Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The last Art From The Heart Workshop this year

All members of the group worked very hard and that made it extremely difficult to choose what to post so I finally came down to two that on the right is by Carol, which was inspired by music. It is as you can see a very free piece of work with a quality of innocence that usually comes only from those in touch with their inner child.
I have also posted a very interesting piece by Mark, which is on the right, as you can see is completely different. It is interesting to muse how music influences people in different ways. Equally so was all the work produced that day including the following beautiful pieces done in a group. These groups are producing more and more inspired verse and proses, which it would be nice to incorporate one day into a book.

Feel the emotions and set them free
Keep only what’s important to thee
Decide what true and see it thru
Waste no time with past troubles
Release and let go, as we own nothing
Let light and love be in your heart
And let nothing else keep you apart
Embrace the down times,
They’ll always be,
They serve a purpose they bring to thee spirit of
knowledge and understanding that’s due.
Clear your mind of all clutter,
And your Pathway will be lit in all its glory.
A tidy mind runs proud and free,
Take the time to think what can be,
Don’t despair when times get tough,
You may feel like you had enough,
Turn to spirit deep inside,
Rest within for turning tide.

Release and let go.
Look into the light of the divine
And the following pieces from another group. It is so interesting to see how one group has collaborated and the others have come together in agreement on the music and word interpreting it differently.

Innocence is
how we all begin
Adventure is
the journey we need to take
Expression oBoldf loBoldve comes from the heart and soul not
the mind.
Power of love to
forgive all of mankind and be able to return once again to Innocence

The lion and dove sit side by
side, white dove of peace and an olive branch close by.




Interesting this is stairs to be climbed!!

Life is innocent,
Adventure is pure,
Tranquillity awaits you,
The beauty of a spider’s web.
As some of you may know we have started facilitating "Sound Healing Workshops" incorporating colour with tibetan bowls, rainsticks and other ancient musical instruments. We are going to be running a course early in the new year in East London. This will be a series of five one day workshops studying in depth how colour can enhance healing and be used in everyday life to give healing, help with studying skills and improve life. I myself meditate on green to lower my blood pressure. Details of all courses will be published before the end of the year and for those who are iinterested there is a one day workshop at the Seekers Trust in Kent on the 11th February 2012. For those interested please email us on or ring + 447927 288904. We are also planning on a beginner course a series of four hours to fit in with those who would rather not be out at night or have children. Again in East London and will probably be from 10 am to 2 pm. If you have any friend who might be interested please do tell them about this.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On Sunday we will be at one of our favourite places the Seekers Trust in Kent.  We will not be holding a workshop, but at the Craft Fair selling our power animals and other knitted goodies.  After the craft fair we will be making our  to the new Spiritual Friends Centre in Sevenoaks located for those of you who are interested is St.John Hall, Chatham Hill Road, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN14 5AP.  Doors open from 7pm and the continues until 10pm. Its a Sound Healing Workshop by the way.

We are holding a Sound Healing Workshop on February 11th 11am - 4.30pm at the Small Meeting Room.  Then in July we will be hoding an Angel Workshop the day before Rose Day.

We will keep you updated as to new events.  We are hoping to start a beginners group and once its all been settled we will be posting it here. We will also be comtributing to a Mind Body and Spirit event in Watford details can be obtained from or more details from us on +447927288904

Monday, November 7, 2011

Art From the Heart at South Woodford National Spiritualist Church

Last Sunday there was a very successful workshop at the above church and all participant worked very hard producing a lot of inspiration prose and pictures some of which we are posting here.  The first piece of prose is called:

                Love the Passion and Flame of Life

The magical feeling of a touch or a sigh, when the angels stand by.
Allow the waterfall to cleanse your spirit, protecting yourself on your road to enlightenment.
Unconditional love blossoms forth.
Forgive...............Let the past be the past.

The next piece  is untitled

As the rainbow snakes up through the garden,
Speak up let your voice be heard my friends
Through the bleak dark forest the truth emerges here
Just be yourself and bring your heart and soul near.

Help - I need somebody, no shame release
The pain...embrace the pain as beyond it is change
We flow through the energy fields that are all around
They mould and shape us
We evolve do not stand in the way of change, instead embrace and trust.
Rise up, strike now, the iron is hot
Procrastination's there is not
Take action now and never cease
For the truth meanders in warmth and peace
My heart is sore, my brain hurts
Full of confusion, not knowing where my path is taking me
Learning to trust others too
Release let downs,
 Separate the confusion of what is expected of me as a person,  daughter, sister, friend, lover.

These two images were also produced last Sunday at the workshop at Woodford using encaustic wax.  Look at the one above and see how differentg they are and how spirit will make use of the tools given to them.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Latest Workshops

This is an update to our blog.Next weekend on the 15th October we will be holding a Sound Healing and Colour Workshop at Woodford National Spiritualist Church, 9 Grove Crescent, London E18 2JR. Starts at 12 noon and finishes around 3 pm - Cost £5 for members and £6 non members. In November we are at The Seekers Trust selling our power animals at their craft fair. Why not come and pay us a visit. Website We wil lthen go onto Sevenoaks for an Evening Workshop at Mary's new centre. Our first one there is "Sound Healing with Colour and Music" (please contact Mary at the following email The workshop will be from 7 pm to 10 pm. The address is St.John Hall, Chatham Hill Road, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN11 9JB. We will be following this with a workshop at the Seekers Trust on the 11th February 2012. continuance of "Art From the Heart" on November 6th 11am to 4 pm Followed by the discussion Group with Susan Griffith.
We will from time to time be recommending other workshops and I have two for those of you who might be interested. One is the monthly "Shamanic Workshop" at Woodford with Les and Jacci Fuller (next one 30th October).This is a permanent group. The next is one on the 3rd December with Mark Brandist at Reading National Spiritualist Church the latter must be booked as places are limited.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Encaustic Waxes

Both of these images produced at the last "Art From the Heart" workshop at Woodford National Spiritualist Church at 9 Grove Crescent, London E18 2JR. The next workshop is on the 9th October 11 - 4 pm (£10) al tea, coffee and biscuits provided, but please bring a packet lunch. We will be exploring linked with your guides and helpers pyschic portraits. On the 7th October in the afternoon is our development group 2.30 - 4 pm (£3). The following week again at Woodford is our Sound Healing and Colour Workshop - Saturday 15th 12 - 3 (£6 non-members and £5 members). In our next post we will be giving information regarding Novembers Workshops. We are thinking of running an all day workshop for spiritual awareness and development next year aimed at those who are free on weekdays and not weekends. It will be aimed at beginners and explore many avenues in relation to development. If you are interested please email us on or ring 07927 288904

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What we are doing

Our next workshop at Woodford is on the 9th October and the last one was very exciting as we explored psychic art via encaustic wax. Some amazing images were produced and I will be photographing these as soon as possible and posting them on here. I have also added a detail of one of the encaustic wax pictures from the last Art From the Heart workshop at Woodford. Don't forget we are there once a month with our afternoon development groups which are really mini workshops. We are also leasing a "Sound Healing with Colour and Music" workshop at Woodford on the 15th October - noon to 3 pm. Cost £6 non members and £5 members. See their website site We will keep you up to date with these and other workshops we are doing. We are very pleased to have been invited to a new spiritual centre which is opening in Sevenoaks and we will be taking a workshop there on the 20th November in the evening following the Christmas Craft Fair at the Seekers Trust. The new Centre is at Bat and Ball near the station
and is called "Spiritual Friends Independent Spiritual Centre and I understand that Mary and Bonnie are hoping to have lots of events including workshops. Our first one there is "Sound Healing with Colour and Music" (please contact Mary at the following email The workshop will be from 7 pm to 10 pm. The address is St.John Hall, Chatham Hill Road, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN11 9JB. We will be following this with a workshop at the Seekers Trust on the 11th February 2012. We are also hoping to go further north and if any of you are interested Sarah Swift is trying to organise a weekend near where she lives in Cheshire. If you are interested please email Sarah on

Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Workshop dates

We have quite a lot of events in the pipeline, but do not forget we have a month event "Art From the Heart" £10 at Woodford National Spiritualist church and our next one is this coming Sunday at 11 am folowed by a discussion group with Alfred Hunt. Take a look at their website for more details.

On the 8th October at the Ringway Community Centre at Grove Park 268 Baring Road SE12 0DS there is a trance workshop with Maggie Jones starts at 11 am and finishes at 4 pm "Gentle Ways Into Trance" - Must be booked ahead. Tel: 07927 288904

Then on the 15th October we are back at Woodford Spiritualist Church 12 - 3 and music "Colour in Healing" Cost £6 non members and £5 members (again see website and that month our "Art from the heart" is on 9th October. Again see website.

On the 3rd December we are back at the Seekers Trust with a full days workshop "Colour and Music in Healing" ideal for this tranquil setting. Watch out for more workshops not only with us but some of our colleagues.
We are still making craft items and doing readings to try and fund our centre. So take a look at our new website and at Etsy

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Before 2012

We are determined by the end of the year to have established our own spiritual and alternative centre before the commence of 2012, which we have now decided to call "The Purple Lady and Rainbow Healing Sanctuary". We still have not settled on a location, but are looking at various options as well as finding other ways of raising cash. Our latest venture in to knit shamanic power animals.Take a look at the sight we have set up on Etsy. We are now also teaching once a month a Woodford Spiritualist Church in London our "Art from the Heart" Workshop and we also had a successful "Angelic Forces" Workshop at our favourite venue of the Seekers Trust.