Sunday, December 2, 2012

A business exhibition to me is the last place one would expect to find somebody interested in the new vibrations coming to Mother Earth, but imagine our surprise when we actually encountered one such lady who was presenting giving a talk.  She said and I equally agree from late December on business will have to be done in a new way.  It must not and should not be just for money, but something one loves doing and feels passionate about. This fits in exactly with both mine and Daniel's feelings and that is exactly where we are going and we will only be doing things we are passionate about and giving our best.  Although we hacve always done this people haven't seemed to understand it shouldn't always be about money, but we now feel this will be the way to keep us solvent and establish what our hearts desire.  Moreover our mission in this lifetime.   Do take a look at her links She is also on  Twitter@rachelelnaugh.  From now till Christmas we are going to be a wee bit busy spiritually.  Next Tuesday the 4th of December we are at Petts Wood at the White Rose Sanctuary, G.E.A.Hall, Woodhurst Avenue, Petts Wood, Kent, BR5 1AR. Service starts at 7.45 pm (for more details ring Chris or Alan on 01689 854905).  Then on the following Saturday the 8th we are at Balham Spiritualist Church, Hamilton Hall, 211 Balham High Road, London,  SW17 7BQ.  Starts at 11 am and finishes around 4.30 pm - Members £10 and non-members £12.50 " Sound Healing with Colour".  This is a workshop for everyone, but is especially beneficial to light workers helping them to regain energy and balance.  For more details please ring either 07871 422386 or ourselves on +44 7927288904.  The next day we are back at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( with the last part of our "Exploring Your Soul and its Journey". Starts at 11 am and finishes around 4 pm.  This will be followed by Maggie Jones and a demonstration of Trance then it is guess what guys taking the evening service with ourselves and Sharron Jane that's at 6.30 pm.  The following Sunday we are back at dockland with Barbara Barnes with one of her special evenings of readings. Details on next post of mediums but I do know that there will be Susan Griffith, Shelley Josephs, Sharon Law and Phil Warr.  Finally I would like to recommend an event on the 5th December at the Forget-Me-Not Sanctuary of Spiritual Friends, Anstridge Community Centre, Anstridge Road, London, SE9 2LL for their Memory Tree Service where they hand memory cards on a tree for loved ones in spirit and set balloons free in their memory.


Rachel Elnaugh said...

Thank you!

Rachel x

Patricia McNally said...

Your welcome Rachel. Daniel and I both really enjoyed your presentation and meeting you (say hello to Hugh). It set us back on our original path (maybe at that time it wasn't for heart felt business and things are now moving on). I for one am pleased. I am also really enjoying your Business Alchemy course and I will be suggesting to some other people in our spiritual teachers group that they consider subscribing to the course Especially one lady who wants to set up something for younger people to help them achieve and give them confidence. I am sure it will set her on the right path to getting the funds she richly deserves and needs. I will be recommending it in my next post and the events on the 12/12. Please feel free to add a comment here relating to the details. Rainbow Blessings Pat X