Friday, September 20, 2013

News and Views


I thought I would update our blog and impart the following news.  Today I went to see a private physiotherapist deciding that I wasn't willing to wait and I was amazed that I went in a wheelchair and came out walking.  Well worth the money I paid and I am delighted.  I had quite a long walk afterwards and then was and then was able to get up steps.  Need to learn to come down again, but feel after just 10 weeks after the accident I have made so much progress. We will be a Windsor Church (   weekend on the Saturday 28th September with a Sound Healing Workshop with Colour for details ring Denise Shoremi  for details 07904 835797  can guarantee a warm welcome from this friendly little church.  It starts at 10am and finishes around 4pm. Om the Sunday following this we are repeating the event (although obviously the day will vary) at Woodford Spiritualist Church, which starts at 11am and finishes around 4.30pm ( Now I would like to make a few recommendations for workshops lead by other mediums.  Firstly this coming Sunday 22nd September the Shamanic one again at Woodford Spiritualist Church  lead by Les and Jacci Fuller guaranteed to be a brilliant day.  Then on the 5th October a workshop with Brenda Hodgson  "Moving Towards Platform".  All of the following workshops with exception of the one with Maggie Jones are also at Woodford.   Then on the 13th October there is the continuing series of workshops entitled "Universal Inspired Life" with Suzanne Mitchell.  There is also a few more I will be telling you about, which are later in the month ones with Alan AlbistonSharon Law, Shelley Joseph, and one that comes very highly recommended by both Daniel and myself on the Saturday 26th October with Judith Thorne called "Symbols and Spiritual Path". This lady has an incredible amount of knowledge and I guarantee it will be an inspiring and worthwhile workshop.  On Monday 28th of October we are back serving the platform at Woodford for their Sunday afternoon service. Again on the 26th October there is another workshop well worth attending with Maggie Jones entitled "Workshop on all aspects of Mediumship" (more detail in our next post). Next the book launch by Maria Veiga thing for details. Good luck Maria I hope its very successful. Finally once I am completely back on my feet and life goes back to normal (whatever normal is) then again we will be holding the "Manifesting Your Dreams Intuitively" support group.  Meanwhile enjoy your weekend and the following week ahead and may the Great Spirit and the Goddess bless you.  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Latest News and recommendations

As most of you know I have been kind of out of action due to a broken leg and ankle, but today after just 6 weeks due to the massive amount of healing being sent I am out of plaster.  My muscles are quite stiff, but no doubt I will be able to get them functioning quickly if I do plenty of work on exercising them.  I would like to thank everyone who has been sending me healing as I am sure the plaster wouldn't have been off by now.  Although I do think the knit bone helped.  I would also like to thank Coleen Rechere from Stockwell Church for picking us up at Victoria Station last week so we could attend Les Fuller's Shamanic Workshop.  As always with Les it was a great day. Les is back at Woodford later this month more details of that in our next post in a few days time.  There are several workshops coming up I would like to recommend.  Firstly on the 26th October at Stockwell Spiritualist Church there is a one day workshop with Maggie Jones called "All aspects of mediumship"  for more details ring 0207 773 7761 .  We have two workshops coming up this month both are "Sound Healing Workshops with Colour" the first at Windsor Spiritualist Church on the 28th September (contact church for details) and the second on the 29th September at Woodford Spiritualist Church (  Come and experience the healing sound with the vibration of colour.  Finally as you can see I have not been idle in my misery, but knitting like mad a huge range of shamanic rattles which can be used as healing rattles as well as shamanic bringing gifts and blessings from the great spirit (all for sale) plus the wee owl below. All items are for sale so please look at our new colourful blog

Monday, September 2, 2013

This is our latest news and I am hoping that next week they will tell me I can weight bear on my foot again.  I have to visit the fracture clinic on the 12th September and hopefully I will be sent on to the physiotherapy department.  I am still in some pain, but it is not major.  Our main difficulty is steps and Daniel (my earth angel) is slowly getting to grips with the idea and we won't be so house bound.  Big problem is undergrounds as not all of them have disabled access and with this in mind I have had to cancel the workshop on the 8th September at Woodford Church, but I shall see if John can find us another Sunday or Saturday. Meanwhile all I can say is sorry, but I am in the hands of the universe.  I have every intention of honouring our commitments at Windsor and Woodford at the end of September,  I am sure by then I will be well on my way to healing and walking again.   I am showing two other pictures created by Daniel at our workshop at Stockwell and I am still hoping that some members of the group will post some of theirs.  We will be attending a workshop on Saturday 7th September at Stockwell and Coleen Rechere has again dons her earth angel outfit and is picking us up at Victoria Station so we can attend Jacci and Les Fuller's Shamanic Workshop 12 noon to 5 pm for those of you interested.  I know anyone attending will enjoy it. Meanwhile being a Gemini I have to be occupied and I am knitting up a hurricane in the way of Shamanic Rattles (wooden handles whittled by my brother Allan McNally inspired by Neil Paton's Wands), Power Animals and toys for children so please take a look at and later on we will be updating our  I am including a couple of bits I have knitted especially for those of you interested in shamanic things.