Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year Greetings

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and we hope you have an abundant, healthy, stress free, peaceful 2013 with many blessings.  We have lots of new plans for 2013 including workshops, courses, seminars and retreats.  We also are still hoping to establish a permanent sanctuary universe willing.  We have been doing an online course with a lady called Rachel El Naugh who some of you remember from Dragons Den and this online course is on offer at the moment for just £8 (until 5th January) and I would recommend anyone who is trying to get something up and running whatever size your project or business you take a look at it. Her website is I can guarantee you will not be disappointed if you sign up for it and you can also follow her on Twitter@rachelelnaugh and us too.  We will I confess not be doing much in January as we feel weather wise this month is not good and also after the feastive spend out money is not exactly bountiful.  Our first workshop will be at Grove Park South East London on the 23rd February "Exploring Your Psychic Ability the Easy Way" We are offering this course until 21st January for just £20 after which it will be more.  So why not book now as there are limited places. It is within 5 minutes walk from Grove Park Station. If you want more details please email us on or ring + 447927288904. We have several things in the pipeline,  which we will be announcing hopefully in our next post including development groups held in the afternoon for those people who either cannot make it in the evenings because of being full time mums or just do not like being out of doors in the evenings.   We will be facilitaing some retreats at the Seekers Trust in Kent either in early Spring or Autumn or probably both with not only ourselves, but other tutors one of which is Susan Griffith and is highly recommended by us. There are new venues for our workshops including Stockwell, Windsor and Potters Bar.  We will of course be back at Woodford, Camden and Balham. We are also hoping to hold a series of short evening courses in Central London, which will be very convienent for those of you who actually work either in the City or West End. We are also formulating an online course and I will be making a meditation video in the near future.  I also hope to get to grips with recording the meditation CD soon. Readings are always available with or without a spirit painting these can be done on the telephone as long as you have a landline.   If anyone has any speaking events we would be delighted to attend them or if you want a workshop, course or seminar please contact us travelling is no problem.  We are actively seeking new venues so if you know of a suitable hall near you and have a group that would like to host a workshop let us know. Do please take a look at our other blog   Some of the workshops we run are the following:-

Sound Healing with Colour
Colour for Healing
Easy Ways to Mediumship
The Easy Way to connect to Spirit
Keep It Simply Simple Mediumship
Psychic Art the Simple Way (Day workshops and courses)
Manifesting Your Dreams the Easy Way
Exploring Your Psychic Ability the Easy Way
Easy Way to Make Mandalas
Make Your Own Oracle Cards
The Intuitive Way to Manifest Your Dreams Easily (Course)
See through drawing (Meditation through drawing).

These are just some of the courses we faciliate and will be adding more all the time. We believe in the KISS principle Keep It Simply Simple (we also do more advanced courses or small mentoring groups). Book our February workshop now to get early bird discount.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Wishing you all a Happy Yule

Firstly I would like to wish all my readers a Happy Yule and those of you who do not celebrate this season a happy holiday. Firstly we would like to thank Balham Church for and those that attended of Sound Healing Workshop with Colour for making as so welcome and for coming.  The following day we had another successful workshop at Woodford Spiritualist Church.   Our next lot of thanks must go to Barbara Barnes in the little dockland church last night for arranging the readings night and we really enjoyed giving.   Thank you Barbara for the opportunity and for the lovely welcome (always the same).  Now our next lot of news.  We have arranged a workshop for late February 2013 at the Ringway Community Centre in Grove Park, which is located in South London.  We have used this venue in the past, but not for sometime.  This place is related to Edith Nesbitt who wrote the Railway Children and indeed you can hear the trains.  It also has a wondeful nature trail. It will be on Saturday 23rd February 2013  11 am - 4 pm  and is entitled" Explore Your Psychic Ability the Easy Way". This workshop is suitable for both beginners and advanced students. You will discover different ways to make your connection to your intuitive side or link with spirit. You are guaranteed this in a safe environment with teachers who care and will help you to succeed in your endeavours. You are also promised it will be a fun day full of love, light, compassion and healing.   The Cost will be £25, but there will be an early bird discount if booked before 21st January 2013 the cost will be £20 light (refreshments included). Numbers will be limited, but there will be two tutors to help you on your journey. The Ringway Community Centre is roughly a 5 minute walk from Grove Park Station and is on three bus routes. Ring us on +447927288904 or email us now on for more details. Remember to book as soon as possible as we are going to limit spaces.  We have lots more workshops planned and as well as our old venues we are delighted to have been invited to Potters Bar and Windsor new venies for us. More news in my next post.  

Friday, December 7, 2012

Firstly I would like to thank Christine Oborne from the White Rose Sanctuary at Petts Wood for inviting us to take the service earlier this week plus Jacqueline Nye for chairing not forgetting all of those people who came that evening as without them there wouldn't have been a service.  I know from the feedback we have received everyone seemed to enjoy the evening.  This coming weekend we are ats Balham National Spiritualist Church on Saturday 8th and Woodford  Spiritualist Church on Sunday the 9th.  There has been a change to our discussion group as Maggie Jones has had to cancel (not her fault) and we are delighted that Phil Warr so kindly stepped into the chair,  Thanks so much Phil and I know it will be a very interesting evening as Phil shares many of our views (for all details see previous entry in our blog). On December 16th we are back at Barbara Barnes lovely little church doing readings together with a number of other mediums and the address for those of you who might not have been to this lovely little church is Barkentine Hall, Westferry Road, London E14 8JH. The evening starts at 6.30 pm so be there early to get your reading as there will be a lot of other excellent mediums joining us. I would also like to recommend you take a look at the following link and if you can join in the event.  It is an important time for all lightworkers to unite welcoming the new vibrations and to send out love, healing and light to all parts of the planet (  The picture on the top right is just one  picture in a calendar that has been made to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind (thats us as Professor Dumbledore and Professor Mcgonagall .  It is the brain child of Yvette Coppin from the Forget-Me-Not Sanctuary of Spiritual Friends. So if you want an unusual Christmas Present or Calender why not buy one of these.  I do understand that last years ones sold fast and Yvette had to do a second order l so if you want one you had better contact her soon on O20 8300 0870.  During the last 18 months the centre has raised over £3,000 for charity, which I think is exceptional. The Memory Tree Service was lovely and it was quite magical watching the pink and purple balloons released for our loved ones in spirit sail into a clear starlit sky and again thanks Yvette for the inspiration.  We have lots of plans in 2013 and we know that things are moving forward.  We are planning on some more retreats at the Seekers Trust ( and we have been invited to Windsor amongst other places, but more news of that in our next post

Sunday, December 2, 2012

A business exhibition to me is the last place one would expect to find somebody interested in the new vibrations coming to Mother Earth, but imagine our surprise when we actually encountered one such lady who was presenting giving a talk.  She said and I equally agree from late December on business will have to be done in a new way.  It must not and should not be just for money, but something one loves doing and feels passionate about. This fits in exactly with both mine and Daniel's feelings and that is exactly where we are going and we will only be doing things we are passionate about and giving our best.  Although we hacve always done this people haven't seemed to understand it shouldn't always be about money, but we now feel this will be the way to keep us solvent and establish what our hearts desire.  Moreover our mission in this lifetime.   Do take a look at her links She is also on  Twitter@rachelelnaugh.  From now till Christmas we are going to be a wee bit busy spiritually.  Next Tuesday the 4th of December we are at Petts Wood at the White Rose Sanctuary, G.E.A.Hall, Woodhurst Avenue, Petts Wood, Kent, BR5 1AR. Service starts at 7.45 pm (for more details ring Chris or Alan on 01689 854905).  Then on the following Saturday the 8th we are at Balham Spiritualist Church, Hamilton Hall, 211 Balham High Road, London,  SW17 7BQ.  Starts at 11 am and finishes around 4.30 pm - Members £10 and non-members £12.50 " Sound Healing with Colour".  This is a workshop for everyone, but is especially beneficial to light workers helping them to regain energy and balance.  For more details please ring either 07871 422386 or ourselves on +44 7927288904.  The next day we are back at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( with the last part of our "Exploring Your Soul and its Journey". Starts at 11 am and finishes around 4 pm.  This will be followed by Maggie Jones and a demonstration of Trance then it is guess what guys taking the evening service with ourselves and Sharron Jane that's at 6.30 pm.  The following Sunday we are back at dockland with Barbara Barnes with one of her special evenings of readings. Details on next post of mediums but I do know that there will be Susan Griffith, Shelley Josephs, Sharon Law and Phil Warr.  Finally I would like to recommend an event on the 5th December at the Forget-Me-Not Sanctuary of Spiritual Friends, Anstridge Community Centre, Anstridge Road, London, SE9 2LL for their Memory Tree Service where they hand memory cards on a tree for loved ones in spirit and set balloons free in their memory.