Tuesday, March 13, 2018


We are just back from an amazing weekend retreat in a place near Matlock called Holloway at a old mill in the village, which was organised by a friend of ours called Brenda Diskin.  The group of people on the retreat were lovely and apart from John who is in our closed circle.  There was a huge array of different workshops including some paranormal, a workshop on chakras as well as one on auras, a Shamanic death and rebirth workshop, which was the meditative part of the sweat lodge ceremony.  Brenda studied shamanic practices with Leo Rutherford.  There was also a trance evening with Daniel and Brenda plus two students Joan from Brenda's circle and John from ours both of who did jolly well as neither of them are used to doing trance in public that is to say away from their circles. .  I did a short workshop of simple psychic art. The wife of the owner presented Brenda with a lovely home made chocolate cake, which was really kind.  Even the weather although it was not kind it was ok.  Especially  after "The Beast from the East" and "The Pest from the West".  I now believe we are being threatened with yet another load of snow from the east this coming weekend, but I am hoping this does not mature as I would like to attend Stephanie Barrows workshop on Saturday, which I mentioned in my last post.  Our next workshop is at Epping  on the 24th March and starts at 1.30 and it is one we will be leading called "Reflections on Spiritual Development".  It is suitable for all levels.  Doors will open at 1 pm and a warm drink on arrival including cuppa soup.  Before than we are taking the Monday service at Woodford on the 26th March (www.woodfordchurch.com), which starts at 2 pm and you are guaranteed a warm welcome from not from us, but the lovely Iris,

Monday, March 5, 2018

Snow, Snow quick, quick go

I do hope that everyone has survived this Siberian blast.  I know we could have well done without it.  We were confined to barracks for a few days, but now the snow and ice has cleared just in time to get us back on track and luckily only had to cancel one workshop.  Angel's gift are being grabbed and given homes hence helping with our funds and we have set ourselves a goal so we can move forward with our project. The hippo was mine and knitted and the other one made by Angel Hic.  One of her little alien men also found a loving home is a friends young son who found a home for him too.  Our next workshop is at Epping  on the 24th March and starts at 1.30 and it is one we will be leading called "Reflections on Spiritual Development".  It is suitable for all levels.  Doors will open at 1 pm and a warm drink on arrival including cuppa soup.  Before than we are taking the Monday service at Woodford on the 26th March (www.woodfordchurch.com), which starts at 2 pm and you are guaranteed a warm welcome from not only, but the lovely Iris.  We would like to recommend a workshop also at Woodford with Stephanie Barrows "Becoming more Spiritual" on 17th March starts at 11 am to 4 pm.  Stephanie is an excellent teacher.  Our next workshop at Epping will be on the 28th April "Working with the Wisdom of Nature" same time as previous workshops.  We are being drawn more and more to Mother Earth and working with her than against her.  Just a wee bit of advanced news Diana Samuels will be doing another Face Reading workshop in May as I know those of you who missed it wanted advanced news,  On the 21st April is our next "Day with Spirit" and we are very fortunate with the array of mediums including Stevie Robinson and Haydn Clarke doing spirit art  plus Susan Griffiths, Ruth Lipkin, Alan Albiston, Alex Camies, Sam Prigmore, Daniel Naughnane and of course myself.  Its going to be an interesting day with therapies head massage with Sandra plus Angel Hic with her crochet and knitted items plus mini workshops, readings and an evening of clairvoyance with Stevie and Hayden. This weekend we are off to a retreat in Matlock with Brenda Diskin who will be doing more of these weekend events during the year.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Thank You Angel

Latest news and update from the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary and related workshops.  My first news item is to pay tribute to the President of South Woodford Spiritualist Church  Reginald Golding.  He will be dearly missed.  Traditionally people say rest in peace, but he was an  example of living in peace.  We will miss his cheeky smile,  a gentle kind man (www.woodfordchurch.com).
Secondly I would like to say a big thank you to Angel Hic who has crocheted and knitted some lovely things to sell in order to raise funds for our sanctuary (all picture here are some of Angel's contributions). and very cute. 
Our first event of 2018 will be at Woodford on the 17th February from 11 am to 4 pm £10 members and £12 non members "Psychic Development for all" when Daniel and I will be doing a whole range of different ways of connecting with spirit including scrying.  Lets hope the weather warms up and there is no snow especially this coming weekend as there is also a workshop with Sharon Law and all the details are on the Woodford Church website (see link above).  Some other events for your diary are on 24th Febuary at Epping the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary will be holding its first event of 2018.  It is a workshop with Alan Albiston called "Working with the Wisdom of Nature starts at 1.30pm more details in our next blog post.   Another workshop worth mentioning in March is with Stephanie Barrows who is an excellent tutor and this also  at Woodford Church.  Finally we wish to remind you that we are doing readings at the Island of Light on the 18th February (again lets hope the weather is clement),  It is being held as usual in the Barkantine Hall, Westferry Road, London E14 and starts at 6.30 pm.  Mediums doing readings are Daniel Naughnane, Alex McDougall, Mark McDonagh, Philip Holden and of course myself,  I will also have a selection of the crochet and knitted items for sale.  Sandra will be doing head massage so why not treat yourself to a relaxing treatments which helps with stress.  Today will be my mum in spirits birthday and she is now 102 years spirit side and I still miss her,  So Sharon Law you are not on your own,

Friday, January 12, 2018

I would like to wish all our readers a belated healthy, happy and abundant 2018.  We are determined by hook or by crook we are going to get the rainbow healing sanctuary up running. I am knitting madly to raise more funds.  I will post some of the pictures on here.  Our first service of 2018 is at West Wickham Church on 11th February and the following week we are doing reading at the Island of Light Our next workshop at Epping is on the 24th February with Alan Albiston and is entitled "Working with the wisdom of Nature"   It will start at 1.30 pm (doors open at 1 pm) Cost £20 which will include all teas and coffees plus a free raffle.  I would also  like to repost something which you all might like to help with.  
"This is off topic, but I was wondering if some of you might be available to help my cousin in Canada with a school project. She is a teacher in a rural classroom and is hoping that her classroom will be sent postcards from around the world. Read the post below If you are interested in helping. Thanks so much
Her address is:...
Mrs. Jefkins - Grade 2/3
Assiginack Public School
134 Michaels Bay Road,
Manitowaning, ON
P0P 1N0

Dear Fellow Canadians and Citizens of all Nations!
We are a Grade 2/3 class in a rural school located on Manitoulin Island. We have been learning about the geography of Canada and the World through our Flat Stanley penpal program.
Now we have started a new Social Studies unit where we are looking at communities. Specifically we are learning about urban, suburban and rural communities.
And we need your help!
We have maps of Canada and the World up
In our classroom, and we are hoping to find out about as many communities as we can!
As soon as you can, could you please send us a postcard from your community and tell us if it is a rural, suburban, or urban community and perhaps tell us some distinguishing features about where you live (industries, geology, etc.)?
Our address is:
Mrs. Jefkins - Grade 2/3
Assiginack Public School
134 Michaels Bay Road,
Manitowaning, ON
P0P 1N0
We hope that you will share and repost this so lots of people will have the chance to help us learn.
We are excited to start this new learning project!
We will post updates and photos of the mail we receive.
Thanks so much to helping make learning even more fun!!
Mrs. J and the Grade 2/3s"
It would be great if any of you can share this post


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

End of the year notes

We hope everyone is keeping warm in this cold snap and we are hoping the weathermen have got it wrong in regard to Winter.  As we are heading for December I will update you in regard to our forthcoming workshops.  On the 2nd of  December we will be running two short workshops which will compliment one another.  The first is "Rainbow Foresight" which will look at the colours of the rainbow in depth and see how beneficial they are to your wellbeing.  Colour is very powerful.  Imagine a world where everything is grey or black and white.  This workshop starts at 11 am and goes on until 2 pm when we will have a break until 3 pm for the second workshop " Picture the Future with Wax" and we will finish around 6 pm.  Members are £5 each workshop or £10 for the day and non members £6 and £12 for the day.  These workshops will be held at Woodford Spiritualist Church (www.woodfordchurch.com)  Following this we will be doing a workshop at Epping at the Friends Meeting House in Hemnall Street, Epping, CM16 4LL, which we feel honoured to be able to use.  It is on the 9th December and starts at 1.30 pm  "Release with Love and onward Go".  This is a completely new workshop and is aimed at releasing the past years tensions and thanking the universe for the blessings.  We will also be introducing Daniel Mapel's animal essences into the arena.  I hasten to add no part of any animal is used in these essences as they are pure energy work and have fabulous result.  Cost of this workshop is £20 which includes teas, coffee, etc  plus a free raffle.  The workshop will finish around 5 and it will be followed by a Christmas Celebration which will include sandwiches, cakes, teas and coffee plus good company and conversation.  Everyone welcome so please come and join us,  Finally we will be taking the afternoon service on the 18th December at Woodford Spiritualist Church. I will update you in our next post in regard to workshops etc in the coming year.  These encaustic wax picture are from the last workshop and I will be interested to see what people can see in them. Please post in comments below. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Magic of the Angels

 We had a very successful workshop at West Wickham Spiritual Church  (www.westwickhamspiritualistchurch.co.uk) last Saturday and we hope that all participants gain insight into other ways of working with both spirit and their own intuition.  They were certainly a lovely group and we look forward to doing another workshop there in the future. We also had a very interesting evening last Tuesday when we used the energies of the day when the veil is the thinnest to do a gratitude ceremony and also to ask that next year be as abundant. I also called in the angels to assist and one participants result can be seen here quite plainly as there is a line from where they planted a gift to Mother Earth a wonderful trail of angel feathers. .Incidentally we also used am Alaskan Essence Spray called "Calling All Angels" which can be purchased from Healthlines on 01539 8247760.  Our next workshop is at Epping this coming Saturday 11th November and is a mixed bag of different ways to improve your communication with the spirit world as well as sharpening your intuitive skills. "The Imaginative Intuitive" and starts at 1.30 pm (doors open at 1 pm).  Price £20 which includes a free raffle, teas, coffee, herbals, biscuits of cake  Please bring a packed lunch as we will be having a short break later in the afternoon.. Following this on the Saturday 18th Novmber at same venue and the same time we have workshop entitled "The Magic of Encaustic Wax",  Those of you who have never worked with these waxes before be prepared for some excitement as some of the images we have seen produced are amazing.  Workshops following this will be firstly at Woodford on the Saturday 2nd of December (www.woodfordchurch.com)  and then  back to Epping on the  Saturday 9th December with our newest workshop "Release with Love and Onward Go" a workshop to help you release all that doesn't serve you including past hurts. Please note that we will not have any events at Epping until Saturday 24th February when Alan Albiston will have a new workshop entitled "Working with the Wisdom of Nature". I would also like to recommend a workshop on Sunday 12th November with facilitator Wendy Stokes on dreams and Wendy has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of dreams and on Saturday Sharon Law is also doing a workshop on platform mediumship (see website as above).  If any of you are feeling adventurous and fancy a trip to Hinchley on Saturday 16th December in Leicestershire there is a workshop with Mark Brandist.  We have attended many of Mark's workshop and he is a fine tutor 32, Station Road,  Hinchley, LE10 1AW.  If any of you are going from Essex or London area please email us as we are willing to share petrol. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

News and Views

We had an amazing weekend in the Lake District Daniel and Gabriel Mapel are an inspiration with their knowledge of th animal world and I look forward to going on another workshop on their return to the United Kingdom in 201 if not before in Europe. The course was organised by Angie and Adam from Healthlines (www.healthlines.co.uk) who run many course do  with healing and essences.  The venue was in a perfect setting with spectacular views and they were perfect hosts.  We will be using some of these essences in futire workshops ourselves.  Now to our new and an update on workshops coming up one of which is this coming Saturday the 28th October  with Alan Albiston called "Go with the Flow", which although has the same title will be entirely different to his last one. t starts at 1.30 pm and doors open at 1 pm for arrival.  Only £20 with your teas, coffee and biscuits plus a free raffle.  It will finish around 5 to 5.30 pm. Usual venue at Epping, which is Friend Meeting Hose in Epping located in Hemnal Street..  On Sunday Barbara Barnes will be having her SPECIAL at the Island of Light, which at usual venue in the Barkentine Hall near Tookie Public House.  Mediums doing readings are Alex McDougall, Daniel Naughnane, Mark McDonagh, Patricia McNally and Sandra Cook doing Indian Head Massage, Carol doing tarot plus Shamanic Healing with Sam Prigmore.  Following that the week after we are at West Wickham Spiritualist Church (www. westwickhamspiritualistchurch.co.uk  on the 4th November with a workshop called "Enhance Your Spiritual Intuitive  Abilities" £15 10 am till 4 pm