Friday, October 16, 2015

Sadly it seems the Winter is upon us and I hope you are all keeping warm.  We have lots going on at the moment and we hope to see some of you at our events.  We are keeping up our "Every home should have a gnome campaign" knitted items to order as well as owls and fairies.  All of these are sold as a way to help fund our sanctuary.  The last meeting with Sharon Law  -  was very interesting and although not well attended those - who did enjoyed it.  We did wonder if the universe was conspiring to stop some people getting there.  Our next meeting is on the 23rd October with Susan Griffiths and starts at 7.30 pm.  Just for those of you who have not seen our posts before meetings take place in the delightful and welcoming Friends Meeting House, Hemnall Street, Epping, CM16 4LL.  We have lots of interesting workshops arranged during the next two months and next year,  Our next meeting is with David Irwin followed by one with Martin Jones (   then Clare Teale plus an all day workshop with Michael Redwin on the 12th December.  Other recommendations this month  are a workshop tomorrow with Stephanie Barrows (   at South Woodford Spiritualist Church, which starts at 12 noon and finishes at 3 pm plus the following week one with Alex Camies, which again starts at 12 noon and finishes at 3 pm.  Please support the charity event at South Woodford  on the 31st of October " Helen Duncan Campaign" (,  which is the brainchild of her granddaughter Margaret Hahn who is trying to secure a pardon for her grandmother (.  It starts at 2pm with readings and cakes etc.  Mediums giving readings are Sharon Law, Daniel Naughnane (, Lily Dolan, Stephanie Barrows, Ruth Lipkin, Paul Bathgate, Micky Ivers, Maggie Jones, Barbara Barnes, Anita Minza Raddigan, Lorna Hunte ( and myself Patricia McNally.   The mediums for evening demonstration will be Graham Watson ( plus Stevie Robinson and Haydn Clarke ( There will also be plenty of cakes,  especially cupcakes so come early and enjoy the day. We will also have Sam Livermore explaining about her project Global Love Letters. Getting back to our own sanctuary we have a good line up of mediums doing Saturday workshops Michael Redwin, Martin Jones, Stevie Robinson, Alan Albiston, Beverley Swift, Les and Jacci Fuller and of course ourselves.