Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year Greetings

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and we hope you have an abundant, healthy, stress free, peaceful 2013 with many blessings.  We have lots of new plans for 2013 including workshops, courses, seminars and retreats.  We also are still hoping to establish a permanent sanctuary universe willing.  We have been doing an online course with a lady called Rachel El Naugh who some of you remember from Dragons Den and this online course is on offer at the moment for just £8 (until 5th January) and I would recommend anyone who is trying to get something up and running whatever size your project or business you take a look at it. Her website is I can guarantee you will not be disappointed if you sign up for it and you can also follow her on Twitter@rachelelnaugh and us too.  We will I confess not be doing much in January as we feel weather wise this month is not good and also after the feastive spend out money is not exactly bountiful.  Our first workshop will be at Grove Park South East London on the 23rd February "Exploring Your Psychic Ability the Easy Way" We are offering this course until 21st January for just £20 after which it will be more.  So why not book now as there are limited places. It is within 5 minutes walk from Grove Park Station. If you want more details please email us on or ring + 447927288904. We have several things in the pipeline,  which we will be announcing hopefully in our next post including development groups held in the afternoon for those people who either cannot make it in the evenings because of being full time mums or just do not like being out of doors in the evenings.   We will be facilitaing some retreats at the Seekers Trust in Kent either in early Spring or Autumn or probably both with not only ourselves, but other tutors one of which is Susan Griffith and is highly recommended by us. There are new venues for our workshops including Stockwell, Windsor and Potters Bar.  We will of course be back at Woodford, Camden and Balham. We are also hoping to hold a series of short evening courses in Central London, which will be very convienent for those of you who actually work either in the City or West End. We are also formulating an online course and I will be making a meditation video in the near future.  I also hope to get to grips with recording the meditation CD soon. Readings are always available with or without a spirit painting these can be done on the telephone as long as you have a landline.   If anyone has any speaking events we would be delighted to attend them or if you want a workshop, course or seminar please contact us travelling is no problem.  We are actively seeking new venues so if you know of a suitable hall near you and have a group that would like to host a workshop let us know. Do please take a look at our other blog   Some of the workshops we run are the following:-

Sound Healing with Colour
Colour for Healing
Easy Ways to Mediumship
The Easy Way to connect to Spirit
Keep It Simply Simple Mediumship
Psychic Art the Simple Way (Day workshops and courses)
Manifesting Your Dreams the Easy Way
Exploring Your Psychic Ability the Easy Way
Easy Way to Make Mandalas
Make Your Own Oracle Cards
The Intuitive Way to Manifest Your Dreams Easily (Course)
See through drawing (Meditation through drawing).

These are just some of the courses we faciliate and will be adding more all the time. We believe in the KISS principle Keep It Simply Simple (we also do more advanced courses or small mentoring groups). Book our February workshop now to get early bird discount.

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