Sunday, September 28, 2014

What a great day at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( on the 26th September for the Macmillian Cake and Coffee morning with £576 raised in total.  People doing readings apart from Daniel and myself included Judith Thorne, Ruth Lipkin, Keith Hudson, Joslin from Vestry Road doing angel readings plus Alan Key who had donated his CD's for sale.  It was amazing how many people turned out to raise funds for this worthy cause.  Thanks to must go to John, Cheryl,  Iris, Angela, Ray, Christine, Pat and the members of the committee who attended. We also understand that Grant Barmby's Chocolate Cheesecake  was a massive hit or as one member of the committee said "A cake to die for" Both Daniel and I were pleased we could make a contribution.  On a personal note I would like to thank Brian Hoolichan and his partner Richard for the cakes and scones they contributed and Deborah Smith for £5 for the pictures I posted of Mr.Posh, which I am reposting here. Mr. Posh I am  afraid made a piggy of himself and ate too many cakes and I understand he wasn't the only one.  We are also delighted to announce we will be at St.Albans Spiritualist Church, 40 Glanville Road, St Albans Hertfordshire, AL1 5BQ next Sunday the 5th October. Please come and join us if you are in that vicinity.  As I announced sadly our awareness group at Grove Park has ended, but we are running a monthly event at Grove Park Community Centre, 268 Baring Road, SE12 0DS. positive note the awareness group has maintained numbers and we are hoping it will grow.  On a more  The first of these is on Monday 13th October starting at 7.30 (doors open at 7.15) and it will include light refreshments and a very interactive workshop on Angels.   Cost just £6 so please tell your friends and invite everyone who is interested in angels and the angelic realms.   On the 14th October we are back at Woodford with Intuitive Ways With a Sketchbook. On another personal note I would like to thank the lady who does the beautiful textiles Eco Alkemy for  the help she is giving me locating a venue in the East End.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Christmas is coming

Firstly I would like to apologise for double images that I am getting on the screen and it does seem that once I publish a new post these vanish in a puff of smoke.  I can only presume that it is something I am doing wrong meanwhile,  I wish to give another recommendations or lets say reiterate one from an earlier post -  if you are  looking for Christmas presents  Gary's Garden, which can be bought from Gary who will of course sign them Plus a lady called Eco Alkemy who does the most amazing textiles as you can see from the images I am posting here.  I am sure someone would be delighted to get such a unique Christmas Gift and those of you who read tarot she make tarot cloths as well.  If you need and more information please message  on +447927288904 or4 email    Plus of course our give a gnome a home or buy an owl to raise funds for a sanctuary.  One of these little fellows will be up for grabs at the Macmillian Cake and Coffee Day at Woodford (

International Peace Day with Julie Felix

What a great concert at Charlton House for International Peace Day with sixties icon and peace campaigner Julie Felix.  Julie had a standing ovation and well deserved,  as this lady has been a peace campaigner singing protest songs for over 50 years and her voice is still as powerful as ever.  Brilliant Julie and 76 forever young.   Certainly made us feel better after the appalling journey we had getting there.  Don't take my word for it, but catch one of her gigs and see for yourself (  We are looking forward this Friday and event at Woodford Spiritualist Church for the Macmillian Nurses Cake and Coffee morning.  There will be readings available for a donation plus the pleasure of hearing the lovely Pam, Daniel and Melinda sing as well as Jim playing his guitar and I admit I am looking toward to the latter.  Especially as I believe its two new compositions.   Please come and join us (  We are in the process of sorting out a workshop at Ashford in  Kent plus setting up two new groups one at Epping and another at Grove Park.  Please watch for details of these on the next posts.  Our most exciting news is at long last I am going to make the meditation CD, but it will need some though as to the venue it is to be recorded at as the church itself is too noisy being there is a motorway so close. It will be recorded with a live group and Daniel's voice is going to be incorporated into it, but we will leave this to Jim as he is the expert (think this is called double tracking, but I am not sure).  Next month we have more workshops plus we are serving Chingford as well as several new churches.  More news soon meanwhile please come and support the charity day. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Macmillan Cake and Coffee Day

Firstly we would like to draw your attention to the Macmillan's Nurse Day being held at Woodford Spiritualist Church with a Coffee and Cake Morning (  Please if you find yourself free on the 26th September come and support it.  There will be homemade cakes and coffee etc plus singers and tarot, angel, card and numerology readings.  Every penny raised will go to this worthy cause. It starts at 11 am and goes on till 3 pm.  We would also like to draw your attention to three things.  Firstly the awareness group at Grove Park will not be continued after next week that is to say the 23rd of September at 7.30. We haven't go a regular group and therefore economically it was not viable.  On the other hand we will be starting a monthly event with a creative development group, which will meet once a month and each month there will be a different intuitive subject or topic such as sensing and seeing auras, the use of colours intuitively, meet your guardian angel, dreams etc. This will start on the 15th of October, but I am thinking about changing it to another day of the week.  We will also be running a similar group in Epping and we are debating about docklands too, but need to find a reasonably priced venue.  The Epping group will be held on a Wednesday evening, but dates have yet to be arranged, but the first workshop will be "Sensing and Seeing Auras".  The awareness group at Woodford will still continue, but last night was somewhat of a disaster as there was a massive hold up on the motorways and our journey took three hours and forty minutes.  I hasten to add we were totally shattered and certainly don't want anymore journey like that.  We understand this was mainly due to flooding.  I would like to thank Roz Sharkway for setting in and taking the group and I know everyone had a great evening.  Thanks Roz you are an earth angel. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Trance with Maggie

We would first like to thank West Wickham Church for the welcome they gave us last night and also to recommend a trance evening with Maggie Jones (see picture on the right)  on the 11th October (see website  for all details On this subject my partner Daniel Naughnane is available for trance demonstrations for those interested in the Children of Light or by the more common name the Indigos.  His guide will answer questions on that theme.  I would also like to drawn your attention to an interesting article I found on the internet, which I felt was work sharing  Proof the our thoughts effect physical matter  I would be interested in people opinions on this.  We have decided reluctantly to close the awareness group at Grove Park, but will be however running  mini workshops at the Ringway Community itself starting on Monday October 15th at 7.15 pm  for 7.30 pm.  These will include the workshop a fast interactive events plus a small free raffle and light refreshments and the cost will be £6 and be once a month.  Please come and join us for the launch and if you think you are intuitive, psychic or the such like come and test your skills. Whatever your level from complete novice to highly skilled you will be welcome.  We are pleased to add that the awareness group at Woodford Spiritual Church  ( is growing and 95% of the people who started with us have continued.  Several people have asked where they can purchase the book Gary's Garden and you can contact Gary directly at as you can see children get really absorbed in this comic book and the illustrations are delightful as well as educational.  Brendan who is Barbara Barnes little grandson (my little man) loved it.  Barbara runs the Island of Light Church in docklands. We will be also starting another intuitive creative group north of the Thames and maybe in docklands itself.   details of which will be released shortly.  I would also like to recommend a workshop on social media being held again at Woodford Church on the 28th September with Susan Griffith very useful for those trying to get more people into a church, centre, sanctuary or trying to set up a spiritual business.  Its called "Spreading the Word in the 21st Century" Please don'y forget our give a gnome a home campaign to create funds to open a sanctuary ourselves.  New gnomes will be available soon. Please contact us on or 07927 288904.  Rainbow Blessings and Abundance to all. 


Friday, September 12, 2014

The Rainbow Mob

I would firstly like to remind you that we are at Woodford Spiritualist Church this coming Sunday  the 14th September and also again on Tuesday 16th September (details are to be found on Again I would like to remind you that Val Bickerstaff is also doing a workshop on the 13th of September (again see website).  On the 17th September we are at West Wickham Church ( Again on the 13th September Stephanie Barrows is holding a workshop at the Spiritualist Mission in London (    At all of these churches you are guaranteed a warm welcome. Take a look at  the textiles on the bottom of this post and they were created by a lovely lady called Lisa who is really talented so if you are looking for something esoteric then bare these in mind as they would make an unusual present.  I will be showing more of these in future blogs as I am finding it difficult to download them and I am not sure whether its my computer, but they are really lovely as you can see from what is already posted.  I will also be giving you details of where to purchase Gary's book.  Believe it or not we are back at the Island of Light Church this coming Sunday the 14th ofSeptember as Barbara on her return from Tunisia had a cancellation so they are landed with us, but not a workshop the evening service,  Hope some of you can make it there. We are hoping to open out first Intuitive Creative Playshop soon. More details in our next post. Don't forget we are still on our "Give a Gnome a Home" campaign to boost the fund of for our sanctuary as you can see from the Rainbow Mob above. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

I would like to thank everyone who came to the workshop on colour and intuition at the Barkantine Hall last night.  What a lovely energy was created by the participants and we are hoping to be able to have some more taster workshops there.  I would also like to thank Eco Alkemy for her post on facebook
"Dear Pat, Daniel and all participants-human and spirit. Please accept my sincere appreciation of tonight’s special at The Island of Light, London E14 8JH. Your unique teaching methods are effective, thought provoking and evidently work (I’m sure all would agree). The room was filled with positive energy which I carried home-feeling much better than when I arrived. Consequentially, I feel more confident to begin a new chapter of spiritual development with you both, Barbara and all at The Barkantine. I do hope others-‘new and old’ will synchronize here & benefit from lovely evenings of spiritual enlightenment that will enable us to serve spirit, the higher self, humanity, the animal/natural kingdom & the community. These individual efforts make a huge difference to the planet & all that exists collectively-we are all responsible. With abundant appreciation, respect & warmest regards Eco Alkhemy.xx"
Incidentally this lady does some lovely textiles include esoteric subjects and I will be posting some pictures in a later post.  Meanwhile if you are looking for something both educational and suitable for children or even adults let me recommend a book by Gary Northfield called Gary's Garden, which is full of delightful illustrations.  Daniel and I used to work with Gary at an art shop in London many moons ago.  I believe he is also doing workshops for children a budding Quentin Blake. I have posted pictures of the book an illustration done for my little man and also pictures of Gary at the book signing.  Don't forget we are teaching at Woodford Church  (www.woodfordchurch) on the 14th September "Co-Create with Spirit"  11 till 4.  I would also like to recommend a workshop on the 13th September with a lady called Val Bickerstaff  which is bound to be an excellent workshop.  Val is an excellent teacher and I know anyone who attends this works more delhop will enjoy it.  On Tuesday 16th September we will be working again at Woodford "Intuitive Ways with a Sketchbook" and hopefully we will have some more amazing pictures to show you in one of the following posts.  We are also working at West Wickham Church soon - more details in our next post.  I also would like to announce that we will be starting a new enterprise in October and wait for the event "Psychic CafĂ©" near you coming soon.  You will be surprise where. Our first event is "Ribbon Reading" on 11th October and more details will be announced in our next post. 


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I would like to thank everyone who came to the Island of Light Church at the Barkantine Hall last Sunday.  They were a wonderful group and as far as we could see everyone enjoyed this taster workshop on " Sensing and Seeing Auras" and we felt for a first the workshop was very well attended with 12 people. We would like to thank Graham for giving us a lift back our side.  This coming Sunday the 7th September we are there again with another one again starting at 6.30 pm "Colour Your Intuition"  again just a taster at £4.  We were delighted with the turn out at the "Golden Eagle Centre" in Potters Bar and there were 20 students in total.  After doing a past life meditation some remarkable insights were ascertain most reflecting on issues in their lives at the moment.  I would like to thank Jo for making us so welcome, Rita for picking us up from Potters Bar Station and Karen for directing Rita on route - Blessings to all of you.  The awareness group at Woodford (  is going very well, but sadly I have to announce I doubt that the one at Grove Park will survive.  Yesterday evening Alex who had prepared so many hand outs for the mini dream workshop was very disappointed by the turn out - just a friend who she has invited herself.  I really felt for her as she had put in so much hard work.  We have got some other projects in the air and one is at Grove Park, but this will be the last attempt to start a group in this area as we cannot get the support and I would be delighted if someone could enlighten me as to why it works in two areas north of the River Thames and not here.  I have added some more pictures from then workshops and also some from last nights workshop.