Friday, September 12, 2014

The Rainbow Mob

I would firstly like to remind you that we are at Woodford Spiritualist Church this coming Sunday  the 14th September and also again on Tuesday 16th September (details are to be found on Again I would like to remind you that Val Bickerstaff is also doing a workshop on the 13th of September (again see website).  On the 17th September we are at West Wickham Church ( Again on the 13th September Stephanie Barrows is holding a workshop at the Spiritualist Mission in London (    At all of these churches you are guaranteed a warm welcome. Take a look at  the textiles on the bottom of this post and they were created by a lovely lady called Lisa who is really talented so if you are looking for something esoteric then bare these in mind as they would make an unusual present.  I will be showing more of these in future blogs as I am finding it difficult to download them and I am not sure whether its my computer, but they are really lovely as you can see from what is already posted.  I will also be giving you details of where to purchase Gary's book.  Believe it or not we are back at the Island of Light Church this coming Sunday the 14th ofSeptember as Barbara on her return from Tunisia had a cancellation so they are landed with us, but not a workshop the evening service,  Hope some of you can make it there. We are hoping to open out first Intuitive Creative Playshop soon. More details in our next post. Don't forget we are still on our "Give a Gnome a Home" campaign to boost the fund of for our sanctuary as you can see from the Rainbow Mob above. 

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