Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Good Morning October and Autumn one of my favourite season has now arrived.  I love the way the leaves turn to gold, brown, red and rust filling the countryside with majestic colours.  We have made a very difficult decision today and have done it before the next mercury retrograde sends  me around the bend, if we do not get more than 6 people at Grove Park on  October 13th we will hit it straight on the head as we are sick of throwing good money after bad as the saying goes.  Its sad for the few people that do need workshops, but unfortunately these places take money to run as well as time and effort.  If venues were cheaper or we had one of our own, which is our aim then it wouldn't be quite so critical.  Unfortunately the awareness group didn't even break even despite the help we received from the Ringway Community Centre in a price for which we are grateful.  Very sad as its a splendid venue and lovely people to deal with. We are also starting to feel that maybe spirit are putting on a block here.  I would also like to draw attention to the beautiful tarot bag on this blog, which was create by a lady called Lisa.  If you are thinking about buying a new cloth for next year why not commission Lisa into making one for you.  Her prices are competitive and I am sure you won't be sorry.  The tarot bag and cloth range from £35 to £55 and the bags on there own are £25 to £35 plus of course postage.
They are crafted with love initial contact me and I will pass your email and number on to Lisa.  Don't forget we are serving St.Albans Church this coming Sunday and we love serving new churches and details of this can be found in our last post.  We have also decided to concentrate our energies to where we would like to be and that is Epping or the surrounds and with that in mind we are starting a new group and we would be delighted to see some of you.  We will be running workshops and it will also we a place to meet new likeminded people.  Our first workshop is "Sensing and Seeing Auras"  possible followed by an angel workshops depending on the interest. The complete details of venue etc will be in our next post when the booking has been completed. It will be on the 22nd October and doors open at 7.15 for a 7.30 start.  There will be light refreshments plus a free raffle for the opening.  Refreshments will always be included and we will be doing a free raffle from time to time.  Don't forget on the 14th October we will be at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( with our workshop "Intuitive Ways with a Sketchbook", which starts a 1 pm.  I would also like to suggest that all you people trying to get a spiritual business off the ground think about going to Susan Griffiths next two workshops at Woodford Church as she is covering things like websites and social media.  The first one has now past but the next one this coming Sunday 5th October is looking on what you can put on your websites the pros and cons and the next one on the 12th October is looking at pricing as so many of us find this a difficult subject.


Eco Alkhemy said...

Dear Pat & Danile

Your endurance & committment to spirit and spiritual beings in 'physical' bodies is phenomenal-you never stop your sincere efforts to serve all for the greater good, bless you & thank you so much.

I hope others will join the efforts & wonderful sessions you hold, benefiting from years of experience, training & study you both engaged in wholeheartedly.

May the places you are meant to work from become evident, full & vibrant in positive loving energy.

Much appreciation, Eco Alkhemy.xxxx

Patricia McNally said...

Thanks Lisa you are an earth angel. I am hoping sincerely that you and Brian get something off the ground. The new era will mark spiritual people joining in force to create a new and positive world full of creativity and joy. Rainbow Blessings with lots of love :-)