Tuesday, September 23, 2014

International Peace Day with Julie Felix

What a great concert at Charlton House for International Peace Day with sixties icon and peace campaigner Julie Felix.  Julie had a standing ovation and well deserved,  as this lady has been a peace campaigner singing protest songs for over 50 years and her voice is still as powerful as ever.  Brilliant Julie and 76 forever young.   Certainly made us feel better after the appalling journey we had getting there.  Don't take my word for it, but catch one of her gigs and see for yourself (www.juliefelix.com).  We are looking forward this Friday and event at Woodford Spiritualist Church for the Macmillian Nurses Cake and Coffee morning.  There will be readings available for a donation plus the pleasure of hearing the lovely Pam, Daniel and Melinda sing as well as Jim playing his guitar and I admit I am looking toward to the latter.  Especially as I believe its two new compositions.   Please come and join us (www.woodfordchurch.com).  We are in the process of sorting out a workshop at Ashford in  Kent plus setting up two new groups one at Epping and another at Grove Park.  Please watch for details of these on the next posts.  Our most exciting news is at long last I am going to make the meditation CD, but it will need some though as to the venue it is to be recorded at as the church itself is too noisy being there is a motorway so close. It will be recorded with a live group and Daniel's voice is going to be incorporated into it, but we will leave this to Jim as he is the expert (think this is called double tracking, but I am not sure).  Next month we have more workshops plus we are serving Chingford as well as several new churches.  More news soon meanwhile please come and support the charity day. 

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