Monday, December 6, 2010

You can book from January

We will be taking bookings for our weekend retreats and workshops in January and we require deposits of £30 for the weekend. This deposit can be paid by paypal by emailing Final amount payable a month before the retreat. The next weekend at the Seekers is in April and at the moment we are proposing a mini holistic fayre on the Friday plus two workshops and an Evening of Clairvoyance plus an hour of Trance and Experimental Transfiguration. The mediums confirmed at the moment are Maggie (see [picture) and Martin Jones, Daniel Naughnane and Patricia Mc Nally. We are also holding another retreat in September on the 16th/17th/18th which will comprise the following two workshops plus an evening of clairvoyance and an evening of transfiguration. The mediums for this event are al confirmed and they are Alan Bray, Haydn Clarke, Daniel Naughane and myself. Bookings for March accomodation is done by ring Tracy at Cheddar Bridge Caravan Park (01934 743048) and the Seekers by ringing Sara (01732 843589). You can also book for our angel day in July which is being held at the Seekers Trust on 2nd July. The Seekers website is and is a beautiful spiritual retreat in nearly 40 acres of woodlands.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

What's Happen in March

The first event for the weekend will be a mini holistic fayre on Friday afternoon, where you will be able to get a taster treatment and readings. Entry price will be on two levels £10 will gain you entrance and two taster sessions these can be readings or treatments the choice will be yours plus a tea/coffee and biscuits or entrance at £2 which will give you entrance and a tea/coffee and biscuits. You can then choose whether you want a reading or treatment. These prices are obviously for those on not booked in on the entire weekend and then it will be included in the price. Either Friday or Saturday there will be an Evening of Clairvoyance with two mediums one of which will be Maggie Jones (Maggie will also be doing readings at the holistic fayre. There wil also be an evening of trance on the evening of trance on the free evening with Daniel Naughane (also channeling messages for you on the Friday afternoon)Maggie and Martin Jones (Martin is also at the fayre. On Saturday there will be a Shamanic Workshop with Les and Jacci Fuller and on Sunday a day to create your own oracle or meditation cards with encaustic waxes. Accomodation will be at Cheddar Bridge Touring Park in their luxury caravans. Watch for more details kater this week and also details of our April retreat at the Seekers Trust in Kent.

Friday, December 3, 2010


We are holding a series of retreats and the first of which will be at Cheddar and the workshops and events will be held at Hannah More Cottage (picture). The accomodation will be at Cheddar Bridge Caravan Park (see picture) There wil be two workshops,an evening of trance, an evening of clairvoyance plus a mini holistic fayre. The dates for this are 18th/19th/20th March. The mediums taking part will be Jacci and Les Fuller, Maggie and Martin Jones, Daniel Naughnane, Patricia Mc Nally plus one more. If you want more details ring +447927288904 or mail me on