Saturday, February 21, 2015

I do hope everyone is keeping warm in this sudden cold weather.  I understand this morning in some parts of Kent it was snowing.  Tomorrow we are back at the Island Of Light holding the fort for our dear friend Barbara Barnes.  The service starts at 6.30 pm and everyone is welcome.  The medium this week is Alan Bray. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control we have had to cancel the workshop on the Tuesday 24th February at South Woodford Spiritualist Church. Our next workshop at the church will now be on Sunday the 15th March (  The picture on the left was executed by one of the students at our last workshop and it is in fact one of my South American Guides.  I was certainly blessed.  I am very pleased to have it as it is a lovely piece of work.  This young man certainly has the makings of a fine spirit/psychic artists and we look forward to seeing more of his work.  On the 18th of March we are back at Epping with Daniel Naughane leading a taster workshop of Sound Healing with Colour. Then on the 22nd March we will be at The Island of Light with a short workshop "Meet Your Guides and Helpers" plus two more workshops following this, but more details of these later this month.  The dates just for all of your information are the 27th March in Ware and the 31st March at Woodford.  Meanwhile I would like to recommend two workshops both taking place on the 28th February the first at Woodford Spiritualist Church with our friend Judith Thorne - it is called "Mediumship Matters".  Starts at 12 noon and finishes at 3 pm.  Lastly Alex Camies will be doing her first workshop at Stockwell Spiritualist Church (  on dreams and for those of you who are going please prepare a small piece on a dream you had.  Alex will help you unravels its mysteries.  It starts at 12 noon and finishes around 4pm.   A great opportunity to work with a lady with lots of knowledge on the subject.  I have also included another image produced at the workshop of a piece of very simple psychic art, which is nevertheless interesting and the dragon is a sheer delight.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

We have had a very busy week, but not sure we have achieved a great deal.  At least Barbara Barnes now has a programme and I am asking you all to continue sending her healing. The medium on Sunday 15th February at 6.30 pm will be Graham Watson. We need to extend a big thank you to Alex Camies for designing the brochure whilst I did the bookings and I am sure you will agree she has done a grand job.  Please remember also that Alex has a workshop on the 28th February at Stockwell Spiritualist Church and also on the Island of Light later this year on dreams.   On Friday we have our on going awareness group which starts Saturday 14th February "Inspired Spiritual Creativity"  and it starts at 11am and finishes at 4 pm.  Everyone welcome whatever level you are.  Next week we are back at Epping on the 18th with "Colour in Healing"  Again more details in our next post.  We were pleased to see a glimpse of the sun this week and I now feel Spring is around the corner.  We need to start thinking about moving forward. Watch out to for our next gnome story and don't forget our give a gnome a home campaign,  Don't forget also The Forge Retreat will be opening at Easter in Kent and if you would like more information please ring 07976 739139.  The lady running it not only a brilliant therapist, but very spiritual. 
at 7.15 pm and everyone is welcome.  Please also note our workshop on the 22nd February has now been changed to this coming