Monday, February 5, 2007

"Doves" from Pat and Daniel's workshop 8.1.07

Moving in

Lying here in this single bed

With New Year thoughts running thoughts filling my head

I feel the joy and I know the pain

Of sharing my world with someone again

Tomorrow night we will be sharing knives and forks

Each others caring and so my idle thoughts alight

On last years many wrongs and rights

Those first moments when I met you, how our love grew

Now I think I understand your need to have a steady hand

Peaceful as you always are

You taught me patience from afar

Time to see reality, ask if this was meant to be

Laid my cards out on the table

Asked you if you felt this able

Moving through the tense divide

Approaching from a different side

Found each other in the middle

Learned to solve each others riddle

Respected each others life approach

Sometimes laughter, some reproach

Nothing gentleness couldn’t solve

With courage and strong resolve

We’ve watered and we’ve tended both

Now the garden bears her growth

The beauty of our secret space

Filled with love and tender grace

Now the New Year blooms in view

I will love and live with you

Denise Wise 8.1.07


lina said...

This is such a beautiful and profound poem - I love the image of the doves.

The Purple Lady (Aka Pat) Crackpot 1963 (Aka Daniel) said...

The image and words compliment one another in a wonderful union of the expression of the love shared by two committed human beings. It could also apply equally as an expression of a soul willing to give unconditional love to the world.

Denise Wise said...

thank you for your feedback I really enjoyed contributing at the workshop and always find it so inspiring! I am no longer afraid to let the world know what's in my heart and I hope I can inspire others to open their hearts too

Purple Lady said...

Each time I read this I love it more and more.