Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I would like to thank everyone who came to the Island of Light Church at the Barkantine Hall last Sunday.  They were a wonderful group and as far as we could see everyone enjoyed this taster workshop on " Sensing and Seeing Auras" and we felt for a first the workshop was very well attended with 12 people. We would like to thank Graham for giving us a lift back our side.  This coming Sunday the 7th September we are there again with another one again starting at 6.30 pm "Colour Your Intuition"  again just a taster at £4.  We were delighted with the turn out at the "Golden Eagle Centre" in Potters Bar and there were 20 students in total.  After doing a past life meditation some remarkable insights were ascertain most reflecting on issues in their lives at the moment.  I would like to thank Jo for making us so welcome, Rita for picking us up from Potters Bar Station and Karen for directing Rita on route - Blessings to all of you.  The awareness group at Woodford (  is going very well, but sadly I have to announce I doubt that the one at Grove Park will survive.  Yesterday evening Alex who had prepared so many hand outs for the mini dream workshop was very disappointed by the turn out - just a friend who she has invited herself.  I really felt for her as she had put in so much hard work.  We have got some other projects in the air and one is at Grove Park, but this will be the last attempt to start a group in this area as we cannot get the support and I would be delighted if someone could enlighten me as to why it works in two areas north of the River Thames and not here.  I have added some more pictures from then workshops and also some from last nights workshop.  

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