Sunday, February 16, 2020

Winter Winds Blow

We have been getting to grips with technology therefore the blog hasn’t been updated for over a week. We hope you have all managed to keep in one piece. Firstly with  Ciara and now with Dennis (the. Menace). As I am writing this I can hear the wind howling. We open the year at Epping with a workshop with Liz Gale on Imbolc and the coming of Spring. It was very well attended and the weather gods were smiling on us as the weather was very clement considering the time of year.  .I have set new intents for this decade and the year ahead including some we didn't get to grips with previously.
1. Visit new churches
2. Attend another course with Daniel Mapel
3. Enhance our creative skills
4. Keep paying it forward
5. Keep knitting and distributing hearts for love and peace whether they be knitted or some other craft.
6. Devise new workshops.
7. Reach out to work in new locations whether privately or in churches or centres
8. Help our closed circle members to establish themselves as mediums and teachers.
9. Run an art class
10. Find the right place to establish our sanctuary

The next workshop at Epping sound be on the 14th March, but what it will be at the moment is another question as I am being asked for a complete day of meditation, a vision board and one on spirit art.  We are still open to suggestions. Liz Gale will be doing some more course for us and I will be asking Alan Albiston, Michael Redwin, Lucy’s Starza, Nicholas Samuels, Diane Sanuels as well as Mariea Rudenko-Fear. Please also pay a visit to Lucy’s Starza’s blog as it well worth reading as well as seeing the beautiful hearts she has created.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Island of Light Sadly closed

We have a lovely week in some ways.  On the 23rd January we went to see Julie Felix at Pizza Live in Holborn.  It was a great way to celebrate Daniel's birthday as w

Sunday, January 12, 2020


What a fantastic day we had yesterday and what a lovely welcoming church Hitchin is.  The seminar brought together 27 like minded people including Penny Cook, Gillian Holland, Lesley James and Jim Bates who had put in so much work organizing the day.  An added bonus was working with the lovely Sally and meeting Carlos Galiana - Ruiz  after connecting with him on Facebook.  I think I can speak for John and Daniel as well as myself.  Thank you one and all. We had a good journey both ways and another thank you on that score must go to Mark for giving us a lift back to the station. The day started off with me giving a young Chinese man one of our hearts as he was on his way for a 12 hour flight to China and he looked so pleased and on the return journey we left one on the station seat at Hitchin.  We only need another 21 to reach 100 sent out and now two abroad in China and across the pond. The piece of psychic art was produce by myself with help also yesterday at Hitchin. 
On Sunday the 19th January  together with two or may three of our fledgings/newbies we will be serving Barbara Barnes wee sanctuary " The Island of Light" in Westferry Road.  Our next event after this is on the 8th February at Epping with Elizabeth Gale and its starts at 13.30 with doors opening at 13.00 for met and greet. Please bring a lunch although not doubt there will be plenty of cake and tea going. We are still planning our events for 2020 and we have a new creative workshop underway which will help to kick start your intuitive brain as well as amplify what is already established making it suitable for all levels. So keep your eyes peeled for our next post and see what we have in store.  I can tell you we will be intending to ask Lucya Starza to do another one and also an astrology one with Nigel Irvine not forgetting the always popular Alan Albiston


Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020 and a new Decade

A Happy New Year and welcome to a new decade.  Firstly we would like to wish all our readers a positive, peaceful, healthy and abundance 2020.  We are going to make some new changes this year and we hope by the end of 2020 we will have found our place to be. 
We ended 2019 on a very positive note with an excellent workshop at Epping with Liz Gale, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.  I would also like to thank Liz Brindley to the extra goodies she brought with her.  Also on the same note I hasten to add the first workshop at Epping on the 8th February will also be with Liz Gale on Imbolc.  This will be followed by a workshop with both myself Patricia McNally and Daniel Naughnane. Please note these workshops are subject to the weather being clement as the beautiful venue we hire would be treacherous in the icy and snow due to the steep slope. No doubt some of you have read about our campaign to send love and peace.  Lucya Starza wrote a beautiful peace on her blog see 28th December entry and also check out our group on Facebook  It becoming quite interesting watching where people locate hearts and moreover we are really excited others want to join in on this campaign including being two lovely ladies Mair Jones and Maggie Kaye.  The more the merrier. 
Our circles at Woodford will start again on the 7th January at 7.30 pm.  We also have some afternoon workshops lined up as well as one at Orpington Spiritualist Church on the 1st Febuary.  All our workshops are suitable for all levels.


Sunday, December 15, 2019

More Hearts and Peace being sent

Yesterday's workshop with Alan Albiston was very inspiring and I think I can talk for everyone bu saying they all enjoyed it.  The workshop although spiritual development connected one with Mother Nature and the seasons.  I understand from Alan that he is going to develop it more and expand on those ideas and I have already invited him to facilitate another at Epping in 2020,  We will arrange the date soon and I will inform everyone in a post on here.
We are now looking forward to facilitating our own mini workshop at Woodford next Tuesday afternoon starting at 3 pm and  6.30pm "The Many Pathways to Spirit and Personnel Development".  These workshops are a mixture of various exercises to help develop your intuitive, personal and spiritual self leading to contact with spirit via mediumship or spirit art.  We will continue doing this afternoon workshops next year at least once a month to accommodate those who cannot make weekends or evenings.  At 7.30 pm  the "Progressive Awareness Development Group" led by Daniel Naughnane  and the Closed Circle led myself Patricia Mc Nally will met. It finishes usually around 9 pm. 
Following this on Saturday is our last workshop of the year with Liz Gale at Epping and for those of you who don't know the address is The Friends Meeting House, Hemnall Street, Epping,  CM16 4LL, a venue we are so fortunate to be able to hire.  The workshop is entitles "Traditions of Yuletide".  It is going to be a fun workshop, which starts at 1.30 and the doors will open at 1 pm for meet and greet.
We are continuing are campaign to send peace out to the world whilst promoting the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary and quite a number of new key rings have been deposited in various localities and we will continue to do so.  We also now have some other people who have said they will join in and knit or crochet heart key rings and I may possible sew a few heart good luck charms or may lavender bags.  If you are on Facebook maybe you would like to join the group "Rainbow Healing Sanctuary Hearts for the Love of Peace"

Friday, December 13, 2019

Hearts and more hearts

Last Tuesday we made our way to Epping, but not to our usual venue.  It was to see the one and only Julie Felix and it was a fabulous evening with Linda Moylan and John Clarke in support adding even more to the evening.   Julie at 81 and half never ceases to amaze me and her performance was fantastic (as always).  We will hopefully get to the gigs early in 2020 weather and other complications permitting.  I have got to say the Thunder Beings dealt with our request brilliantly getting us both there and back dry (although it had been pouring down in between).
We would like to remind you there is a workshop at Woodford Spiritualist Church with popular medium Alan Albiston on the 14th December, which starts at noon and finishes at 5 pm "Nature's Circles and Cycles" only £10 members and £12 non members ( Alan's workshends aops are suitable for all levels so please come and join us.
 On the 17th December we will be holding our last workshop and circles of the year.  The workshop is suitable for all levels and is entitled  "The Many Pathways of Spiritual Development II"  3 pm to 6.30 pm church members £5 non members £6 this will be followed at 7.30 pm by our closed circle and  Progressive Development Group.  
We have one more event at Epping before 2019 ends and its with Elizabeth Gale on 21st December and entitled "Yuletide Traditions" (we will of course we celebrating Yule at this event too).
Our group on Facebook "Rainbow Healing Sanctuary Hearts for Love of Peace" is growing and we have been leaving these heart key rings at various localities (mainly places we travel too), but also others will be now be joining us knitting or crocheting these and some have already been located in Cheddar, Morecambe as well as over the pond in Kalamazoo.  I am also planning on doing a few heart lavender bags early next year (maybe you will find one).  I have also added two snaps of places they have been located.  Although one of our favourite places is these book exchanges you find at stations these days.  A number of stations have these including Rochester, Stratford, Grove Park and New Cross.  The array of Christmas trees have been yet another locality.


Sunday, December 8, 2019

Holda, Hearts and more

What a lovely workshop yesterday at Wicca Moon with Shirlee Moon on the Goddess Holda and having attended Jack Gale's in the past I can tell you these two workshops compliment one another and if any of you get the opportunity to attend either I would recommend them without hesitation. They are both entirely different and there was obviously a lot of work put into both the workshop and the box which accompanied it(see picture on the left). We were all left with everything we needed to do a ritual  as well as a vast amount of new knowledge. Moreover I do feel a a wee bit more than that as I feel a way forward to establishing our sanctuary. 
Our Facebook Group "Rainbow Healing  Sanctuary Hearts for Love and Peace"  So far in total we have given out in various localities 35 hearts and we are hoping to give out a few more this week.  We also have several people who will be joining us knitting a few and distributing them in the area near where they live or further afield.  Those being Julie Holmes, Lucya Starza, Jules Fay, Jan and Ness Colbunn. The picture of the hearts and poppet taken on here was by Robin Jez in Kalamazoo.  Thanks Robinb its a great picture..
Another workshop we would like to draw you attention to is at Woodford Spiritualist Church with popular medium Alan Albiston on the 14th December, which starts at noon and finishes at 5 pm "Nature's Circles and Cycles" only £10 members and £12 non members ( Alan's workshops are suitable for all levels so please come and join us.  On the 17th December we will be holding our last workshop and circles of the year.  The workshop is suitable for all levels and is entitled  "The Many Pathways of Spiritual Development II" 3 pm to 6.30 pm Members £5non members £6 this will be followed at 7.30 pm by our closed circle and  Progressive Development Group and we will be returning all being well on the 7th January 2020, We will also be taking the last service at Woodford on the 23rd December at 2 pm so please come and join us. 
Finally our last workshop at Epping is with Elizabeth Gale "The Traditions of Yuletide" which will starts at 1.30 pm and finishes around 5.30 pm on 21st December.  We will be returning to Epping either the last week in February or the first of March depending on various factor with either a sound healing workshop or "A Day with Spirit" which will have mini workshops of 3 hours or more plus readings and an evening of clairvoyance.