Thursday, September 18, 2014

Trance with Maggie

We would first like to thank West Wickham Church for the welcome they gave us last night and also to recommend a trance evening with Maggie Jones (see picture on the right)  on the 11th October (see website  for all details On this subject my partner Daniel Naughnane is available for trance demonstrations for those interested in the Children of Light or by the more common name the Indigos.  His guide will answer questions on that theme.  I would also like to drawn your attention to an interesting article I found on the internet, which I felt was work sharing  Proof the our thoughts effect physical matter  I would be interested in people opinions on this.  We have decided reluctantly to close the awareness group at Grove Park, but will be however running  mini workshops at the Ringway Community itself starting on Monday October 15th at 7.15 pm  for 7.30 pm.  These will include the workshop a fast interactive events plus a small free raffle and light refreshments and the cost will be £6 and be once a month.  Please come and join us for the launch and if you think you are intuitive, psychic or the such like come and test your skills. Whatever your level from complete novice to highly skilled you will be welcome.  We are pleased to add that the awareness group at Woodford Spiritual Church  ( is growing and 95% of the people who started with us have continued.  Several people have asked where they can purchase the book Gary's Garden and you can contact Gary directly at as you can see children get really absorbed in this comic book and the illustrations are delightful as well as educational.  Brendan who is Barbara Barnes little grandson (my little man) loved it.  Barbara runs the Island of Light Church in docklands. We will be also starting another intuitive creative group north of the Thames and maybe in docklands itself.   details of which will be released shortly.  I would also like to recommend a workshop on social media being held again at Woodford Church on the 28th September with Susan Griffith very useful for those trying to get more people into a church, centre, sanctuary or trying to set up a spiritual business.  Its called "Spreading the Word in the 21st Century" Please don'y forget our give a gnome a home campaign to create funds to open a sanctuary ourselves.  New gnomes will be available soon. Please contact us on or 07927 288904.  Rainbow Blessings and Abundance to all. 


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