Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Latest New and Recommendations

Lovely group last week at our awareness circle and a very interesting discussion.  We hold the awareness group every Monday evening and everyone is welcome from complete beginners to those more advance in spiritual matters who are only to willing to share their knowledge.  I would also like to point out that there is an open circle with Sharon Law on a Tuesday evening which starts at 7.30 pm.  There are no more meetings at Epping until 13th April when Alan Albiston will be taking our evening of spiritual communications.  Meanwhile on the 2nd April this coming Saturday we are working in the Ambassador Hotel,  12 Woburn Walk, London, WC1H 0JL at the Spiritual Diversity Fair which opens at 10 am till 5 pm.only £5 admission and lots of talks etcetera something to interest everyone. Here is a list of events Euston. £5 entry fee.

11:30 Experience Your Intuitive Self Through Colour: Lilian Verner Bonds
12-12:15 What Does Your Aura Say About You?: Jonathon Hope
12:30 Life Between Lives: Anne-Thorton-Patterson
1:00 Discover 'Switchwords': Liz Dean
1:30-1:45 Self and Home Protection From Modern Technology Using Organite: Temitope Obasa
2:00 Arcturian Sound Healing Talk and Demonstration: Adargoma Sanabria
2:30-2:45 Benefits of Amazing Himalayan Salt: Adam from Amazing Himalayan Salt. Co.
3:00 What's Involved in Becoming a Crystal Healer: Penny King
3:30 Demonstration of Trance, Channelling and Clairvoyance: Clearly Destiny Mediums
4:00 Crystal Skulls: Judy Hall

 The following day we are serving the Island of Light the little church run by Barbara Barnes on the Isle of Dogs. The service starts at 6.30 pm and you are guaranteed a warm welcome.  The on the 11th April we are serving one of our favourite churches Woodford Spiritual Church and the service starts at 2 pm (www.woodfordchurch.com). Our first workshop this month is at Epping and starts at noon finishing around 5 pm  "Creating Your Dream Life" just £20 including all teas, coffees etcetera plus a free raffle.  We guarantee a warm welcome whether you are an established convert to this very new sanctuary or a newbie.  We are also available for readings and party bookings.  If you are looking for a really relaxing meditation CD please consider ours at only £10 and we are continuing with our give a gnome a home campaign, which helps to fund the sanctuary. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Latest News

Firstly of all a couple of recommendations - the lovely Maggie Jones is facilitating a trance workshop at Battersea Spiritualist Church, 46 Bennerley Road, Off Northcote Road, London SW11 6DS on 12th March,  which starts at 11am and finishes around 4.30pm - £12 or £10 for members of the church. Then there is a workshop at South Woodford Spiritualist Church on the same day with Susan Motson  "Spiritual Dowsing" again £12 or members £10 starts at 11 am and finishes at 4 pm (www.woodfordchurch.com) both Daniel and I have attended Susan's workshops before and can recommend her highly in this sphere. On Sunday 13th at the "Island of Light" the little sanctuary run by Barbara Barnes there will be a service with Lorna Hunte  "Communication with Universal Energies and Mother Nature" totally different and recommended by us.   Starts at 6.30pm at the Barkantine Hall in Westferry Road (quite near the drop in medical centre).  Then on Friday 11th March at 7.30 Graham Watson will be delivering our first evening of communication at Epping - we are so grateful to be able to hire the Society of Friends Meeting House as the energies are lovely and so spiritual.  Our next workshop will be at Woodford Spiritual Church is on 26th March "Pathway to Spirit" Starts at 11am and finishes around 4pm. 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

What a blessing the snow forecast didn't materialise, which is excellent or we may have has to cancel our Saturday 5th March workshop with Alan Albiston "Discovering Water Readings" at only £ 20 great value. Pleased bring a packed lunch although there are ample cafes in the vicinity and we have plenty of light refreshments including tea, coffee, herbals plus biscuits.   Starts at noon and finishes around 5 pm (doors open around 11.45 am), The one following this will be an evening workshop with Daniel Naughnane " A Closer Understanding of Your Inspirational Guide" starts at 7.30 pm on 23rd March, but before that we have an evening of communication with Graham Watson, which again starts at 7.30 pm and entrance is £5 (unwaged, seniors and members of the FMH £3).   We are still continuing with our "Every home should have a gnome" campaign, but I have also added the little fellow on the left to my new knits and I will be adding different items so watch out.  All profits go to helping fund the project and hiring the venue etc.  We still have copies of our meditation CD for same at £10 plus P & P.  Here is another lot of views on the CD so don't tale our word for it in regard to it helping top rid you of stress and tenson.  Dawn and Andy Tomsett said " This Cd is a wonderful way to get into meditation and relax and soothe the troubled mind. The meditations are just the right length of time if you need to be somewhere in a relaxed frame of mind, Andy and I do this meditation before going into town and anywhere we know we will be stressed out so we are mentally prepared before we go, Andy doesnt cope well with stress so this CD is like a little piece of stress free land he can go to to help him be stress free. Wonderful Meditations cannot recommend them Highly enough, Awesome!" Then Margaret West who in the two days she had it played it 7 times said " I sent for a CD called "Rainbow Healing Sanctuary"  by Patricia McNally and Daniel Naughnane. If you have never heard this please buy it its so uplifting. Just sit and enjoy the healing and the meditation. You will feel so happy in yourself.....so please order it today and feel the beauty of this CD