bromley, Kent not too far from where we live and we have already put a programme together which will include Stevie Robinson and Haydn Clarke doing an evening of Psychic Art, later dates include  mediums Maggie Jones, Susan Griffiths and Frances Stadden .  There will be a Positive Living Group  plus a "Psychic Buffet" with an exciting range of readers, but more about that later.  We are still looking for the exact location of the place where our sanctuary will be and now have a few ideas.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Tonight we are at Stockwell Spiritualist Church, St.Michael's Road, London SW9 0SL. An Evening of Clairvoyance and Spirit Art. Starts at 7.30 pm, but doors open around 7pm. On Thursday the 27th of September we are at the Divine Light Church, Butlers Court, Ford Street, London E3 5LT another evening of Clairvoyance and Spirit Art. Starts at 7.30 and obviously doors will open before that. A picture similiar to that on the left could be waiting for you. On the 30th September we are facilating a workshop at Sevenoaks Spiritual Friends Independent Centre, St John's Hall, Chatham Hill Road, Sevenoaks, Kent TN45 4NP. It will be for any level and will show you the old way of reading ribbons with reference to colours and how to interpret them. Guaranteed a fun evening with lots of development and learning as those of you who have attended our workshop before will know they are always full of light, love and laughter. For more details email Bonnie at or ring on Mary on 01732 838148 or myself on 07927 288904. Following that there will be a special at Woodford Spiritualist Church, but more of that next time.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Maybe one like this is for you.  If you are around on the 8th of September in Croydon we are at  West Croydon Spiritualist Church (0208 681 3847) 7.30 start.  Lovely friendly little church, which many people haven't found.  On the 11th September we are at Walthamstow National  Spiritualist Church  ( - 7.30 pm for 8 pm start.

 Even if you are not in these areas we do demonstrations, services, workshops and telephone readings. Please feel free to ring us on 07927 288904 or email
We are also hoping to run some events in Bromley Kent.  These will probably include workshops, demonstrations and maybe a positive living group with talks and discussions.  We will update you as soon as news becomes available.

Latest news and what we are about

Something very interesting has been brought to our attention and that is, it is  not a very well known fact that spiritual teachers are not actually regulated. Each spiritual body has their own code of ethics, but there is not actually a qualification to teach adults (to my knowledge). It is of course a very difficult subject to assess, and yes, there are teachers with years of experience and knowledge. There are also many who have no experience, have sat in circle for maybe a year or less and feel they can impart this knowledge or at least swell their bank accounts. This is very sad as there are now many people eager to develop their own gifts and we feel they should have the best. We are are teachers who care and have to that end at least sat examinations in teaching within Adult Education. We both hold Diplomas in Teaching in the Life Long Learning Sector. We have been educated in disabilities, discrimination and all the things necessary to teach adults. We have been teaching for well over 18 years and still attend other courses to improve and amplify our own knowledge. We teach many spiritual subjects from the very basics to advanced subjects. We specialise in spiritual art, creativity and sound healing. At the moment we are calling ouselves the "Purple Lady and Rainbow Healing Sanctuary on the Move" . We are actually giving spirit art readings ourselves and all money made from this goes into an account in order to fund the centre We are looking for a cheap venue in the Hertfordshire or Essex area. Although we are open to suggestions, but it has to be a reasonable price as funds are low. We also make shamanic power animals and other knitted goods (see pictures), which also go to the fund.

We also serve various churches and facilitate workshops. On the 9th September we are running a course "Exploring your soul and it's journey" at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( .All courses have a Cerificate of Attendance,   The course starts at 11am and finishes at 4pm. This is followed by a discussion group with Jeorge Asare-Djan discussing angels.
On the 11th September we are  the 14th September at Stockwell Spiritualist Church (0207 733 7761)  and then on the 27th September at Bow Church (0208 981 0187) . They will all be evenings of spirit art as you see in the pictures below. If you come along one of the paintings shown here could be for you. They are all different and we have no idea who the recipient is until we link in on that evening. For more details email or ring 07927 288904

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Latest New from the Purple Lady and Rainbow Healing Sanctuary on the Move

Our beginners course was very popular and all being well we will continue with it in September. On the 19th of September we are starting a new course at Woodford Spiritual Church.  It called "Exploring your Soul and its journey"  11am - 4pm (bring a packed lunch) tea, coffee, etc available. It will help to give you some direction with your journey.  This workshop will make you think outside the box and set you on the right road.  Even if you aren't planning a new project, venture, but just want to reinforce what you are already doing and hopefully give you new ideas. It will then continue each month until December.  A course not to be missed. We are also planning a workshop in Plymouth and some at the Seekers Trust in Kent ( The first of these is the 28th of Occtober a "Sound Healing Day for  Peace to extend out to the universe and beyond.  We have now decided that we must be established in one locality before the end of 2012.  The location we have in mind is the Herttfordshire/Essex borders, but we are open to suggestions. We have joined LinkedIn under the name Rainbow Witchery please come and join us. If you want a telephone reading with your own piece of art (as seen above) each one is painted for the recipient  please email us initially on or Don't forget that the little guys above are for sale on our Etsy site. along with many other power pet.  All funds raise are towards the centre. We are also part of a group formed on LinkedIn called Spiritual Teachers, which is being organised by a lady called Susan Griffiths.  An excellent medium and teacher (please come and join us). 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bits and pieces of Inspiration

In two cases workshops with small numbers produced some very interesting work.  Firstly the one at Sevenoaks Independent Spiritual Centre with these interesting results.  The picture on the left was produced by an eight year old called Sophie indeed art from a heart filled with love for her mum and grandmother.  During the workshop my partner and best friend got an urge you utilise the whiteboard to draw a picture dedicated to all the group (see below) plus another contribution from Laura.  All these pictures are totally different.  That below is Laura's and the other one Daniel's.

The second workshop came around as a replacement to the Sound Healing with Colour (we had not remembered when this was booked it was Father's Day).  Nevertheless it produced some very interesting results.  First another picture which I will post on here later, but also some inspirational pieces one of which I will share with you.

" As we open our hearts we unleash the green vibration of love that once connected emanates very powerful signals that communicate our intentions, you thus at this point of your development have a duty to yourself to manifest the will of god.  As you are now truly connected and an extension of god's arm, no longer can we claim the ignorance from truth as we have now made the connection with the source that is part of us an resides deep inside all essential life we ought to harmonise our thoughts and ideas at all times in order to attract that which is pure in order to avoid a bumpy ride.  For all intent that is of a lower form for the one who vibrates and resonates divine love must be correctly infused within the mindset and lifestyles of the channel."  

We have lots of new things on board.  Firstly on Friday afternoons our beginners group.  The next date for that is this coming Friday the 22nd June and then we will miss a week and be there the 6th July from 11am to 2pm.  On the 6th July there will be another group following that at 3pm to 5pm, which is a mixed bag including developing different types of psychic art.  All of these are at Woodford National Spiritualist Church  Later in the month of July there is the last of our beginners group of Sound Healing with Colour followed by a trance talk with Daniel on the 15th July - Workshop starts 11am and finish around 4pm.  Daniel will then channel the latest information regarding the Children of Light.  On the 30th June we are at the Seekers Trust in Kent with a workshop called Sound Healing with the Colours of the Archangels" Again 11am to 5pm in the small meeting room.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Balham Spiritualist Church "Art From the Heart"

We felt the "Art from the Heart" workshop at Balham was very successful even though we were small in number some very interesting results occured, You can see here some of the painting produced. Everyone worked very, very hard and it never ceases to amaze me how different each piece of work is in its uniqueness. I have posted just a few of them here to give you an idea.  It will be interesting to see what the Sevenoaks Spiritual Friends Independent Centre produces.  For those of you who are interested the doors open at 7pm on 10th June at St.Johns Hall, Chatham Road, Sevenoaks, Kent TN14 5AP (tea and coffee served after the workshop) Cost £10 (non-members) and £8 (members).  

On the 8th, 15th, 22nd June and 6th July, our beginners group 11am to 2pm continues at Woodford National Spiritual Church cost £5 (non members) £4 members.  On the 17th June the "Sound Healing With Colour Course" Cost £10. On the 6th July after the Beginners group we will be continuing with our development group with various aspects of spiritual growth which could be anything from psychic art to philosophy £3.  Each month will be different.  These will be held once a month only.  Don't forget that every monthy now there is a discussion group at Woodford and on July 15th Daniel will be doing a trance talk on the "Children of Light".  That is to say the Indigos, the Crystals, the Rainbows, the Children of Truth and some call them the Star Children.
On the 30th June 11am to 5pm at the Seekers Trust we will be holding a "Sound Healing with the Colours of the Archangels" Workshop. Cost £25 with a small discount for members of the Seekers This beautiful retreat is in the Garden of England and the accomodation is very moderately priced. Take a look at their website or telephone 01732 843589( the staff are extremely
friendly and helpful).
Some of you may know we have start a group "PEACE RAINBOW ON A MISSION" on facebook in order to send a thought out for peace between the hours of 9am - 10am and 9pm -10pm.  You imagine a rainbow ball going out from wherever you are out into the world touch every person, animal, plant, stone and country in its path sending peace is its mission.  Please join us on this mission. We are also holding a peace event at the seekers trust on the 28th October 2012. The first of many we hope.  The cost will be £15 (light refreshments provided, but accomodation extra either at the Seekers or nearby).  Please bring tibetian bowles, raffles, rainsticks etc.  We will be holding another one later in the year.  Lets send this peace rainbow out and make peace a reality.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just for a change I have posted one of my own picture which are painted for readings. If anyone is interested in having a reading then please email me on  On the 26th May at Balham Spiritualist Church 211 Balham High Road Balham SW17 7BQ we will be holding a workshop "Art From the Heart".  Why not come and join us and try your hand with the help of your inspirers or helpers to paint a picture or write a piece of inspired verse or prose.  We are at Camden Square Spiritual Temple Rochester Square London NW1 on the 19th May and we will be facilitating a "Sound Healings Workshop with Colour" One the 20th May we are back at Woodford National Spiritualist Church, 9 Grove Crescent, (off Craig Gardens) London E18 2JR with our monthly "Sound Healing Colour Course".  This will be followed by the monthly discussion group - this months topic is Healing.  Lots of other events on the way, but don't forget our workshop at the beautiful calming environment of  The Seekers Trust in the Garden of England in  Kent,  which is going to be held on the 30th June.  Book earlier to avoid disappointment as places are limited and so is accomodation at the Seekers, but masses nearby.  Come and enjoy the tranquility of a very peaceful weekend or day whilst enjoy the healing the course afford and taking the knowledge with you.     

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Light and positivity are the way forward,
Now we need to open our hearts and minds to the postive light,
There is much beauty around and light workers need to embrace ,
When something angers you do not react immediately, stand back and ask how can I create a postive message from this?
How can I move forward? Incidentally Sharon together with her cousin Shelley do brilliant workshops.
We are planning quite a number of workshops in the coming year and have been invited to various places including Woodford National Spiritualist Church (, Balham Church, Rochester Square,Sevenoaks Spiritual Friends and have booked the Seekers Trust ( ourselves. We will be keeping people updated as to what is where here. Our first is a continuation of the "Sound Healing with Colour" at Woodford Church. Our date for the Seekers Trust is the 30th June. Book early as places are limited for this special venue in the Kent Countryside at a spiritual retreat an ideal place for our "Sound Healings with the Colours of the Archangels". For more details of all our courses email: or ring +4407927288904. We are available to serve churches, facilitate workshops and do readings (if you want a reading please email