Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Touched by Angels

Pat asked me to put this image on the blog as she says she feel the angelic realms inspired it. It is quite different from the rest of the work I have produced recently and the colours are soft and gentle. If you take a peek at my blog you will see the difference. http://allansinspiredartjournal.blogspot.com/.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Thank you Floyd

I am pleased to announce we have been award Floyds Best Bloggers Award and we would like to thank him for this honour. We are over the moon and delighted. Take a look at Floyds amazing blog.


Once again thank you Floyd.

After Matisse

This inspirational piece was done on our last workshop by Suzie Cooper. It indeed reflects Matisse and those of you who know this artists work will be able to see the similiarity. It was a very successful workshop. Even more so as at one time(in fact several days before) seemed unlikely to be. The ideas generated here were amazing and students are looking forward to the next one on the 8th December 2007

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Just to tell everyone that we have set up two new groups one on FACEBOOK and the other on blog catalog. You are all welcome to join these groups just request permission. I have kept them limited to entry by request so we do not get any crank input. Hopefully they will take off with discussions and questions. Scruppyhippo has set a very intersting task on the discussion board of Spiritual Doorways and there are more on Doorways to Spirit. So why not join in. We are also thinking of setting up a group to manifest our centre. See Scruffys link on facebook. We are sure you will find his blog interesting and informative.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Yet More Experiments from Big Mac

Having had such encouraging comments from my last two picture I am being really cheeky and adding two more. These comments have really encouraged me. At last I have found a means to express myself. Being dyslexic is not fun. I have to ask for everything to be checked to make sure I have spelt it correctly. These pictures have helped me do just that. I know I have been inspired by something or someone. Whatever it is it feels good. Anyone who reside in the UK and is dyslexic should try this course. Great stuff!! What is really interesting if you look at my earlier work on the blog it is totally different. Once again thank you for your comments and I hope you will be as kind again.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Big Mac's Experiments

Since attending the workshops I have started to experiment with various images and designs. These are totally different to my usual style of drawing and almost graphic. The colours are more varied and vibrant than I would usually use and I honestly say these drawings feel as if they are inspired from some part of me that I am still building an ongoing relationship with.

Friday, June 29, 2007


Pat led us through a wonderful meditation about daffodils and asked us to think about what the most important thing was that we wanted to accomplish in the immediate future that we may have been putting off... we were then instructed to draw what we had seen in our visualisation and this is the result of mine... I have wanted to create a Myspace site for my songs for a while and since I did this meditation and picture, I have actually created it!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Pink Angel


We have been looking for new ways to improve our workshops in order to give students other tools to work with creatively. This print was created by making a cardboard plate. This is a techique we will be passing on to learners at our future workshops.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Workshop @ Seekers Trust

This was my first workshop with Pat & Daniel and was very unsure as to what was going to happen. It goes to prove that you can be yourself and the spirits will lead the way. This was to be such a big learning curve for me on this workshop and everyone was lovely. The atmosphere was superb. The workshop was enjoyable and fun. The seekers trust is a wonderful relaxing place and is somewhere I would definately go back to again. Thank you Pat & Daniel for the weekend and see you soon.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I asked Daniel to produce an image for our new workshop posters. This is it and it really represents "Art From the Heart" two hearts beating as one whilst they dance magically in each others arms. To me this represents that once in a lifetime moment when magically you find the one who is your soul mate. Someone special to share your life and dreams with.

Last Sunday at the Seekers Trust in Kent a very spiritual lady called Liolah came to the workshop and this is an example of one of the beautiful images she produced. This mass of purple to me presence new spiritual beginnings. A rebirth with such pure light waiting to burst forth and illuminate her path. It will be enlightening to see if others share my opinions of this image.

Friday, April 13, 2007

This image on the right is quite magical and has the feel of a Chinese Brush painting, although this was not the method use. Quite delicate and inspirational and in contrast on the left the beautiful rose, which to me represents unconditional love a butterfly in flight for transformation. These two pictures again were inspired and like the previous two painted by Gloria Alexander. Quite lovely.

These inspirational pictures were created by Gloria Alexander whilst attending the Art From the Heart weekend courses at the Britton Centre. Again each piece has a special quality. I asked Gloria if she could put some of her work on the blog, as we felt it was very powerful. As she has not access to the internet at the moment, we have added them and also as she did not give them titles I will give you my feelings on them, but we would be interested to know what your interpretations are. The painting on the right to me represents water lapping gently against the rocks and that on the left fire burning so brightly it fills the sky with it warming glow. We will be interested to hear your comments on these images.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Although I am one of the tutors on this course many of the exercises involve pairwork, when the numbers are odd I will join in on the meditations and will produce work inspired by it, so that the person left without a work partner has an opportunity to take part.

The image to the right was produced after a guided meditation taking us to a point of transformation.

As you can see this image is completely different from the two collages and it has a delicate feel to it. I like it because at the time it conveyed the meditation perfectly. You meet some very interesting and spiritual people on these workshops. It has showed me lots of new things and given me different ideas.
Each time I go on a workshop I do not know what to expect. What I am always sure of is that I will enjoy it and have a lovely time in good company.
For some reason these workshops seem to draw very spiritual people who are on a voyage of self discovery. Thank you Pat and Daniel for all your help and guidance. My path now seems closer.
I look forward to the next workshop.

These are two of the collages I created in a workshop I attended with Pat and Daniel. I really enjoy these workshops and look forward to them. I have found they have boosted my confidence. Especially as I suffer from dyslexia. These have helped me to express myself more fully.
Hopefully, I will be able to attend more of these and produce different kinds of work. I will show you some more of the work I have done in my next post.

Monday, February 5, 2007

"Doves" from Pat and Daniel's workshop 8.1.07

Moving in

Lying here in this single bed

With New Year thoughts running thoughts filling my head

I feel the joy and I know the pain

Of sharing my world with someone again

Tomorrow night we will be sharing knives and forks

Each others caring and so my idle thoughts alight

On last years many wrongs and rights

Those first moments when I met you, how our love grew

Now I think I understand your need to have a steady hand

Peaceful as you always are

You taught me patience from afar

Time to see reality, ask if this was meant to be

Laid my cards out on the table

Asked you if you felt this able

Moving through the tense divide

Approaching from a different side

Found each other in the middle

Learned to solve each others riddle

Respected each others life approach

Sometimes laughter, some reproach

Nothing gentleness couldn’t solve

With courage and strong resolve

We’ve watered and we’ve tended both

Now the garden bears her growth

The beauty of our secret space

Filled with love and tender grace

Now the New Year blooms in view

I will love and live with you

Denise Wise 8.1.07

Images from Art from the Heart workshops

journey within
imaginary city



Some images produced at the 'Art from the Heart' workshops after listening to music or meditations.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


This blog has been created for those of you who have attended our creative spiritual workshop and would like to share what you produced with other people. Please feel free do do just that. It can be by way of pictures, prose, poetry or even just thoughts about the workshops. This blog is for all to share. If you would like to view our other blog, where you will find details of all our workshops. Click on link below: