Monday, November 7, 2011

Art From the Heart at South Woodford National Spiritualist Church

Last Sunday there was a very successful workshop at the above church and all participant worked very hard producing a lot of inspiration prose and pictures some of which we are posting here.  The first piece of prose is called:

                Love the Passion and Flame of Life

The magical feeling of a touch or a sigh, when the angels stand by.
Allow the waterfall to cleanse your spirit, protecting yourself on your road to enlightenment.
Unconditional love blossoms forth.
Forgive...............Let the past be the past.

The next piece  is untitled

As the rainbow snakes up through the garden,
Speak up let your voice be heard my friends
Through the bleak dark forest the truth emerges here
Just be yourself and bring your heart and soul near.

Help - I need somebody, no shame release
The pain...embrace the pain as beyond it is change
We flow through the energy fields that are all around
They mould and shape us
We evolve do not stand in the way of change, instead embrace and trust.
Rise up, strike now, the iron is hot
Procrastination's there is not
Take action now and never cease
For the truth meanders in warmth and peace
My heart is sore, my brain hurts
Full of confusion, not knowing where my path is taking me
Learning to trust others too
Release let downs,
 Separate the confusion of what is expected of me as a person,  daughter, sister, friend, lover.

These two images were also produced last Sunday at the workshop at Woodford using encaustic wax.  Look at the one above and see how differentg they are and how spirit will make use of the tools given to them.

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