Saturday, October 25, 2014

Great Evening at Epping

The hall at Epping has wonderful energies and apart from a few teething problem seems to have taken off.  We managed not to get away until 11pm after the first event,  because of a problem with the security light as Daniel was worried about whether the switches had been turned the wrong way.  We are also trying to get ourselves establish  a newsletter. We will be starting a news letter.   Obviously we will be maintaining this blog.  I would like to thank all those who came and gave us support last Wednesday and the next date is set for the 19th November (weather permitting - hopefully the snow which as been forecast will not mature) We will be running an angel workshop where we will be connecting with the energies of the Archangels Metatron, Gabriel, Rafael and Michael so please come and join us.  I have added some more prints from our last workshop "Intuitive Ways with a Sketchbook" See Woodford Church website for the next one although I will be announcing it here nearer the date ( We are going to be quite busy the coming week as on Monday we are back at Woodford for the afternoon service starts at 2 pm, then on Tuesday to the White Rose Centre at Petts Wood, which sadly will be closing at the end of the year. Service starts at 8pm and finally on the Wednesday Chingford, which starts at 7.30 pm.  We still have not decided whether to continue with Grove Park as unfortunately we made quite a loss on the evening, so we are having to think very carefully.  We may well try one more event and if that doesn't take off give it up.  We feel maybe the doors this side of the river are being closed as Petts Wood will be closing and another church we were going to serve we under has steep stairs and since my accident the vertigo has kicked in big time.  Moreover other doors have open the other side of the River Thames. We still have our "Give a Gnome a Home Campaign" in full flow plus the Rainbow Mob with Rainbow Owls.  Prices range from £10 to £25 plus postage. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Venue at Epping

We are delighted with our new venue at Epping and the energy inside is lovely.  All we need now is a bit of help from the universe to move us too. Our first event there is next week on the 22nd October at 7.15 pm in the evening and if you are free please come and join us.  The evening will include a free raffle as well as refreshments plus a workshop lead by Daniel Naughnane  "Sensing and Seeing Auras".  It will be a fun evening of love, light, learning and laughter,  The nearest underground station is Epping on the Central Line. There will also be a small selection of things for sale such as crystal pieces made by Stacy Shepherd plus Eco Alkemy is bring some tarot bags and cloths.  Brian Hoolichan has a selection of tee shirts and of course there will be gnomes (you might like to give a gnome a home or a colourful owl and the entrance is £6.  Our last workshop at Woodford brought forth some very interesting prints and  the one done by Melinda Jackson is going to be used as a tee shirt design.  So from small acorns might oaks may grow. We  went to a very interesting workshop on Saturday led by Marcio Amaral on healing and we found it both enlightening as well as interesting.  We look forward to reading his book "Creating Luck"  This workshop was supporting the Celia Hammond Animal Trust to  which Marcio donated his fees from the workshop  plus the money from the  books he sold (  Our awareness group will take place at Woodford as usual on Friday, but we look forward to seeing some of you before then.  There is another interesting workshop next Saturday at Woodford Spiritualist Church with Michael Redwin and after attending several other workshops which Michael led I have no hesitation in recommending this (www.woodfordchurch,com)


Monday, October 13, 2014

Decided location for Sanctuary

What an excellent presentation and workshop we attended yesterday with Susan Griffith.  Although we have only attended one of these series of workshops we were very impressed by the one yesterday and I highly recommend them for those of you who wish to promote yourself over the internet.  Susan will be running more in the very near future so if you are interested please contact her on 0800242 5007.  They are called "Getting the word out in the 21st Century".  Incidentally Susan is doing a one day workshop for the Blue Moon Centre in Hurst Green in Surrey on the 25th October for more details contact Sara on 07920763493.  Another workshop which might interest our followers is at Woodford Spiritualist Church  on 25th October 12 noon to 3 pm  with Michael Redwin (, details can be found on the website.  Tomorrow we are there with our continuing course "Intuitive Ways With a Sketchbook.  It starts at 1pm and finishes at 5.30 pm and we look forward to seeing some of you there.   We are also there on Monday 27th October at 2 pm taking the service.  Before that we are starting our new venture at Epping which will comprise a interactive workshop plus a free raffle and over refreshments the opportunity to talk to like minded people and make new friends.  The date for this is the Wednesday 22nd October at 7.15 pm "Sensing and Seeing Auras" entrance £6 (which includes refreshments)  at The Friends Meeting House, Hemnall Street, Epping CM16 4LL.   We are hoping to establish a sanctuary around this area in the future.   Next month there will be an angel workshop so please come and join us.  We are also pleased with the popularity of our new rainbow owls plus a commission of a little white owl, which is winging her way to her new home plus our on going give a gnome a home both of which are swelling our funds for the sanctuary.


Monday, October 6, 2014

St.Albans Church

 We would like to thank St. Albans Spiritualist Church  for making us so welcome yesterday evening and to Karen Watson for inviting us. It was a pleasure being chaired by Tricia Dovey who was so warm and welcoming.  It is a lovely little church which I understand is having it centenary this year having been built in 1914. We will be delighted to serve them again.  We are pleased to announce that we will be starting at a new venue in Epping on 22nd October and we are hoping that this will be the first of many.  We hope to run monthly events and possibly workshops here.  The first event will be a interactive workshop combined with a break to met and mix with other like minded participants plus a small stall with a few items for sale such as tarot cloths and bags, which will be custom made by Eco Alkemy and the beautiful crystal items made by Stacy Shepherd both these ladies can be contacted ourselves.  We will also have a few of our gnomes and owls for sale, which we are making to help fund the sanctuary we wish to open.  We were thinking of starting the evening at 7.15 pm but we may well start if earlier watch for final details.  The workshop itself " Sensing and Seeing Auras" led by Daniel Naughnane  will not start until 7.30 pm, but we thought it might be  nice for people to have the chance of meeting new friends and contacts before the main events,  The address is Epping Quaker Meeting House, Hemnall Street, Epping CM16 4LL.  Entrance £6 which will include light refreshments.  The beautiful textiles by Eco Alkemy can be seen in a previous post. St.Albans Spiritualist Church is and the church is worthy of a visit. Our weekly awareness group at Woodford Church (www, is now starting at 7.15 pm and everyone is welcome.  We have a lovely group of like minded people who create a great energy

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Good Morning October and Autumn one of my favourite season has now arrived.  I love the way the leaves turn to gold, brown, red and rust filling the countryside with majestic colours.  We have made a very difficult decision today and have done it before the next mercury retrograde sends  me around the bend, if we do not get more than 6 people at Grove Park on  October 13th we will hit it straight on the head as we are sick of throwing good money after bad as the saying goes.  Its sad for the few people that do need workshops, but unfortunately these places take money to run as well as time and effort.  If venues were cheaper or we had one of our own, which is our aim then it wouldn't be quite so critical.  Unfortunately the awareness group didn't even break even despite the help we received from the Ringway Community Centre in a price for which we are grateful.  Very sad as its a splendid venue and lovely people to deal with. We are also starting to feel that maybe spirit are putting on a block here.  I would also like to draw attention to the beautiful tarot bag on this blog, which was create by a lady called Lisa.  If you are thinking about buying a new cloth for next year why not commission Lisa into making one for you.  Her prices are competitive and I am sure you won't be sorry.  The tarot bag and cloth range from £35 to £55 and the bags on there own are £25 to £35 plus of course postage.
They are crafted with love initial contact me and I will pass your email and number on to Lisa.  Don't forget we are serving St.Albans Church this coming Sunday and we love serving new churches and details of this can be found in our last post.  We have also decided to concentrate our energies to where we would like to be and that is Epping or the surrounds and with that in mind we are starting a new group and we would be delighted to see some of you.  We will be running workshops and it will also we a place to meet new likeminded people.  Our first workshop is "Sensing and Seeing Auras"  possible followed by an angel workshops depending on the interest. The complete details of venue etc will be in our next post when the booking has been completed. It will be on the 22nd October and doors open at 7.15 for a 7.30 start.  There will be light refreshments plus a free raffle for the opening.  Refreshments will always be included and we will be doing a free raffle from time to time.  Don't forget on the 14th October we will be at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( with our workshop "Intuitive Ways with a Sketchbook", which starts a 1 pm.  I would also like to suggest that all you people trying to get a spiritual business off the ground think about going to Susan Griffiths next two workshops at Woodford Church as she is covering things like websites and social media.  The first one has now past but the next one this coming Sunday 5th October is looking on what you can put on your websites the pros and cons and the next one on the 12th October is looking at pricing as so many of us find this a difficult subject.