Sunday, April 12, 2009

Even more from the Workshop

Again yet another inspired piece. Again Daniel felt his hand being guided and also a feeling of complete unconditional love.

More from Sharon's Workshop

This was one of the images captured at Sharon' workshop by myself. Drawn without the pen leaving the page. It was almost as if my hand was being guided.


Yesterday, we (being my partner Daniel and myself) attended a very good workshop with Sharon Law. These were some inspired bits of prose we received, which we want to share.

" Nature provides all our needs - it will be here for eternity, whilst we will shed our mortal coil"

" Take joy in all the little things. simplicity is an art in itself. There are many on this world who create problems for themselves and others by making each moment complicated"

" Routine can be boring, but necessary for some people. Although sometimes they would be better to go with the flow "

"Memories should be held close to the heart. Good ones for comfort and those not so pleasant
to be though about as perhaps a lesson for our learning "