Tuesday, July 17, 2018

We were delighted  with the results of our Day with Spirit at Woodford Spiritualist Church last Saturday (www.woodfordchurch.com).  I would like to thank all of those who participated in anyway including networking from behind the scenes.  Those attending doing workshops or readings plus the kitchen did a wonderful job and included Alex Camies, Iris Klein (President), Carol Chambers, Howie Chambers, Brenda Hodgson, Susan Watson, Sharon Law, Daniel Naughnane, Ruth Lipkin, David Irvin, Stephanie Barrows, Keith Hudson, Sam Prigmore, Geraldine Kelly, Ray Prendagast, Carol, Sandra  and myself.   A total of £430 was rained for the Brain Tumour Trust. Thank you too all those who support it.  A special thank you to Sonya Campbell Williams, David Burke and Brenda Diskin who are not even members of the church donating readings. Incidentally Brenda will be coming to serve the church in October attending another day with spirit as well as running a workshop.
Our next workshop is on the 12th August at Woodford.  Please note there will be nothing running in August at Epping,  We will be doing another Creative Pathway to Spirit and it will be entirely different to the last one and I hope those who enjoyed our last one will be able to attend.  It will start at 12 noon and finish at 5 pm.  Cost only £10 or £12 non members.  I would also like to recommend two workshops at Woodford the first of which is the 21st July with Beverley Swift entitled "Wellbeing for Workers" Beverley is an excellent tutor and a lovely lady.  So come if you can (all details are on the Woodford website as above).  Then on the 4th August for the first time medium Bruce Bayley will be running a workshop called "The Seven Keys of Colour Healing"  I am also pleased to announce our closed circle is now up and running again with great results last night when Alex produced two spirit drawings one of which is on this entry.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

We really enjoyed Dr Ian Rubenstein lecture on his journey to connecting with the spirit world.  We are hoping he will return at some point and repeat the lecture as so many people were disappointed they had missed it.  The workshop  beforehand  with Daniel Naughnane was very interesting and two interesting pieces of art were accomplished (well it was more than two), but these are the only ones I have a photographed. 
Our new series of workshops "Creative Pathways to Spirit"  we are planning are showing great possibilities and below are two pieces written at the first of these workshops. 
Words selected from meditations: - Learning, rabbit,  robes and the card – Lightening
In a field of lush green grass, dawn was breaking and the sun was rising in the sky. Several young rabbits are hopping around and investigating what is in the field. One of the rabbits discovers a hole beneath a tree in a bank at the side of the field. As he draws close there is a bright light coming from the hole and he is keen to explore it. The rabbit calls to his other rabbit friends asking them to join him to see what they can find down the hole. Excited they all scuttle down the hole and when they reach the bottom they suddenly find themselves in a school room. Several adult rabbits stood in front of the desks dressed in silk like flowing robes. “Welcome” said one who seemed to be the Head of the school, “Welcome to the Hall of Learning. Here we will teach you about the spiritual truth and the way of life. 
Another group produce this with words from their meditation and a card.
"By digging in the allotment I create calm and tranquility. Mother Earth is our wisdom.
Tranquility and calmness come with wisdom. Mother Earth holds the wisdom of Mother Nature and the seeds of wisdom grow within us all.
With the wisdom that lies deep within you, allow your spirit to be the driving force that brings you dear one, to a place of understanding and tranquil settings. A feeling of happiness that calms any storm that may break"
We also received this lovely review
"I have always enjoyed attending Pat and Daniels workshop as find I can link quite easily with their creative and different ways of teaching. The first exercise we did was a section of questions which were quite thought provoking. Although one or two in my first allocated group had a bit of a challenge with responding to the questions at times, we had some really interesting discussions and results in the end. The exercise using the words brought up in our meditations to create prose/poetry etc. created some amusement within my second group exercise, as we tried to link the words and the card into the writing, and surprisingly the result was rather like a children’s fable. Other exercises also set the old psychic matter working well and results seem to be well received. All in all a good day and I look forward to attending the next in the workshop in the series with Pat and Daniel soon" Alex
Our next workshop is on the 12th August at Woodford Spiritual Church (www.woodfordchurch.com) starts at noon followed by one on the 15th September at Woodford. We also have one more in September and another in Epping. Please come and join us.
Next Saturday the 14th July we have organised "A Day with Spirit" at Woodford Church next Saturday with nine mini workshops.  There will be readings available plus an evening of clairvoyance with  Ray Prendagast and Stephanie Barrows.  Mediums taking part are Ruth Lipkin, Keith Hudson, Paul Bathgate, Daniel Naughnane,  David Irvin, Geraldine Kelly, Sam Prigmore, Sharon Law, Brenda Hodgson and myself.  I will be doing a mini workshop called "Your Creative Self "   Find details on Woodford Church website.  The day is for the Brain Tumour Charity so any support would be gratefully received.



Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Our next event at Epping will be a combined programme.  Daniel Naughnane will be facilitating a "Meet Your Guide Workshop" followed by Dr. Ian Rubenstein's lecture on spirit (a GP who actually sees spirit and has sat in circle).  This is one the 7th July at 1.30 and the talk will start at 4.30 (a wee word of warning we are expecting this event to be very popular so it might be advisable to come he whole day).  We will be opening the doors at 1pm.   During Daniel's workshop you will have the opportunity to met your guide, helper or inspirer via meditation.  There will also be the opportunity to practice your spirit art which comes in many forms.  I have actually added one of Daniel's pieces  It will prove to be I am sure a very interesting lecture and one that people will have a lot of questions.  There will be plenty of light refreshments. Our next event after this will be the following week at Woodford "A Day with Spirit" starting at 1 pm.  There will be nine mini workshops to choose from as well as an evening of mediumship.  See the Woodford website (www.woodfordchurch.com). it is being done to rain money for the church charity which is the Brain Tumour Charity.   It will be an interesting day. 
 We are hoping to start a MEET UP group for creativity leading to sharpening up your creative self.  Anyone interested can email us on Your_Creative_Self@outlook.com.  We are hoping to do another creative workshop in August and if theis is feasible we will give you full details,  Keep an eye on this blog for details. 

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Creativity and Spirit

What a wonderful creative days was had by all and it was nice to see those attending walked out if somewhat tired contented with their achievements including four inspirational pieces. Yesterday  including a stor workshop one of the inspirational pieces produced by the group Brenda Hodgson was in was the following and I will share some more in our next post.
"By digging in the allotment I create calm and tranquillity.  Mother Earth is our wisdom,  Tranquility  and calmness come with wisdom. Mother Earth holds the wisdom of Mother Nature and the seeds of wisdom grow within us all.
With the wisdom that lies deep within you, allow your spirit to be the driving force that brings you dear one, to a place of understanding, tranquil settings, and a feeling of happiness that calms any storm that may break"
The image at the top is also one produced yesterday and in one of the leaves can be seen something which looks like writing.
Our next event at Epping will be a combined event.  Daniel Naughnane will be facilitating a "Meet Your Guide Workshop" followed by Dr. Ian Rubenstein's lecture on spirit (a GP who actually sees spirit and has sat in circle).  This is one the 7th July at 1.30 aand the talk will start at 4.30 (a wee word of warning we are expecting this event to be very popular so it might be advisable to come he whole day.  There will be more nes before next Saturday when I finalise the days events.  I will also be publishing some more of the inspirational pieces from the "Pathways to Spirit through Creativity" .

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Nicholas Samuels Plus

We are still getting feedback in regard to Nicholas Samuels workshop and in  fairness I do feel I need to share it. In fact it has been flooding in  from nearly all the participants.  I do hope ours is received in the same manner,  I will share just two more with you.
In this workshop we were treated to a well prepared and carefully presented exploration of the practice of Mindfulness. Nicholas took us through its origins in Eastern traditions, its introduction to western thought by John Kabat-Zinn, and the form that is currently offered in the NHS.
It is not a cure for physical pain, for any conditions  or for mental anguish but is a tool to strengthen people in their ability to cope.
Well-researched, Nicholas explained that studies have shown that Mindfulness is of some benefit to everyone. In contrast, one third of people are resistant to hypnosis.
Many of us have over active minds and  stressed bodies. Healing the split and reducing the levels is essential. A practice of Mindfulness, in whatever form works best for us, will help. 
Christine dg
I really enjoyed the "Mindfulness" workshop with Nicholas Samuels.  He gave  us a concise history of mindfulness, explaining although it is currently a buzzword the principles  it are thousands of years old.  He allied that to how our brain and sensory networks assimilate information. 
 By giving  us a through understanding of how and why mindfulness works he open the door of opportunity to allow us to make it part of our daily lives in whatever form we wished to do so. 
Daniel Naughnane
Our next workshop is on the 30th June and starts at noon at Woodford Spiritualist Church "Creative Pathways to Spirit" and these series of workshops were inspired by Julia Cameron. intuition, mediumship and creativity are all right brain functions and developing one can lead to the other including inspirational poetry or prose, psychic art  as well as understanding how to trust our own intuition. Please come and join us (www.woodfordchurch)  Everyone welcome whatever level. 
Our next workshop and talk at Epping is on the 7th July and to start the day off there will be a short workshop on "Meeting Your Guide"  plus a guided meditation. This will be followed by a talk by Doctor Ian Rubenstein a GP who sees spirit walk in with his patients, he has sat in circle plus  written a book.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Mindfullness and More

The workshop come lecture with Nicholas Samuels was amazing everyone who attended it enjoyed the events and comments are pouring in and I will be sharing some of them with you.  Here goes as its hard to know which ones to choose. 

Nicholas workshop was very interesting and informative. I also learnt to see things from other points of view. Refreshing conversations as a result. He has very good insight. It was a very productive workshop and I enjoyed it a lot.
Thank you again for the workshop yesterday. Please thank Nicholas for a very interesting presentation. I thought he was giving us a great mix of science and information, blended in with personal experiences. He was funny, genuine and very aware of everyone's needs and feelings. I will definitely attend more of his Workshops in future
 Diana Samuel’s son lecture on meditation was very well prepared and presented. The atmosphere was pleasant. In all I thoroughly enjoyed the day.All the attendances were nice souls and willing to support each other. It was a  pleasant afternoon without forgetting a smashing lunch
I attended Nicholas Samuels' workshop on Saturday 23 June on Mindfulness at the Rainbow Sanctuary in Epping.  I was very impressed by the professional standard of Nicholas' presentation.  He certainly raises the bar for workshops!  Nicholas has a great depth of knowledge on the subject of Mindfulness and is able to teach this in an easy and accessible manner.  He possesses the rare ability to easily relate to the students and is able to draw the best out of them.  I will certainly keep a look out for any further workshops that Nicholas is doing in the future - they are well worth attending.
Susan Griffiths
I will be adding a few more in my next post as I am a bit overwhelmed by the wonderful response we have had over this particular workshop.  Please don't forget we still have our meditation CD for sale at £10 plus postage,  Our next event is at Woodford Spiritualist Church on the 30th June and starts at midday "Creative Pathways to Spirit Part One"  (all these workshops will stand alone so come to one or all of them).  It is suitable for all levels whether you are a complete beginner or have been developing for some while,. Our next event pn 7th July will be a short workshop with Daniel Naughnane on Meeting your guide followed by a talk with Dr.Ian Rubenstein a GP who sees spirit and has written a book more details in our next post after the 30th June.

Friday, June 22, 2018

More news

Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage and indoorWhat a fabulous evening last Sunday at the Charing Cross Theatre with sixties icon Julie Felix on her 80th birthday concert joined by John Paul Jones, Madeline BellJohn Cameron, Charles Foskett amongst other Linda Em and Shannon  Julie is not only a peace activist, a protest singer but an extremely spiritual lady following the path of the goddess and does a wonderful sound healing workshop, which we have had the privilege of attending several times.  We are looking forward to the workshop tomorrow with Nicholas Samuels "Mindfulness" which starts at 1.30 pm and the doors will open at 1 pm for met and greet,  Venue as usual the beautiful Friends Meeting House in Epping, which we are so lucky to be able to hire.  Following this on the 30th June at Woodford Spiritualist Church Daniel Naughnane and I are running a series of workshops at various venues entitled "Creative Pathways to Spirit" Part One" and this will be followed by other all different and will include developing your creative side as well as pathways to intuition, mediumship, trance and manifestation.  So please come and join us for the first of this series.  Following this we will be looking forward to our lecture from Dr. Ian Rubebstein on the 7th July at Epping followed by "A Day with Spirit" on the 14th July at Woodford which will be a fund raiser for the church charity which this year is for the Brain Tumour Charity.