Sunday, June 10, 2018

We are really looking forward to the next round of workshops the first of these being on the 23rd June with Nicholas Samuels on Mindfulness being held at the beautiful venue in Epping.  It is the Friends Meeting House, Hemnall Street, Epping,  CM16 4LL and there is parking outside.  If you are coming on public transport the underground is not too far away and there are buses outside which will take you to the High Street then it is a short walk,  The workshop itself will start at 1.30, but we will be there from 1 pm to met and greet. This is going to be not only an interesting workshop, but highly informative,  We are very excited about our new series of workshops as it will blend out two passions creativity and the spirit world. So date for your diary is 30th June at Woodford Spiritualist Church.  Starts at noon. There are many pathways to spirit and creativity is one of them. We are part of the great creator therefore we are creative. People who are creative are also very intuitive and this can be channelled to an advantage in such a way other pathways open up such as spirit art, inspirational speaking, writing and music. People tell me they are not creative only to find when questioned they have designed their garden or cook the most amazing meals. Our new workshops and courses " Creative Pathways to Spirit" was inspired by Julia Cameron are just about this and how to combine harnessing the elements to enhance our souls journey as well as incorporating it into our daily lives we are in our belief spirit enjoying an human experience for our souls growth and spirituality is a way of life not just a belief. Come to one or all of them. During these workshops which are ongoing we will be covering different aspect of creativity as well as diverse ways to link to spirit bringing communications as well as improving your intuitive self.  You will need to bring with you an A4 notebook plus some sticky notes for your rainbow rays ( Our next event at Epping will be very interesting as it is with Doctor Ian Robenstein  who actually see  spirit. This is on the 7th July and before hand Daniel Naughnane will be leading a workshop entitled "Meet Your Guide". Again this starts at 1.30 pm with doors opening at 1 pm.  I would also like to recommend a workshop in the far distance, but one well worth putting in your diary with Wendy Stokes on the 10th November "How to get published" put it in your diary now. 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

First of all a very quick recommendation for this coming Sunday 3rd June at noon.  A workshop with Susan Griffith who is a mind of information in regard to social media.  Bring yourself and a notebook.  If you are a medium, therapist, healer, crafts person and wish to publicise, network or promote yourself, sanctuary, centre, church or group this workshop is just up your alley. Starts at noon at Woodford Spiritualist Church (  After our last very successful workshop on face reading with Diana Samuels we are look forward to her son Nicholas's workshop on mindfulness on the 23rd June at Epping.  Nicholas expertise is this subject will engage and educate you.  A gifted orator as well as an informative tutor.   Starts at 1.30 pm but doors open at 1 pm for met and greet.  For those of you who have not visited us before its an easy journey on the Central Line to Epping then directly outside the station a number 418, 419, 420 or 87 to the Black Lion Public House and then cross over the road taking the road by the carpet shop and directly in front of you is the Friends Meeting House which we are indeed very fortunate to be able to hire in Hemnall Street, Epping CM16 4LL.  Picture is of the garden at Epping.  Following this our next important event is our new workshops abd course which we are very excited about. The date for your diary on 30th June at Woodford Spiritualist Church. Starts at noon. There are many pathways to spirit and creativity is one of them. We are part of the great creator therefore we are creative. People who are creative are also very intuitive and this can be channelled to an advantage in such a way other pathways open up such as spirit art, inspirational speaking, writing and music. Our new workshops and courses " Creative Pathways to Spirit" was inspired by Julia Cameron are just about this and how to combine harnessing the elements to enhance our souls journey as well as incorporating it into our daily lives we are in our belief spirit enjoying an human experience for our souls growth and spirituality is a way of life not just a belief. I am still knitting and crocheting with the idea that from sales we can help finance some of the costs.  We are available for readings and workshops. We also have our meditation CD for sale £10 plus postage.  Don't forget we have an awareness group and closed circle at Woodford and I hasten to add there are other circles run by other medium including Sharon Law, Michael Matthews, John Jenkins plus  a wide range of workshops.  There will be two new events starting on the 5th June one is a meditation group with David Irwin and the other a four week tarot course with Keith Hudson

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Things are getting more interesting and we had a wonderful turn out last Saturday at Epping for Diana Samuels's "Face Reading" workshop.  Great number 21 in total and w are hoping that next month on the 23rd June it will be equally supported by her son's workshop called "Mindfulness". So don't forget Nicholas Samuels on the 23rd June.  Following this Daniel Naughnane will be will be presenting a very basic course on meeting your guides and following this we have a talk with a doctor called "How I see Spirit Beings" with a GP who has sat in circle as actually sees spirit.  We are quite excited about this event  with Dr.Ian Rubenstein on 7th July.  Day starts as usual at 1.30 with open up at 1 pm for meet and greet. On a more personal note I am excited about our new course which will be tested on the 30th June at Woodford - "Creative Pathways to Spirit Part One" starts at noon and finishes around 5 pm to 5.30 pm.  Tested out some of the exercises and this is last night's personal and spiritual awareness group at South Woodford Church. results below.  ( The awareness group meetings every Monday at 7.30 in room One. 
To it Now
Surrender yourself and trust in spirit to give you peace and healing,
Incorporate gratitude in your life and  you will find it is a delight to work with spirit.
To experience joy we must use our determination to break barriers of forgiveness through truth and honesty.
Then we can use laughter for the achievement of sacred knowledge.
To experience joy and laughter you need time to look back on your achievements
Recall determination that you had and forgiveness of those around you and yourself
with truth and honesty this will lead to the sacred knowledge within 
Using our creative abilities through a series of exercises with creativity, intuition and  mediumship.  We are also available to do readings and serve churches plus our knitted items are use to create funds for a sanctuary we have a determination to open.


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

News and more news

Thank you everyone who participated in the Day with Spirit at Woodford Spiritualist Church that is to say all those who helped in the kitchen Iris, ,Barbara  and Angela.  The spiritual workers Diana Samuels, Alex Camies, Susan Griffiths, Alan Albiston, Daniel Naughnane, Stephanie Barrows, Brenda Hodgson, Stevie Robinson, Haydn Clarke, Geraldine Kelly. Alan Albiston, Ruth Lipkin, Carol reading tarot and Sandra doing head massage Angel Hic had a lovely a lovely stall with all her crochet wares, which enhanced the day. It was a very successful day and we are holding another one in July for the church charity (  I would also like to recommend a workshop there this coming Saturday called "The Heart and Soul of Mediumship" with Shelley Joseph starts at 11 am and finishes at 4 pm for complete details see website.  We will also be having a workshop at Epping at our beautiful venue of the Quakers Meeting , Hemnall Street, Epping  CM16 4LL and we are so lucky to be able to rent this place as it is indeed a gem.  A place of peace and tranquillity. The workshop is to connect you to the wisdom of animals and how this can help you in your endeavours spiritually.   Animals are innately intuitive and can impart so much come and join us with "The Wisdom of the Animals" parking outside and only a short bus ride from Epping Underground Station.  Starts at 1.30 pm and doors open at 1 pm for meeting and greet plus a cup of tea/coffee/herbals and biscuit all refreshments etc are included in the price plus a raffle ticket £20.  On Sunday we are at the "Island of Light" doing readings at Barbara Barnes special, which starts at 6.30 mediums attending as far as I know will be Alex McDougall, Geraldine Kelly, Daniel Naughnane, Patricia McNally and Carol doing tarot as well as Sandra doing head massage plus Sam Prigmore doing shamanic healing.  Address is Barkantine Hall, Westferry Road, E14 8SS. All readings or treatments just £10.  Lastly we would like to remind you that our meditation CD is still for sale. 

Monday, April 9, 2018

Firstly I would like to say thank you to everyone at Broadgate Spiritual Church in Coventry for making us so welcome last Saturday, where we attended a great workshop with Mark Brandist.  If you are ever in that part of the world pay them a visit and I guarantee you will be made very welcome. I love Mark's nemonic  for ego Edges God Out. I know my partner Daniel Naughnane agrees with me totally  (  Two of the ladies Carol and Sandra who attend our awareness group in London will also I am sure agree with me. I would also like to remind you all our meditation CD is still for sale £10 plus postage.  Just email us on or text us on 07904 28804. Our next important event is on the 2lst April at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( "A Day with Spirit" and the following is the programme plus head massage with Sandra  and a small table selling various knitted and crochet items with Angel Hic plus of course light refreshments which will be available all day until the start of the evening of mediumship and spirit art with Stevie Robinson  and Haydn Clarke so please come and join us. Your will be made welcome my guarantee.


1 pm to 2 pm Brenda Hodgson "The Fifth Dimension"
2.15 pm - 3.15 pm Diana Samuels "Face Reading"
3.30 pm - 4.30 pm Susan Griffiths "A Quick Guide to Recognizing Spiritual Contact"


12.30 pm to 1.30 pm Sam Prigmore "Exploring the Hidden Power of Meditation"
1.45 pm to 2.45 pm Alex Camies "Using Your Intuition in Dreams"
3 pm - 4 pm Alan Albiston " Natures Inspirational Rainbow Colours
4.15 pm - 5.15 pm  Daniel Naughnane "Sound Healing for You"


2 pm to 5.30 pm

Discussion with various mediums and workers. Amongst those taking part will be Alan Albiston, Alex Camies, Susan Griffiths, Stephanie Barrows, Haydn Clarke, Brenda Hodgson,
Following this on the 28th April at Epping there will be a workshop with myself and Daniel called the "Wisdom of the Animals" plus Barbara Barnes's special at the Island of Light, but more details in our next post,  Don't forget we still have knitted and crochet items for sale helping to fund the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary



Wednesday, April 4, 2018

We are looking forward to next month as we have two events in April. The first is on the 21st April at Woodford Spiritualist Church "A Day with Spirit"  which starts at 12.30.  There will be mini workshops with Diana Samuels doing Face Reading, Alex Camies "Using Your Intuition with Dreams", Sam Prigmore "Exploring the Hidden Power of Meditation", Alan Albiston "Natures Inspirational Rainbow", Daniel Naughnane "Sound Healing", Susan Griffiths workshop TBA, Brenda Hodgson "The Fifth Dimensions plus Stevie Robinson and Haydn Clarke with an evening of Psychic Art,    Entrance for the whole day will be £10 which will include 3 mini workshops plus the evening of clairvoyance  with readings  extra at £10 or Psychic Art £15  (www.woodfordchurch).  Teas coffees and refreshments available.
 On the 28th April we will be holding a workshop at the Friends Meeting House, Hemnall Street, Epping,  CM16 4LL which starts at 1.30 pm (doors opening at 1 pm) " Working with the Wisdom of the Animals" with both myself and Daniel Naughnane. The cost is £20 which will include also the raffle, teas, coffees and biscuits.  Just to let you know there has been a change of date in regard to Diana's Face Reading course at Epping which is now on the 19th May as it was decided the Bank Holiday weekend was not a good idea. 
Our circle last night at Woodford proved to be an interesting experience and one thing which did come forth from just three words was the following:-
                                           Hate must be lost and left behind,
                                           Before love to encompass all of mankind.

We are still knitting and crocheting various items to raise money fund for our sanctuary and the two toys on here have gone to a good home. The little pink lady was made by Angel Hic who will be selling some of her work at "A Day with Spirit" on the 21st April. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


We are just back from an amazing weekend retreat in a place near Matlock called Holloway at a old mill in the village, which was organised by a friend of ours called Brenda Diskin.  The group of people on the retreat were lovely and apart from John who is in our closed circle.  There was a huge array of different workshops including some paranormal, a workshop on chakras as well as one on auras, a Shamanic death and rebirth workshop, which was the meditative part of the sweat lodge ceremony.  Brenda studied shamanic practices with Leo Rutherford.  There was also a trance evening with Daniel and Brenda plus two students Joan from Brenda's circle and John from ours both of who did jolly well as neither of them are used to doing trance in public that is to say away from their circles. .  I did a short workshop of simple psychic art. The wife of the owner presented Brenda with a lovely home made chocolate cake, which was really kind.  Even the weather although it was not kind it was ok.  Especially  after "The Beast from the East" and "The Pest from the West".  I now believe we are being threatened with yet another load of snow from the east this coming weekend, but I am hoping this does not mature as I would like to attend Stephanie Barrows workshop on Saturday, which I mentioned in my last post.  Our next workshop is at Epping  on the 24th March and starts at 1.30 and it is one we will be leading called "Reflections on Spiritual Development".  It is suitable for all levels.  Doors will open at 1 pm and a warm drink on arrival including cuppa soup.  Before than we are taking the Monday service at Woodford on the 26th March (, which starts at 2 pm and you are guaranteed a warm welcome from not from us, but the lovely Iris,