Sunday, December 29, 2013

News and More News

Firstly we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and wish you all abundance and blessings. We hope none of you have been involved in the floods and storms in anyway that caused damage.  I have got to say the last one was really scary here and I felt like Dorothy in Oz.  We have also re- opened out Etsy site plus we now have a new website and it has a forum which has a membership fee of £10, which gives you access to the forum, membership discounts and also discussion etc.  It will tell you about up and coming workshops, events, fayres  and not just ours.  So for just under 20p annually its excellent value in my and I am so grateful to my friend Brenda Diskin for sorting it all out for me.  She is a genuine earth angel. We have lots of new events scheduled for 2014 and two new courses one which encompasses a lot of what we have done before including manifestation, colour, spirit art and much more so please come and join us for the "Co Create With Spirit" which will be held at in March.  Daniel took part in the Carol Service at Woodford and sometimes in the New Year I shall attempt to load up a video, which although the image isn't wonderful you can hear Daniel's voice singing "We Three Kings" and I will confess it was a lovely concert.  We will be updating this blog early next year meanwhile stay warm, dry and problem free,


Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter is here

We had what we feel was a fairly successful workshop last weekend at Woodford Spiritualist Church (www.woodfordchurch).   Even though there were few in numbers being lots of people had been taken ill or had prior arrangements. On that note I would like to send healing to Eileen who fell over just as she was leaving for the workshop and also her friend who I believe was having her own traumas with her son not being well and also to Frank who had a very nasty ear infection. Due to the lack of support at workshops at Camden at the moment it was mutually decided it would be best to cancel the workshop on the 7th December and move it forward to next year.  We have a complete course planned for next year at Woodford called"  Co-Create with Spirit" plus we are hoping to also hoping to run an afternoon course called "Intuitive Ways With a Sketch Book" possibly on a Thursday or Tuesday afternoon hopefully twice a month ~  it will include a form of meditation through drawing. We are hoping to make it a four hour workshop and there will also be planned trips out to connect and get inspiration from mother nature too.  We are delighted to announce we are serving Barbara Barnes little sanctuary in docklands " The Island of Light" at the Barkentine Centre, Westferry Road, E14 8JH  next Sunday the 9th December for the candle service, which starts at 6.30 (bring your own candle).  Its hard to believe I took a snap of the bush at the top just over the month ago and now it has turned these beautiful shade of reds, yellows and oranges.  Hopefully the cold bout of snow that has been forecast will not mature as we are also serving Stockwell on the 13th December.  For those of you who are interested and local we are also selling our Crafts at the Pop in Christmas Fair at the Green Man in December.  Watch for details in the next post.  I would also like to suggest if you have the time or live in around Chalk Farm you give your support to the "Fundraising event for Philippine Typhoon Appeal" being organised by Odette Kurland - telephone 07946664133 (they need donations for the raffle) and all proceed will go directly to the appeal. For more details of the workshops or fair please contact me on +44 7927 288904 or email We will also be setting up a new website and forum very soon where people can help one another with venues, publicity etc.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What, where and Who.

Firstly I would like to do a wee bit of recommending as on Saturday 26th October there are two excellent workshops on offer. The first is at Woodford with Judith Thorne and is called "Signs and Symbols on our Spiritual Path" (  12 noon till 3pm and the second is at Stockwell Church with Maggie Jones and entitled "All Aspects of Mediumship Plus Trance" 11am till 4.30pm.  Both are first rate teachers and Woodford has some excellent workshops such as the one we attended last Saturday with Alan Albiston.  We are coming to the end of October and we will be the mediums at Woodford for their Monday afternoon service on the 28th October which starts at 2pm.  We will then we doing an Angel Workshop which is at a new spiritual centre in Hurst Green.  We are really looking forward to it.  It is on the 9th November and I will be posting details in my next bulletin.  We are then at Petts Wood on the 12th November with our dear friends Chris and Alan Oborne. I have just update our craft blog so please take a look at it and please also think about joining us on  In 2014 we are starting a whole different concept in regard to workshops and we will be doing tasters as such we are combining all our knowledge under one umbrella that is to say creativity, colour, sound, healing and manifesting dreams.  We are at the moment looking for a new title that encompasses all of this plus the spiritual side of what this brings so any ideas would be received gratefully.  We will be offering a key ring to the one chosen just as a we gesture of thank you  (like the ones posted here)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lets Pay it Forward and give it heart!

These little key rings have just been posted on one of our other blogs (make lovely Christmas presents). So please spare a moment to have a look., but I feel this time of the year is for opening our hearts. Although it  shouldn't , but all of the year should be devoted to opening our hearts to others not just at Christmas. We have also started a blog with this in mind and here it is http://united2013pif, and we would be delighted if you would join us here. It seems everyone is having so many problems at the moment especially with this new bedroom tax and the new disability drive to get people who are disabled back into work.  Even those who know they cannot sustain a days work.  Maybe this is not the place to air these views, but I feel it would be nice if we could make it our target to do at least one good deed a week or better still one a day or join in our random gifting worldwide.  Take a look at the idea on the blog previously mentioned. There are so many people who have problems including ourselves and now with the onset of Winter we all need a bit of cheer.  Now to our latest news and recommendations.  We are delighted by two events one is a workshop we are doing in Oxted in Surrey.  We were invited to do this less than two weeks ago and the day I now understand is fully book.  I will be posting details of this new centre on our blog at a later date.  Next we are delighted to be serving the "David Nason Spiritual and Healing Centre" Venner Community Centre, 1, Venner Road, Sydenham, SE26 5Q the doors open 7.30 pm for 8 pm start on 16th October (the venue is opposite Sydenham Railway Station). On Monday 28th November we are at Woodford for their 2 pm service.  I would also like to recommend the following workshop although I have not idea of the subject matter it is at Woodford Spiritual Church  (  on the 19th October with Alan Albiston and whatever the subject I am sure it will be enjoyable as he is an excellent teacher.  Lastly if you are anywhere in dockland on Sunday why not pop into the Island of Light Spiritual Church,  Barkentine Hall, Westferry Road to the Island of Dogs, E14 8JH. This week's medium is Lily Dolan so I am sure it will be a good evening and it starts at 6.30 pm.  We also have a new version of "Art from the Heart" in which we will be including all the work we do under one umbrella so to speak. We will be running courses once a month with an evening support group.  This new course will sharpen up your intuition, help you to manifest your dreams, improve your life dramatically (and we have given some of the ideas a test run and things like free lunches to as much as £700 have been manifested) I do feel that all the people who took part in this experiment got something from it and I am going to invite another group of 12 people to participate.  We will be launching this course very soon and we will also be incorporating colour and sound.  If you are interested or have participated in the recent experiment without giving details of what the experiment was make your comments in box below. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Latest News and views

On the left is a picture of a carved talking stick whittled by my brother if you would like one prices will range from £10 to £20 depending on how elaborate the design is.  I wanted to share this window with you and I hasten to say this was recorded in 1992 and what have we done since then.  Not much in my opinion.  Mother Earth is screaming out for helps our natural fauna and floral are disappearing.  We are no nearer peace now than we were then.  I as one person can make a difference in small ways environmentally and help to bring peace in other ways., which I will go into later.  Meanwhile take a look at this link <iframe src="" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0"></iframe>  We have also started a blog to try to promote love extending across the world and linking caring people who want to bring peace to this planet.  Please take a few minutes to read and please if this appeals to you join us.  I am looking forward to seeing more comments on it of how you have paid it forward.  Please too ask other people to do this.  Imagine if this spread how it would bring understanding and peace to everyone.  It also might cheer up someone else when they are having a bad day. Take a look at   Now back to our activities.  On Sunday 6th October we are doing readings at Barbara Barnes's little church at   the Island of Light at the Barkantine Hall,  Westferry Road,  Isle of Dogs, London  E14 8JH  _~ one to one readings only £8 and healing available.  Starts at 6.30 readers include ourselves plus Maggie Jones, Phil Warr and possibly Coleen Rechere. Our workshop on the 15th October has unfortunately had to be cancelled as I am still unable to go up and down loads of stairs, but do remember there is a selection of very interesting courses held here  I am though slowly finding my feet (joke over), but its a slow process.   We have however several other workshops before the end of the year, which I will be updating in my next post.  Meanwhile enjoy the last of the Summer as Autumn approaches.  Don't forget as Christmas approaches we will have lots of goodies for sale that you might want to consider as Christmas presents.  So please take a look at

Friday, September 20, 2013

News and Views


I thought I would update our blog and impart the following news.  Today I went to see a private physiotherapist deciding that I wasn't willing to wait and I was amazed that I went in a wheelchair and came out walking.  Well worth the money I paid and I am delighted.  I had quite a long walk afterwards and then was and then was able to get up steps.  Need to learn to come down again, but feel after just 10 weeks after the accident I have made so much progress. We will be a Windsor Church (   weekend on the Saturday 28th September with a Sound Healing Workshop with Colour for details ring Denise Shoremi  for details 07904 835797  can guarantee a warm welcome from this friendly little church.  It starts at 10am and finishes around 4pm. Om the Sunday following this we are repeating the event (although obviously the day will vary) at Woodford Spiritualist Church, which starts at 11am and finishes around 4.30pm ( Now I would like to make a few recommendations for workshops lead by other mediums.  Firstly this coming Sunday 22nd September the Shamanic one again at Woodford Spiritualist Church  lead by Les and Jacci Fuller guaranteed to be a brilliant day.  Then on the 5th October a workshop with Brenda Hodgson  "Moving Towards Platform".  All of the following workshops with exception of the one with Maggie Jones are also at Woodford.   Then on the 13th October there is the continuing series of workshops entitled "Universal Inspired Life" with Suzanne Mitchell.  There is also a few more I will be telling you about, which are later in the month ones with Alan AlbistonSharon Law, Shelley Joseph, and one that comes very highly recommended by both Daniel and myself on the Saturday 26th October with Judith Thorne called "Symbols and Spiritual Path". This lady has an incredible amount of knowledge and I guarantee it will be an inspiring and worthwhile workshop.  On Monday 28th of October we are back serving the platform at Woodford for their Sunday afternoon service. Again on the 26th October there is another workshop well worth attending with Maggie Jones entitled "Workshop on all aspects of Mediumship" (more detail in our next post). Next the book launch by Maria Veiga thing for details. Good luck Maria I hope its very successful. Finally once I am completely back on my feet and life goes back to normal (whatever normal is) then again we will be holding the "Manifesting Your Dreams Intuitively" support group.  Meanwhile enjoy your weekend and the following week ahead and may the Great Spirit and the Goddess bless you.  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Latest News and recommendations

As most of you know I have been kind of out of action due to a broken leg and ankle, but today after just 6 weeks due to the massive amount of healing being sent I am out of plaster.  My muscles are quite stiff, but no doubt I will be able to get them functioning quickly if I do plenty of work on exercising them.  I would like to thank everyone who has been sending me healing as I am sure the plaster wouldn't have been off by now.  Although I do think the knit bone helped.  I would also like to thank Coleen Rechere from Stockwell Church for picking us up at Victoria Station last week so we could attend Les Fuller's Shamanic Workshop.  As always with Les it was a great day. Les is back at Woodford later this month more details of that in our next post in a few days time.  There are several workshops coming up I would like to recommend.  Firstly on the 26th October at Stockwell Spiritualist Church there is a one day workshop with Maggie Jones called "All aspects of mediumship"  for more details ring 0207 773 7761 .  We have two workshops coming up this month both are "Sound Healing Workshops with Colour" the first at Windsor Spiritualist Church on the 28th September (contact church for details) and the second on the 29th September at Woodford Spiritualist Church (  Come and experience the healing sound with the vibration of colour.  Finally as you can see I have not been idle in my misery, but knitting like mad a huge range of shamanic rattles which can be used as healing rattles as well as shamanic bringing gifts and blessings from the great spirit (all for sale) plus the wee owl below. All items are for sale so please look at our new colourful blog

Monday, September 2, 2013

This is our latest news and I am hoping that next week they will tell me I can weight bear on my foot again.  I have to visit the fracture clinic on the 12th September and hopefully I will be sent on to the physiotherapy department.  I am still in some pain, but it is not major.  Our main difficulty is steps and Daniel (my earth angel) is slowly getting to grips with the idea and we won't be so house bound.  Big problem is undergrounds as not all of them have disabled access and with this in mind I have had to cancel the workshop on the 8th September at Woodford Church, but I shall see if John can find us another Sunday or Saturday. Meanwhile all I can say is sorry, but I am in the hands of the universe.  I have every intention of honouring our commitments at Windsor and Woodford at the end of September,  I am sure by then I will be well on my way to healing and walking again.   I am showing two other pictures created by Daniel at our workshop at Stockwell and I am still hoping that some members of the group will post some of theirs.  We will be attending a workshop on Saturday 7th September at Stockwell and Coleen Rechere has again dons her earth angel outfit and is picking us up at Victoria Station so we can attend Jacci and Les Fuller's Shamanic Workshop 12 noon to 5 pm for those of you interested.  I know anyone attending will enjoy it. Meanwhile being a Gemini I have to be occupied and I am knitting up a hurricane in the way of Shamanic Rattles (wooden handles whittled by my brother Allan McNally inspired by Neil Paton's Wands), Power Animals and toys for children so please take a look at and later on we will be updating our  I am including a couple of bits I have knitted especially for those of you interested in shamanic things.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More news of the walking wounded

I would like to thank Coleen Rechere of Stockwell Spiritualist Church for picking us up at London Bridge without which we wouldn't have been able to do the workshop.  A taster session of "Art from the Heart" which I think everyone enjoyed.  This is one of the pictures that was done.  It is one that Daniel did as with all the bad light in the church due to the weather conditions outside (torrential downpour). This is another one which was done and the method used was encaustic waxes, which are an inspirational way of doing psychic art readings. We are hoping some members of the group will publish their picture on our comments on this blog or send me the pictures so I can include them in our next blog.  We are back at Stockwell later this year with a Sound Healing Workshop with Colour. My leg is mending slowly and we are endeavouring not to cancel any workshops and now I am feel more confident about my crutches we will be resuming our platform work,  Daniel poor soul is also getting to grips with pushing me in a wheelchair not the easiest thing as I am far from light.  It has however given me a large amount of time to develop yet more rattles which can either be used as shamanic rattles or for healing with the vibration of colour. At the end of this entry I will be posting a number of new items including our rainbow chakra set plus rattles with carved wooden handles (those created by my brother who has been inspired by Neil Paton's beautiful wands).  Neil is very much a man of the woods and hand carves items some of which have previously been displayed in this blog. Our next workshop all being well will be on the 8th September at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( - "The Intuitive Way to Manifest Your Dreams" starts at 11 am to 4 pm and I am hoping to also resume the evening support group at the end of September when hopefully this cast will be off and I will be kind of limping around (or so I am being told).  Sadly we did have to cancel our trip to Grimsby, but we will be setting another date as soon as I know the exact state of play with the leg.  At the end of September we will be at Windsor Church with a Sound Healing Workshop with Colour on September 28th and the following day at Woodford Church with a Sound Healing Workshop with Colour.  Hopefully there will be plenty of rattles for those of you who wish to purchase one and you will of course be able to feel their vibrations during the workshops.  I would also to recommend several events.  Firstly a Shamanic Workshop at Stockwell Spiritualist Church on the 7th September with Les Fuller - starts at 12 noon and finishes at 5 pm for more details ring 0207 733 7761 and on the same day at Balham 10.30 am to 4.30 pm "All Aspects of Mediumship with Maggie Jones" Ring 07871 422386 for more details.  Both workshops are well worth attending and we will be at Les's as thanks once again to Coleen we will be able to get there as kindly she is giving us a lift from Victoria.  Finally a charity event with Martin Jones and Josh-James Whiterose starts at 6.30 and finishes at 9.30 " Charity Clairvoyant Evening" Greenham Community Centre, The Nightingales, Newbury RG14 7SZ for raising funds for Thames Valley Positive Support for people with HIV (TVPS) and the Sheldon Unit Hospice in Birmingham - Entrance £6


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This is just an update to let you all know that unfortunately we have had to cancel all our platform work this month.  This was due to an unfortunate event, which occurred is the care home Daniel's father was in.  I tripped down a small step as the Mind The Step notice has been obscure by the care worker as she made her way up the stairs in front of us.  It might have been beneficial if she had mentioned the step.  I took myself off to Weston Super Mare Hospital who I hasten to add made up for the lack of consideration I had received after I did it.  Poor Daniel is nurse maid and head cook and bottle washer - have to add my earth angel.  Thanks to the quick action in Weston I may not have to have an operation, but we still will have to wait and see.  I am however getting lots of knitting done and more heart keys rings will be on the way.  Key rings will be priced from £3 to £7.  The shamanic eggs vary in size and the large drums can be from £30 to £45 and the eggs from £5 to £12.  All different designs and colours none alike.  I am also busy knitting a chakra set, which will be around the  £40 range for a set (so if they are of any interest let us know).
I am however still managing to take workshops and we had a very successful one last Saturday considering the last minute change of venue.  They were a wonderful group who did all they could to help a rather fraught situation and I am so pleased to have received emails telling us how much they enjoyed the day, but I would also like to thank all of them for making the day wonderful or as someone remarked awesome. For future workshops in the heart of London keep and eye out on as well as ours there are a whole range of interesting subjects. On this note we will be doing a workshop on the 24th August at Stockwell Spiritualist Church - for more details contact 0207 733 7781 or ring 07927 288904 (Pat or Daniel).  Its called "Art from the Heart" and we guarantee an afternoon full of love, light, learning and rainbow magic, which starts at 1.30 and finishes at 4.30 pm.   I would also like to highly  recommend a workshop at the same venue on the 7th September with Jacci and Les Fuller - it is a shamanic workshop and take it from me it will not only be beneficial but will refresh your mind and soul. Starts at 12 noon and finishes around 5.30.  I also couldn't resist putting a picture of my grumpy old lady mood (taken outside  Lewisham Hospital last Thursday).  Again I would like to thank the lovely nurse practitioners I saw there on the previous Monday......true angels.  I would also like to thank Colleen Rechere for picking us up at London Bridge on Saturday. 


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Buddha in our coffee

We hope you are all managing to stay cool in this hot weather and non of you have suffered from burns or sunstroke.  Please send healing to Pauline Newton who I understand did get sunstroke.This is our up to date news. Firstly I had to share this picture from a cup of coffee.  We couldn't help, but notice.  Next Saturday the 27th July we are at Balham Spiritualist Church doing a "Sound Healing Workshop with Colour"  starts at 10.30 and finishes at 4.30.  I believe the price is £12 for members and £15 for non members.  Then we will be going on to Rochester Square Spiritual Temple, Rochester Square, London, NW1 9RY the same evening where Daniel will be doing a trance demonstration and his guide will be answer questions "Children of Light".  Some advanced notice that we are also doing a workshop at Stockwell Spiritualist Church on the 24th of August and at the end of the month will be in Grimsby.  More news of that in my next blog entry.  We are also doing a spiritual workshop in Covent Garden and any one interested please go to the website to see this and the other great one day courses offered.  We are also at the following churches in August Chingford, Walthamstow,  Stockwell, Woodford (  I would also like to tell those of you who live in Cornwall that Shelley Joseph is holding several events there. A workshop is on Saturday 27th July, 10.30am to 5.00pm and it is £15 for the day. It will be at Camborne Spiritualist Church, The Ex- Registry Office, Roskear, Tr14 8DN.  She will also be serving several Churches whilst down there. On Friday 26th July 7.30pm to 9,30 Passmore Edwards Building, 13-15 Hayle Terrace, Hayle, TR27 4BU.  Then on the 28th July  6.30pm to 8.00pm (Divine Service), Camborne Christian Spiritualist Church addrerss as above and on Tuesday 30th July - 6.30pm to 8.00pm (Divine Service), Bodmin Spiritualist Church, 57 Higher Bore Street, Bodmin,  PL31 1JS  and lastly  Thursday 1st August - 7.30pm to 9.00pm,  Pengegon Institute Community Hall, Lower Pengegon, Camborne. TR14 7UH, If you need to contact Shelley please leave a comment on here or message me on Facebook.  Finally I would like to draw your attention to our new blog and we are hoping that everyone will join in to Pay It Forward

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Now and later

Wow we certainly our having a heat wave and we hope wherever you are you are enjoying the weather or if like us lying low. We felt the picture on the left is just what is needed on a hot day to give a feeling of coolness. This are not terribly busy this month and I know now why we decided to give ourselves a few days break this month.  We start being busy again towards the end of this month and we are hoping to hold our first evening for the support group for the Manifesting your dreams intuitively on Thursday 25th July in the evening followed by another on the Thursday August the 15th.  These sessions will be come when you can and start around 6.30 pm until 9 ish.  We do feel those people in the group who are trying to manifest something need support and we know several people have started to make inroads into their manifesting their dreams.  Then there will be another full day on the 8th September.  Meanwhile on the Saturday 27th July we are  Balham Spiritualist Church   10.30 am to 4.30 pm "Sound Healing with Colour"  and then that evening we will go on to Rochester Square Temple in Camden where Daniel will be doing a trance demonstration and his guide will be answering questions as well as speaking about the "Children of Light" or the star children, indigos, crystals, rainbows or a whole catalogue of names they have been given.  So if you feel you know of have one of these children and want to know more please join us at 7 for 7.30 pm.  On the Sunday following we are at Abbey Wood more details of that in our next post.  Then on the 7th August we are at Chingford, followed by Stockwell on the 9th of August then we will be at the Keet Clinic Drury Lane (book soon as I am pretty certain places are limited).  This will be followed by on the 12th August an afternoon service at Woodford.  Well that's all the up to date news. We will confirm the evening sessions at Woodford as soon as possible.  Meanwhile keep cool everyone.   For more information either ring +447927 288904 or email  

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Many thanks to various people.

What a lovely group of people came on the course organized by and we really hope they all gain some insight and enlightenment during the day.  We are back at Drury Lane on August the 10th (believe there are some places left, but you will need to book as soon as possible. The piece of psychic art on the left came via one of the students on the day and I do wish we could have photographed more and with a better camera nevertheless its so nice to have a piece of students work to display on the blog.  You must have all been getting tired of seeing the shamanic or sound healing eggs.  We have however heard some amazing stories in regard to results using these rattles and indeed they have brought great blessings to some people we understand. We are also pleased to announce that they are selling very well and so are the key rings (every penny helps to swell the funds. We will be  back at Woodford Church on the 30th June with our "Manifesting Your Dreams Intuitively" course and this is the final day in which we will take newbies to the course after this it will get impossible,  Those who attend will be expected to support the support group from time to time as we believe that anyone who is trying to manifest something needs support and help.  As you know we have our own project in so much as we want to manifest a Spiritual and Alternative Therapy Sanctuary which we feel has been slow coming,  basically due to financial restraints. We are determined by hook or by crook to manifest it before the end of the year. Maybe we can manifest a sponsor. Then on 6th July we are doing the evening demonstration at Woodford Church ( and later in the month we are at Balham Spiritualist Church on the 27th July with a "Sound Healing Workshop" (  We believe we are the only mediums running sound healing workshops in London at the moment and if you have never experienced this kind of workshops you will be amazed at the energy it generated.  We have decided due to circumstances beyond our control that the workshop at the Seekers Trust in July has had to be cancelled, but we will be holding a healing weekend later in the year.  In August we are at Stockwell, Woodford, Chingford and Vestry Road.  Then at the end of August we are off to Grimsby which we are very excited about.  More news next week.  Until then enjoy the warm weather.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Odds and Ends

Firstly I would like to thanks Karen for making as so welcome at Bow Church last week. Thank you also to John for not only chairing for us but taking us back to the station. To Denise Shoremi and everyone at Windsor Church for such a warm welcome equally to Christine Oborne at the White Rose Sanctuary.  Last Sunday we took the service at Stockwell and once again thank you one and all especially Ken for chairing in such  lovely atmosphere.  We couldn't resist the picture right taken last Sunday outside Stockwell Church.  Just love Jasmin it is so pretty.  Next Tuesday we will be facilitating a one day workshop in Covent Garden Psychic "Development for You" (details  Basically a beginners course although it can geared to those who are more experience as you that have attended our workshops know.  We are back at Woodford (www.woodfordchurch) on the 30th June with the continuance of our course "Manifesting Your Dreams Intuitively" and there will also we a support group in the evening with that in mind as we feel that while people want to move forward it isn't always easy and support is welcome.  We are also pleased to announce that both our Shamanic knitted rattles and the key rings are selling really well.  It has been pointed out to me that the key rings are light enough not to ruin car keys especially the very expense car keys.  The key rings can be knitted with names on them or if you prefer plain or just with initials.
They can also be knitted in various colours and the shamanic eggs all are different and no two are exactly the same. Prices for key rings start from as little as £3 going up to £8 and the shamanic rattles depend on size and shape, but start at just £5 going up to £30 for the very big one all are of course with postage and we can post anywhere in the world. 
So far they have gone to North America, Canada, Australia as well as Ireland and Wales within the United Kingdom.  Each has its own colour vibration and those of you who work with colour will be aware of the power of colour. These rattles can be used for shamanic work, but equally for Sound Healing.  We are also available for church bookings (including cancellations if we are free) plus workshops and readings.
Lastly tomorrow evening we are looking forward to going to Julie Felix's Birthday Concert (75 years young) in the Leicester Square Theatre (we believe there are a few tickets left so why not join us).  Some of you will remember the amazing "Sound Healing Workshop" she did at the Seekers Trust.

Monday, May 27, 2013

We are pleased to report we are hearing excellent results in regards to our Shamanic Rattle Eggs and that people are actually feeling the vibration come from them.  This is very rewarding and we intend to extend our range of rattles.  We have already started to extend our range of critters and have added an eagle and sparrow. We are selling all this range and if you are interested please contact us on either Facebook on Rainbow Craft Lady or Knit Twit and Crafts.  We are also on Twitter.  These crafts are being knitted to help support our spiritual work.  We will have them for sale at our "Sound Healing with Colour" workshops and also at our other workshops on request. 
On my birthday Friday May 31st  (not saying how old I am) we are working at Windsor Spiritualist Church  ( and really looking forward to doing our first workshop there "Art From the Heart" which starts at 7.30 pm and finishes at 9.30.   It is an inspirational and psychic art workshop and we can assure you that you need no artistic skills to participate.  We can also guarantee an evening full of love, laughter, light and learning.  The address of Windsor Spiritualist Church is Adelaide Square, Windsor, Berkshire or ring Denise Shoremi for details on 07976815195 (she sounds a lovely lady and we are looking forward to meeting her).    The following day we are back at one of our favourite church on the the Saturday 1st June 12 to 3 pm "Making Your Own Colour Cards for Healing, Reading and Meditation" a fun day using encaustic waxes (all materials supplied).  Come along and have some creative fun whilst making cards for you to use with your own development and healing whilst learning and linking to spirit at the same time. You could then pop off to have a meal and come back in the evening to support Val Bickerstaff with her evening demonstration of mediumship.  Val is an excellent medium and we know you would have a great evening. The following day the 2nd June again at Woodford Church starting at 11am and finishing around 4pm is the continuation of our "Manifesting your Dreams Intuitively".  Continuing our busy weekend we will be demonstrating at "The White Rose Sanctuary" held in the G.E.A. Hall, Woodhurst Avenue, Petts Wood, Kent BR5 1AR and it starts at 7.45 pm. Later on in the month of the 18th June which is a Tuesday we will be facilitating a one day course in Covent Garden more details then, but meanwhile take a look at as there are lots of very interesting therapy courses on offer such as reflexology, head massage and much more.  Finally if you are interested in our Shamanic Eggs and other rattles and would like us to bring them along to any of the workshops mentioned please email us on or ring on 07927 288904.  More news next week so meanwhile enjoy any sun which its seems at long last have come out of hibernation. Finally I must mention how sad we are to hear Chingford Church has terminated their Sunday Services as this little church on the edge of Epping Forest has such a lovely energy so please if you are around that way on a Wednesday Evening do pop in and visit them. 



Saturday, May 11, 2013

On the right hand side is a picture created by my brother who often comes to our workshops.  He started developing his psychic art from the beginning and it as varied as different guides come to work with him.  If you look through our blog you will see how much psychic art or spirit art varies from person to person.  We will be at Windsor Church later this month with just a taster of this workshop and if you live in that area please come and join us.  This way of working also produces inspiration prose and poetry.  Again visit the rest of our blog.  Windsor Spiritualist Church is located at Adelaide Square, Windsor Berks and "Art from the Heart" will start at 7.30 (all pmmaterials supplied).  Ring Denise Shoremi on 07976 815195 for more details of this and other events at the church.  On Sunday 12th May we are back at one of our favourite little churches in docklands which is run by Barbara Barnes.  The service starts at 6.30 and you are always guaranteed a warm welcome from Barbara. Meetings are held at the Barkentine Hall,  Westferry Road, London E14 8JH. Don't forget that on the 20th May 6.30pm to about 8.30pm we are holding a mini evening workshop for those of you who couldn't get to the last all day workshop because of the marathon (held of course at Woodford Spiritualist Church  The workshop is entitled "Manifesting your Dreams the Intuitive Way".  There will be two other whole day workshops in relation to this on 2nd June and 30th June plus  the the evening of the 2nd June Barbara Barnes will be having an evening of readings in docklands which we will be one of the many mediums there.  I believe also Shelley Joseph, Phil Warr and Maggie Jones will be at least three of the others.  I will be updating the rest of our events for June in my next entry.  I was going to say enjoy the sun, but the weather seems to have changed. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Firstly I would like to say thank you to Doreen Winder and all those who attend the workshop last Wednesday at the ISM in Romford.  We had a lovely welcome and I also want to thank both Sharron Jane and David Irwin for attending.  It was very nice to see them and everyone else.  Tomorrow we are holding a workshop at the Ringway Centre at 268 Baring Road, Grove Park SE12.  You will be guaranteed a day full of love, light, laughter and learning.  The workshop is entitled "More Psychic Tools".  It starts at 11 am and will finish at 4 pm (please bring a packed lunch - teas/coffee and light refreshments will be included in price).  The price is £20 or come with a friend and it is £15 each.  On Sunday we are serving Stockwell Church and the service starts at 6.30 pm.  Tuesday 7th May  at 7.30 pm we will be holding a workshop for the Golden Eagle Group in Potters Bar and the address is Clayton Centre, Barnet Road and for more details ring 01707 658499 or email  We are also interested in locating a reasonably priced piece of land preferably with a building on can be one which needs a lot or work as we are determined the universe permitting we will establish the centre this year.  Our shamanic egg rattles and owl rattles are now on sale for that purpose.  The owls vary from £5 to £8 and the eggs £5.  Daniel and I are available for group bookings and private readings so please email us at  We also have a special meeting to fill those of you in who had transport problems on the 21st April (sorry we picked the wrong day being the marathon was running and lots of you got stuck in traffic jams).  We are holding the special evening session of the 20th May 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm and the sessions after this will be on the 2nd and 30th June.  There is a workbook attached to the course entitled "Manifesting Your Dreams Intuitively"  Cost in total £35.  On my birthday May 31st we will be a Windsor Spiritualist Church, but details of that in my next blog entry.  Meanwhile I hope everyone is enjoying this sunny weather. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

On the left is our latest addition to raising funds to open a healing, spiritual and alternative sanctuary.  These little shamanic egg rattles cost only £5 to £7 and are light weight. I also have little shamanic owl rattles for sale and am planning on a variety of little critters and birds.  Any ideas will be well received.  Next week we will be starting our course. Everyone has a dream! You can manifest this - nothing that you dream is beyond the realms of possibility. Using what is your birth right you can bring this into being. Your intuition tells you when something is right, but learning to trust and manifest what you what you want is another matter.  In our three day workshop starting on 21st April we will set you on the path to making this real. Part 2 on June 2nd and part 3 on the 30th June. Come and join us at 11am next Sunday and begin your journey. All teas and light refreshments provided, but bring a packed lunch. Only £35 for all three days and this will include a course booklet (  I promise everyone a days full of love, light and laughter so please come and join us.  May is going to be busy as we will be at the ISM on the 1st, the Ringway at Grove Park on the 4th and then the following day taking the evening service at Stockwell then on the following Tuesday we will be at Potters Bar.  More of that in our next post.  Meanwhile we are delighted to have been asked to do a course in Covent Garden.  I might also add that there are lots of interesting courses on off including one called "Finding Your Voice", which would be ideal for all mediums who have difficulty in projecting their voices so do take a look and also take a look at Martin Jones new website

Monday, April 1, 2013

If you want a wand or runes made I would like to recommend Ash'an Paton who lives in Abergavenny Wales.  His craftsmanship is superb.  He has a dream and is using is skills to fund it.  A dream not unlike our own.  As soon as he gets a website I will be publishing details. 
I also would like to recommend a weekend workshop with Susan Griffiths (limited places so book soon) The title of the Course is "Overcoming your Spiritual Blockages" - examining  the reasons for and working to remove the blockages that are holding people back from reaching their full spiritual potential. The cost for the weekend is £25.00 - 11am to 4pm both days - very important bring own lunch!  On Wednesday 3rd April we are at Chingford Spiritualist Church, which is one of our favourite little churches nestled on the edge of Epping Forest and then on Saturday 6th April we are doing a special at Stockwell Spiritualist Church.  Then on Monday the 8th April we are again at Woodford Church taking the afternoon service.  Later in the month we are back at Woodford ( with the first of the three part workshop "The Intuitive Way to Manifest Your Dreams" and the dates are as 21st April, 2nd June and the 30th June.  The cost is only £35 and this will include course notes. Book now via paypal link below or if you want more details ring +447927288904.  We have a lot more things in the pipeline and will keep you all updated via this blog.  You can also follow us on twitter see link below.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

This should be the time of you opening your heart.  It is the time to send love light and healing around the world.  Doing little acts of kindness without the thought of reward or sending a smile to a stranger with this in mind I have been making heart key rings, which can double up as stress balls.  Prices start at a moderate £3 and rise up to £10 plus postage for the more elaborate labour intensive ones. A nice way to celebrate a birthday, mothers day or just to say to a friend or relative I love you.  Next month we start to get busy and I will update you with a list of our coming workshops and these are being added to all the time.  We are at Vestry Road later this month and then in April Chingford lovely little church and Stockwell for services.   This is a copy of our lastest workshop list with workshops.   You will find recommendations for other mediums workshops and events at the end of this post.  All mentioned come highly recommended.    
Both Daniel Naughnane and Patricia McNally have been facilitating workshops, courses and retreats for nearly 20 years.  They believe it its everyone’s birth right to have a link to spirit as it is their natural home. They offer workshops for all levels of mediumship and intuition, but specialize in spirit and inspirational art with particular reference to colour  which is also updated with news of not only their pending events, but those of other tutors they believe to have the same ethos as them.  They have during the last two years been developing a sound healing workshop with colour.  Below is a list of their workshops at various venues. You are always guaranteed a day full of love, light and learning at any workshop you attend.  They continue with their own studies by attending other workshops as they also believe it’s a continual learning process and encourage their students to do the same.  They are both qualified Further Adult Education teachers and hold Diplomas in the Life Long Learning Sector.
Sunday April 21st        -       “Manifesting Your Dreams Intuitively”                                 Cost £35

This three day workshop will be held at Woodford Spiritualist Church, 9 Grove Crescent, London E18 2JR and the cost includes course notes plus all light refreshments.  The dates of the second and third parts are 12th  May and 2nd June.  This course will enable you to tap into your own intuition manifesting those things you have always dreamt about.  The days will begin at 11 am and finish at 4 pm and constant support will be given.  One off sessions of mentoring will be available during and after the course.
Wednesday lst May     -  “ Colour in Healing”   -           I.S.M. Romford for more details contact 01708 769800                                                                                 
Saturday 4th -      “More Tools of Spirit”        11 am  - 4pm                                               Cost £25
Ringway Community Centre, 268 Baring Road, London SE12 (close to numerous bus routes and Grove Park Station. Early bird reduction £20 if booked before 21st April (detail of payment methods and phone numbers at end of this events list).
Tuesday 7th May  -  “ Art from the Heart”     Potters Bar please  contact Jo on 01707 658499
Sunday 12th May  -   “Manifesting you Dreams Intuitively”                       (see details above)
Friday 31st May    -   “ Art From the Heart”  Windsor Spiritualist Church contact church for
Sunday 2nd June  -    “Manifesting Your Dreams Intutively”                        (see details above)
12th/13th/14th July -  Retreat weekend at the Seekers Trust details to follow.  Many of our students know this beautiful spiritual retreat set in the countryside near West Malling amongst 40 acres of woodlands (  Very moderate priced flats available. 
Saturday 27th July  -   “Sound Healing Workshop with Colour”  at Balham Church London
Details from the church.  
For more details we can be contacted on 07927 288904 or email us on and if paying via paypal  We are also available for party bookings and private readings. 

I would also like to recommend a workshop at Woodford Church on the 23rd March 10.30 am to 3.30 pm with Sharon Law and Shelley Joseph "Sing the Song of your Soul"  and on the 30th the last part of Suzanne Michell's "Universal Inspired Life" 12 am to 3 pm  (  At Stockwell on the 30th March a Trance workshop with Maggie Jones which is also highly recommended  11 am to 4.30 pm.  There is also a good workshop coming up in early April with Susan Griffiths (more details of that in another post).

Friday, March 1, 2013

,, , I am showing three of the pictures that were produced at the workshop on the 23rd February as different forms of spirit art and you can see from the diversity of these how different they are, but all produced a reading for the recipients.  We are hoping to run another workshop at he Ringway Community Centre soon and we hope to see some new places as indeed we did this time.  We felt it was quite a successful workshop and the diverse workshops I think catered for everyone.  Don't forget we are at Barbara Barnes small church this coming Sundaystarts at 6.30 so be there early amongst the people doing readings will be Maggie Jones, Phil Warr, Sharon Law, Daniel Naughnane and myself Patricia McNally. I would also like to recommend several workshops the first of which is on the 9th March with Stephanie Barrows, which is being held at Woodford Spiritualist Church an the second is on at the same church on the 23rd March with Shelley Joseph and Sharon Law. Keep an eye on this church (  as it has some splendid workshops and our next one will commence on 21st April and it is entitled "Manifest your dreams intuitively" in three parts total cost £35 which will include course notes, which we are trying to produce in booklet form..  All workshops include light refreshments. The second part is on the  12th May and third 2nd June.  Don't forget we are at the Seekers Trust  ( in April 12th, 13th ans 14th and it will be a splendid weekend with an evening of clairvoyance including Spirit Art with Susan Griffith, Daniel Naughane and myself, there are 4 workshops plus an evening of trance with Maggie and her son Martin Jones.  You can book by going into Susan Griffith website  Don't FORGET EARLY BIRD discount still applies and those of you who have been on previous workshops will know they are full of love light and lots of laughter.

Friday, February 8, 2013

New and more News

Our next workshop "Exploring Your Psychic Ability the Easy Way" is on the 23rd February at the Ringway Community Centre at 268 Baring Road and there are still some places left and full details can be seen in our previous post  It can be booked by paypal (see link below). Some of you will be aware of the Spiritual Teachers Group, which was the brain child of Susan Griffith and we have united to facilate a retreat at the Seekers Trust (see Susan's website for details and to book, but it is going to be an interesting weekend with the added attraction of Maggie Jones and Martin Jones's trance evening).  Her website is and Susan can also be reached on 0800 2425007    On March 3rd Barbara Barnes will be having one of her specials at her little church in dockland and there will be an array of excellent mediums on hand to give readings and in our own case there may also be the chance of a guide, helper or relative being drawn.  One like the one on the left, which at this very moment is on it way to New Zealand to a lady who lives on North Island.  This gentleman told me that during his life he rode the seven seas and was a bit of a lad (think he meant pirate), which surprised me with his gentle energies.  I will be giving a few more details tomorrow when I update my other blog  Incidentally Maggie Jones (and is also a member of the Spiritual Teachers Group) also has a trance workshop on the 9th of March at Battersea Spiritualist Church  and anyone interested in readings or workshops she  can be reached at 07722172178.  Another member of the Spiritual Teachers Group Shelley Joseph  has a workshop at Rochester Square Spiritual Temple, Rochester Square, Camden, London NW1 9RY called "Angel Connections"  tomorrow the 9th February although its a bit late notice it will be well worth your effort.  Our next workshop at Woodford Spiritual Church  is a 3 day event held on three separate Sundays and is called "Manifesting Your Dreams Intuitively" and the cost of the three days is £35 which will include a cours book plus light refreshments.  The dates for these are the 21st April, May 12th and June 2nd.  There will be work to be completed in between but it will be fun as are all of our workshops.  Finally for those of you on facebook please join our Rainbow Healing Sanctuary Spiritual Pay It Forward for Valentine's group where the idea is to give something withour the expectation of getting something back and then if you want on Valentine's Day you can just leave the gifts there and whatever you have promised deliver.  On the other hand on the 14th February you can put your name under at least three items that you would really really like to manifest and then if the universe or the person giving them will choose and may they will be your - on the other hand you may well not be that person.  There are lots of lovely things being offered including readings, wands, poems and pictures of guides similiar to the one above.  There is also a wonderful group which you can join started by a lovely lady calld Missy Nelson (Spiritual ~ Pay It Foward) again on Facebook. We can be reached on +447719669656.  Until next time love, light and my the rainbow of peace surround you.    

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Welcome to our site.  Just a little bit of update. We are planning a weekend retreat at the Seekers Trust in Kent.  Some of you will already have experience the healing energies of this lovely place. Flats are very moderately priced at £100 for three days in a double flat, single flats for two nights are £42 and for three £57. Members of the Seekers do get a discount on accomodation. This is one of four weekends we are planning this coming year.  The First of which will be a series of short three hour workshops with Susan Griffiths, Daniel Naughane and myself Patricia McNally.  There will also we an evening of clairvoyance with ourselves plus a trance demonstration with Maggie and  Martin Jones  both exceptional trance mediums. The dates for this event is the 12th/13th/14th April. More details of this in my next post. We are planning also a series of one day workshops is various localities so keep linked in with this blog.  The first of our one day events is at the Ringway Community Centre, 268 Baring Road, London , SE12.  The locality is very close to the station so has easy access by way of public transport.   It is entitled "Exploring your Psychic Ability the Easy Way"  Starts at 11 am and finishes at 4 pm all light refreshments included.  So why not join us on a day of love, laughter and learnings with mediums who care about how students are taught and your progress. If you need more details please ring +447927288904 or email    Following the April dates are another exciting programe on the 12th/13th/14th of July,  This weekend will include a weekend that is really for you " The Intuitive Way to Manifest Your Dreams Easily". This will be led by ourselves, but there will also be an evening of Transfiguration with Haydn Clarke and Stevie Robinson who have appeared with Colin Fry on the Sixth Sense/  Both a brilliant medium and psychic artist as well as transfiguration.  So don't forget you have until the 21st Janury to get your early bird discount on our one day workshop so why not book now (  and also follow us on twitter.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What we have planned so far

We are now getting lots of workshops and weekend courses booked, which we hope you will join us on.  Firstly we would like to say how much we enjoyed our Christmas with our new surrogated grandchildren.  Thanks guys that is Kayleigh-Jade, Tazmin, Kai, Rowan, Tali and their mum Selina for making it special despite our other traumas.  We love you all.    We would also like to share with you the two adorable little owls they gave us amongst other presents.  We just love them.

Don't forget our days workshop "Exploring your Psychic Ability the Easy Way" at the Ringway Community Centre at Grove Park in South East London on the 23rd February.  We are giving an early bird discount so book soon before 21st January and pay just £20. At the bottom of this post you will find a button, where you can pay by PayPal.  We are also planning on running afternoon development classes at Woodford National Spiritualist Church on a Tuesday during day. The church itself is located fairly near the station although it is a bit of a walk up a fairly steep hill.  At the moment there are two proposed under times under discussion.  11 am to 13.30 pm or from 14.30 pm to 16.30 pm.  We would be willing to consider both if there was enough interest.  These classes will not be starting until March, but please express your interest now by preferably emailing us on or sending us a text on +447927288904.  We are going to be running a course starting on the Sunday the 21st April, then on the 12th May and 2nd June called "The Intuitive Way to Manifest Your Dreams Easily".  You really need to be able to attend all days to get the benefit from this course and we are therefore going to encourage you to peer into your diaries now.  The cost is £35 including  light refreshments and a course book(this will be at Woodford Spiritualist Church (  We will be running a more intense course at ther Seekers Trust ( in July.  The dates we have in mind are the evening of the 12th/13th and 14th there will be an evening of clairvoyance with this weekend retreat.  There  will be limted in numbers so you will need to book early. We are planning two other two retreats on the 4/5/6th October and another of the 15/16/17th November one of which we hope will be a healing weekend with Sound Healing and Reik (more details and news in our next post).  Incidentially we have asked Haydn Clarke and Stevie Robinson to be the mediums on our first evening of clairvoyance there with a demonstration of Psychic Art if you find their names familiar it is probably because they appeared on "Sixth Sense" with Colin Fry.  Payment should be made  to