Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Christmas is coming

Firstly I would like to apologise for double images that I am getting on the screen and it does seem that once I publish a new post these vanish in a puff of smoke.  I can only presume that it is something I am doing wrong meanwhile,  I wish to give another recommendations or lets say reiterate one from an earlier post -  if you are  looking for Christmas presents  Gary's Garden, which can be bought from Gary who will of course sign them http://owl.ly/BvKlv. Plus a lady called Eco Alkemy who does the most amazing textiles as you can see from the images I am posting here.  I am sure someone would be delighted to get such a unique Christmas Gift and those of you who read tarot she make tarot cloths as well.  If you need and more information please message  on +447927288904 or4 email rainbowhealingsanctuary@hotmail.co.uk    Plus of course our give a gnome a home or buy an owl to raise funds for a sanctuary.  One of these little fellows will be up for grabs at the Macmillian Cake and Coffee Day at Woodford (www.woodfordchurch.com

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