Friday, March 1, 2013

,, , I am showing three of the pictures that were produced at the workshop on the 23rd February as different forms of spirit art and you can see from the diversity of these how different they are, but all produced a reading for the recipients.  We are hoping to run another workshop at he Ringway Community Centre soon and we hope to see some new places as indeed we did this time.  We felt it was quite a successful workshop and the diverse workshops I think catered for everyone.  Don't forget we are at Barbara Barnes small church this coming Sundaystarts at 6.30 so be there early amongst the people doing readings will be Maggie Jones, Phil Warr, Sharon Law, Daniel Naughnane and myself Patricia McNally. I would also like to recommend several workshops the first of which is on the 9th March with Stephanie Barrows, which is being held at Woodford Spiritualist Church an the second is on at the same church on the 23rd March with Shelley Joseph and Sharon Law. Keep an eye on this church (  as it has some splendid workshops and our next one will commence on 21st April and it is entitled "Manifest your dreams intuitively" in three parts total cost £35 which will include course notes, which we are trying to produce in booklet form..  All workshops include light refreshments. The second part is on the  12th May and third 2nd June.  Don't forget we are at the Seekers Trust  ( in April 12th, 13th ans 14th and it will be a splendid weekend with an evening of clairvoyance including Spirit Art with Susan Griffith, Daniel Naughane and myself, there are 4 workshops plus an evening of trance with Maggie and her son Martin Jones.  You can book by going into Susan Griffith website  Don't FORGET EARLY BIRD discount still applies and those of you who have been on previous workshops will know they are full of love light and lots of laughter.

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