Sunday, September 28, 2014

What a great day at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( on the 26th September for the Macmillian Cake and Coffee morning with £576 raised in total.  People doing readings apart from Daniel and myself included Judith Thorne, Ruth Lipkin, Keith Hudson, Joslin from Vestry Road doing angel readings plus Alan Key who had donated his CD's for sale.  It was amazing how many people turned out to raise funds for this worthy cause.  Thanks to must go to John, Cheryl,  Iris, Angela, Ray, Christine, Pat and the members of the committee who attended. We also understand that Grant Barmby's Chocolate Cheesecake  was a massive hit or as one member of the committee said "A cake to die for" Both Daniel and I were pleased we could make a contribution.  On a personal note I would like to thank Brian Hoolichan and his partner Richard for the cakes and scones they contributed and Deborah Smith for £5 for the pictures I posted of Mr.Posh, which I am reposting here. Mr. Posh I am  afraid made a piggy of himself and ate too many cakes and I understand he wasn't the only one.  We are also delighted to announce we will be at St.Albans Spiritualist Church, 40 Glanville Road, St Albans Hertfordshire, AL1 5BQ next Sunday the 5th October. Please come and join us if you are in that vicinity.  As I announced sadly our awareness group at Grove Park has ended, but we are running a monthly event at Grove Park Community Centre, 268 Baring Road, SE12 0DS. positive note the awareness group has maintained numbers and we are hoping it will grow.  On a more  The first of these is on Monday 13th October starting at 7.30 (doors open at 7.15) and it will include light refreshments and a very interactive workshop on Angels.   Cost just £6 so please tell your friends and invite everyone who is interested in angels and the angelic realms.   On the 14th October we are back at Woodford with Intuitive Ways With a Sketchbook. On another personal note I would like to thank the lady who does the beautiful textiles Eco Alkemy for  the help she is giving me locating a venue in the East End.

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