Wednesday, November 22, 2017

End of the year notes

We hope everyone is keeping warm in this cold snap and we are hoping the weathermen have got it wrong in regard to Winter.  As we are heading for December I will update you in regard to our forthcoming workshops.  On the 2nd of  December we will be running two short workshops which will compliment one another.  The first is "Rainbow Foresight" which will look at the colours of the rainbow in depth and see how beneficial they are to your wellbeing.  Colour is very powerful.  Imagine a world where everything is grey or black and white.  This workshop starts at 11 am and goes on until 2 pm when we will have a break until 3 pm for the second workshop " Picture the Future with Wax" and we will finish around 6 pm.  Members are £5 each workshop or £10 for the day and non members £6 and £12 for the day.  These workshops will be held at Woodford Spiritualist Church (  Following this we will be doing a workshop at Epping at the Friends Meeting House in Hemnall Street, Epping, CM16 4LL, which we feel honoured to be able to use.  It is on the 9th December and starts at 1.30 pm  "Release with Love and onward Go".  This is a completely new workshop and is aimed at releasing the past years tensions and thanking the universe for the blessings.  We will also be introducing Daniel Mapel's animal essences into the arena.  I hasten to add no part of any animal is used in these essences as they are pure energy work and have fabulous result.  Cost of this workshop is £20 which includes teas, coffee, etc  plus a free raffle.  The workshop will finish around 5 and it will be followed by a Christmas Celebration which will include sandwiches, cakes, teas and coffee plus good company and conversation.  Everyone welcome so please come and join us,  Finally we will be taking the afternoon service on the 18th December at Woodford Spiritualist Church. I will update you in our next post in regard to workshops etc in the coming year.  These encaustic wax picture are from the last workshop and I will be interested to see what people can see in them. Please post in comments below. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Magic of the Angels

 We had a very successful workshop at West Wickham Spiritual Church  ( last Saturday and we hope that all participants gain insight into other ways of working with both spirit and their own intuition.  They were certainly a lovely group and we look forward to doing another workshop there in the future. We also had a very interesting evening last Tuesday when we used the energies of the day when the veil is the thinnest to do a gratitude ceremony and also to ask that next year be as abundant. I also called in the angels to assist and one participants result can be seen here quite plainly as there is a line from where they planted a gift to Mother Earth a wonderful trail of angel feathers. .Incidentally we also used am Alaskan Essence Spray called "Calling All Angels" which can be purchased from Healthlines on 01539 8247760.  Our next workshop is at Epping this coming Saturday 11th November and is a mixed bag of different ways to improve your communication with the spirit world as well as sharpening your intuitive skills. "The Imaginative Intuitive" and starts at 1.30 pm (doors open at 1 pm).  Price £20 which includes a free raffle, teas, coffee, herbals, biscuits of cake  Please bring a packed lunch as we will be having a short break later in the afternoon.. Following this on the Saturday 18th Novmber at same venue and the same time we have workshop entitled "The Magic of Encaustic Wax",  Those of you who have never worked with these waxes before be prepared for some excitement as some of the images we have seen produced are amazing.  Workshops following this will be firstly at Woodford on the Saturday 2nd of December (  and then  back to Epping on the  Saturday 9th December with our newest workshop "Release with Love and Onward Go" a workshop to help you release all that doesn't serve you including past hurts. Please note that we will not have any events at Epping until Saturday 24th February when Alan Albiston will have a new workshop entitled "Working with the Wisdom of Nature". I would also like to recommend a workshop on Sunday 12th November with facilitator Wendy Stokes on dreams and Wendy has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of dreams and on Saturday Sharon Law is also doing a workshop on platform mediumship (see website as above).  If any of you are feeling adventurous and fancy a trip to Hinchley on Saturday 16th December in Leicestershire there is a workshop with Mark Brandist.  We have attended many of Mark's workshop and he is a fine tutor 32, Station Road,  Hinchley, LE10 1AW.  If any of you are going from Essex or London area please email us as we are willing to share petrol. 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

News and Views

We had an amazing weekend in the Lake District Daniel and Gabriel Mapel are an inspiration with their knowledge of th animal world and I look forward to going on another workshop on their return to the United Kingdom in 201 if not before in Europe. The course was organised by Angie and Adam from Healthlines ( who run many course do  with healing and essences.  The venue was in a perfect setting with spectacular views and they were perfect hosts.  We will be using some of these essences in futire workshops ourselves.  Now to our new and an update on workshops coming up one of which is this coming Saturday the 28th October  with Alan Albiston called "Go with the Flow", which although has the same title will be entirely different to his last one. t starts at 1.30 pm and doors open at 1 pm for arrival.  Only £20 with your teas, coffee and biscuits plus a free raffle.  It will finish around 5 to 5.30 pm. Usual venue at Epping, which is Friend Meeting Hose in Epping located in Hemnal Street..  On Sunday Barbara Barnes will be having her SPECIAL at the Island of Light, which at usual venue in the Barkentine Hall near Tookie Public House.  Mediums doing readings are Alex McDougall, Daniel Naughnane, Mark McDonagh, Patricia McNally and Sandra Cook doing Indian Head Massage, Carol doing tarot plus Shamanic Healing with Sam Prigmore.  Following that the week after we are at West Wickham Spiritualist Church (www.  on the 4th November with a workshop called "Enhance Your Spiritual Intuitive  Abilities" £15 10 am till 4 pm

Thursday, October 5, 2017

On Saturday the 7th of October we have our " Day with Spirit  noon to 8.30 pm at Woodford Church (, which includes mini workshops, therapies, readings and an evening of clairvoyance.  Workshops with Stephanie Barrows, Susan Griffiths, Patricia Mc Nally, Alan Albiston, Alex Camies, Ruth Lipkin and two meditation sessions with David Irvin.  Therapies available with Lorraine Mansfield, Barbara Alves,  Sandra Cook plus Shamanic Healing with Sam Prigmore.  Readings available with Daniel Naughnane, Patricia McNally, Anita Panayiotis, Sharon Burdekin, Sam Prigmore, Susan Griffiths, Sharon Law and psychic art with Alex Camies. (picture and a mini reading),  Cost of an all day .ticker is only £20 which includes a 20 minute reading or therapy, two workshops plus a meditation .plus an evening of clairvoyance.   Readings or therapies £10 (20 minutes. Workshops £3 each or two for £5.  Meditation £1. . Finally an evening of clairvoyance £6. Now to a few advanced notices on the 14th October at 1,30 at our venue in Epping we will be having a workshop with Susan Griffiths entitled "Dispelling the Myths of Mediumship" and then on the 28th October at .1.30 pm Alan Albiston "Go with the Flow" both of whom are doing tasters in the Day with Spirit.  Advanced notices to be confirmed are the 11th November "The Magic of Encaustic Wax and Intuition" and on the 18th October "Animal Magic" with myself and Daniel Naughnane finally details will be published in a later post.  We are also doing a workshop at West Wickham Church on the 4th November and two others on the 2nd December at Woodford.  Details to follow . 

Monday, September 25, 2017

News and more news

We are sorry that we had to cancel the workshop with Michael Redwin, but it next year will be rescheduled.  Please send healing to Michael so he makes a speedy recovery.  Our next workshop at Epping is on the 30th September with Diana Samuels " Face Reading" which starts at 1.30 pm and goes on till around 4.30  - 5 pm.  The address for those of you who don't know is The Friends Meeting House, Hemnall Street, Epping   CM16 4LL  Also on the 30th at Woodford there is a workshop with Stephanie Barrow, which sadly we can't attend as we can't be in two places at once, but Stephanie is highly recommended by us (details on website below). We havc two workshops booked in October the first is with Susan Griffiths on the 14th  called "Dispelling the Myths of Mediumship and how they can hold you back from reaching your full potential" then on the 28th with Alan Albiston "Go with the Flow" both start at 1.30 pm and finish around 4.30 to 5 pm cost on £20 including teas/coffee and biscuits plus a free raffle.  I also hasten to add both are4 excellent mediums.  On the 7th October we have another "Day With Spirit" at Woodford Church where there will be mini workshops, readings, Indian Head massage plus an evening of clairvoyance.  Mediums participating in this are Martin Jones, Alan Albiston, Ruth Lipkin, Daniel Naughnane, Susan Griffiths, Patricia McNally, David Irwin, Sharon Law, Anita Panaylotis,  Everyone welcome as its going to be a fund day. On Sunday 8th October  we will be at a Health and Holistic event in Kent being organised by Sue and Peter Coles (more details in our next post) readings and therapies will be available that day so please watch for details. Again on the 8th there is a workshop with Wendy Stokes who has a wealth of knowledge (details again on website see below).  Every Tuesday we are at Woodford Church where we welcome students to the awareness group and we also run a closed circle (  Last Friday we had an amazing evening at a gig with Julie Felix. This lady never ceases to amaze me straight off an international flight to do a gig for International Peace Day.  Lots of people won't know but Julie facilitates an amazing sound healing workshop as well as evening of songs for the Goddess. 

Sunday, September 3, 2017

News and view

It has been a very funny week so far with a shock of finding someone who I though was devoted to spirit stepping back and very obviously not wanting anymore connection with spirit or anyone who represented it,  We are now looking for ways to raise money in order to really establish the "Rainbow Healing Sanctuary" as not only a place of teaching, but one of compassion and companionship.  Any fund raising ideas will be welcomed however bizarre they are.  Our next event at Epping is with popular medium Michael Redwin on the 23rd of September and starts at 1.30 pm, but I will drawn your attention to two other workshops that day and they are the following - one at Potters Bar Church with our dear friend Alan Albiston "Go with the Flow" and another at Woodford with Sharon Law (  Our first workshop of the month will be at South Woodford Spiritualist Church too and is entitled "Unfolding Your Future with Divination" and its going to be a fun day,  Teas and coffee provided but please bring lunch.  Some future events at Epping which might interest some of you and that is the following two workshops Susan Griffith will have a workshop entitled "Dispelling the Myths of Mediumship"(workshop on exploring  the myths of mediumship and how they can hold you back from reaching your full potential, which is on the 14th October following this on the 28th Alan Albiston will lead "Go with the Flow" If anyone can give us any ideas on fund raising or make any suggestions on things to move us on in the right direction we are all ears.  At the moment we offer one to one readings, group bookings, knitting and crocheting (my handshave now got over their allergy). We still have CDs for sale. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Latest News and workshops coming up

We are going to be quiet this month apart from the awareness group and the closed circle, both of which are at Woodford Spiritualist Church (www:// on Tuesday evenings at 7.30 pm.  We welcome new people to the awareness circle, but the closed circle is by invitation only.  Sharon should be back from her extended holiday in Australia and Hong Kong.  It sounds as if she had an amazing time in both countries.  We tried a new way of working given by spirit and inspired by a student who has been working with animal energies since she was a child.  I have been given several ways of working with this and it will be developed into a workshop.  Hence my new collection of animals mainly wild ones and some prehistoric.  Our next workshop is at Woodford Church on the 16th September "Unfolding Your Future with Divination",  which starts at 11am to 4pm at £10 for church members and £12 for non members.  The Chinese Face Reading workshop at the end of September with Diana Samuels is proving to be very popular and priority will be given to those who register now for the workshop and have attended previous courses.  We have a limited number of places at the workshop due to the venue,  So don't be disappointed book now.  The email for this is or ring on 07471 912658. Don't forget we do private readings plus party bookings plus our knitted items all profits towards a spiritual sanctuary. 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Chinese Face Reading and all that

Don't forget we have a closed circle and an awareness circle on Tuesday, which is 7.30 pm (everyone welcome to awareness group, but closed circle has to be by invite or we can discuss. The groups are held at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( There is also an open circle run by Sharon Law. Our next workshop at the  Epping is on 16th August and it is an evening one " You and Your Guides :- strengthen your partnership" with Daniel Naughnane. It starts at 7.30 pm (doors open at 7 pm) and the cost is £7 with light refreshments and raffle too. Address the Quakers Meeting House, Hemnall Street, Epping  CM16 4LL with plenty of parking available plus it is also just a short ride from Epping underground with buses outside the exit.   Following that we will be at Woodford Spiritualist Church on the 16th September " Unfolding Your Future with Divination",  which starts at 11am to 4pm at £10 for members and £12 for non members (please bring a packed lunch, but teas etc are available). After this our next workshop at Epping is on the  23rd September with interested Michael Redwin and as you know Michael is a very popular medium and an excellent tutor.  Sadly there is another workshop on at Woodford Spiritualist Church which I would have loved to attend with Sharon Law plus the following week when Stephanie Barrows is facilitating one, but we  have one also on the 30th September with Diana Samuels on "Face Reading" which is proving to be very popular.  We are always available to do readings, group bookings and workshops plus take a look at our knitted items especially gnomes.  Remember every home need a gnome.  The name Kat has become quite significant in our lives recently and not only did this little fellow greet us at Epping, but this morning I  noticed a number plate with guess what "CAT" stranger and stranger, which makes me think the lady in spirit might have a solution to our problems. if your interested in any beautiful hand made jewellery then message me as our friend Tracey Forde Robinson makes some lovely pieces.  We can be contacted on or can be rung on 07471 912658.    

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Scrying and all that

I am very pleased to say our workshop in Epping "Making the Magic of the Gyspy Mirror work for You" went very well and the energy generated was fabulous (fairly easy in such a lovely venue). We are hoping to do a longer on at Woodford Spiritualist Church (www.woodfordchurch,com).  We have  another day on the 5th August with two three hour workshops one with David Irvin "Connecting to your higher mind through the power of love" starts a 1.15 pm doors open at 12.45 and then at 3.30 pm Alex Camies "Dreams Your Doorway to Imagination and Intuition" each workshop in £12 or £20 for both incudes teas/coffee/herbals/biscuits and raffles. Following this on the 16th of August Daniel Naughnane will be holding a workshop called "You and Your Guides:- Strengthening your Partnership".  If any of you are free next Sunday please go to the Island of Light as the medium that evening is excellent Alex McDougall.  The picture on the left is of the lady who runs it great grandson and us.  It has a nice energy and you are guaranteed a warm welcome and is just a short bus ride from either Canary Wharf or Island Gardens on the DLR. Held in the Barkantine Hall in the Westferry Road the service starts at 6.30 pm.  Our next workshop after that will be at Woodford Spiritualist Church on the 16th September " Unfolding Your Future with Divination" just £10 members and £12 members starts at 11 am to 4 pm.  We have a very exciting programme coming up firstly on the 23rd September a workshop with Michael Redwin and those of you who have attended his workshops previously will know what an excellent tutor he is.  On the 30th September Diana Samuels will be doing a very different kind of workshop on Face Reading and finally we will be having another "Day with Spirit" on the 7th of October and so far Alan Albiston, Susan Griffiths and myself will be doing mini workshops plus there will be readings and a medley of mediums.  Don't forget we are available for private readings and workshops plus charity events.  We also still have copies of our CD for sale at just £10 plus postage.  Lastly we are still looking for a location for our own sanctuary and have been given a location similar to the one below so if you seen anything like this on your travels please let us know,

Friday, July 14, 2017

Latest News and recommendations

Our next workshop will be at Epping and it is "Making the Magic of the Gyspy Mirror" work for you" and will start at 7.30 on the 28th July. Cost just £7 including tea/coffee/biscuits plus a free raffle and only a short bus ride from Epping Underground on the Central Line bus straight out of the station and nearly all go to Epping High Street (ask for the Black Lion and then cross the road walking in the direction of the bus where a small side road leads you to the Friends Meeting House)  It is are usual venue at the beautiful Friends Meeting House in Hemnall Street.  We are pleased to say our last workshop at Epping was successful and we were so pleased Di and Nicholas had been able to join us - not a short distance in their journey too.  On the 23rd July starting at 6.30 Barbara Barnes will have one of her specials at the "Island of Light" in the Westferry Road where readings are only £10 readers so far are Liz Gale, Daniel Naughnane, Alex McDougall and of course myself. I am not sure who the other readers are, but I am sure Barbara Barnes will have line up arranged.  There will be teas and coffee available for s small donation and maybe a raffle too.  There will be more details in my next post.  Our CD is still available and selling really well so tif you haven' bought one it available at £10 plus postage.  Here is a track from it and we are delighted to say we have had some wonderful feedback from it including unruly little ones as well as calming pets, which is lovely. Lastly I have one weekend course and one workshop to recommend.  The workshop is with Alan Albiston at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( on the 22nd July full details on the website bit it is called "Raise the Vibrations and Go with the Flow" Alan as a tutor comes highly recommend by ourselves. Lastly I would like to recommend a weekend course with Daniel Mapel and his son Gabriel on animal essences which is being held in the Lake District. It is called "The Healing Path" and is on 21st/22nd October. I have used these essences since we were fortunate enough to go on as seminar with him some years ago. Details on the course can be found on the website Lastly I am selling our Chakra gnome and so far I have been offered £100 for these any offered above this.  All proceeds will go to the fund for our sanctuary.  Here is just one below as they have all been on here before. 


Monday, June 26, 2017

The Power of Colour and Sound

Firstly we would like to thank everyone who came to our workshop yesterday at South Woodford Spiritualist Church. I would like to thank those beautiful souls who brought us the rainbow wish balloon.  We did let it fly high sending it off with our dearest wish (we were however a wee bit worried at one stage as it tried to re-enter.  We will be doing another "Power of Sound in Colour" and Healing so come to  experience this gentle healing which will make you feel totally relaxed. We will be doing a similar one at Epping on the 8th July by request, which will start at  1.30 pm until 5 pm.  doors open at 1 pm with met and greet.  Our CD is selling very well and you can now hear a taster on u-tube which can be bought from us or if you are in London at Clearly Destiny, 12 Woburn Walk, Bloomsbury, WC1H 0JL  You can ring on 07471912658 or email on .  Next Sunday the 2nd July  there is a workshop with Wendy Stokes and although I have never been to any of Wendy's workshops I know this lady has a wealth of knowledge and therefore it is a workshop well worth participating in "A Day of Divination" which starts at 11am and finishes at 4 pm so why not come along and join her (  Don't forget also our knitted items are still for sale and all profit are put into a fund to help with the running and advertising for the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary. We are still trying to decide whether to auction our Chakra Gnomes or sell them (anyone interested can buy all seven for £100.  Just two of the collection below.

Monday, June 12, 2017

News and views

We do feel fortunate that we have been able to hire such a beautiful place to work.  The energies in the Friends Meeting House in Hemnall Street, Epping CM16 4LL are Ideal and the garden has an air of total peace.  Our workshop last Saturday with Sam Prigmore was interesting and we congratulate him on his endeavours and soon will be longer. Started at just one hour and have grown.  Our next workshop on the 23rd June is with Alan Albiston "Raising Your Vibration and Going with the Flow".  Our next workshop is on the Sunday 25th June 2017 at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( "The Healing Power of Colour and Sound", which starts at 11 am and finishes at 4 pm just £10 members and £12 non members.  Come and experience this gentle healing which will make you feel totally relaxed. We will be doing a similar one at Epping on the 8th July by request, which will start at  1 pm until 5 pm.  (doors open at 12.30 pm with met and greet.  Our CD is selling very well and you can now hear a taster on u-tube which can be bought from us or if you are in London at Clearly Destiny, 12 Woburn Walk, Bloomsbury, WC1H 0JL.  It has been selling very well and everyone who has bought it so far has been delighted with their purchase. So click on the link and see how you feel. We are also serving the small sanctuary run by Barbara Barnes at the Barkantine Hall, Westferry Road, Isle of Dogs and starts at 6.30 pm on 18th June.  

Sunday, May 21, 2017

We are on U-tube

Many of you know we are determined to start a spiritual sanctuary where we can set up workshops not only for ourselves, but other mediums and teachers.  There are lots of empty building which stay unoccupied for years on end and can often be rented on a temporary basis.  I am ask that you keep your eyes peeled for such a building in Hertfordshire/Essex and if you seen anything, which you feel might be suitable either text us, ring us or email us on or ring 07767 137377.  At the moment we are fortunate enough to be able to hire a lovely venue in Epping which has a lovely energy, but we need something permanent.  We want to have somewhere that can not only accommodate spiritual events including a whole range of subject, but also therapies and healing. Our next event is at Epping on the 31st of May (incidentally) my birthday and it is a workshop with a dear friend Alan Albiston called "Nature's Rainbow Colours", which starts at 7.30 pm, but the doors open at 7pm pm for met and greet plus teas, coffees and biscuits.  Cost only £7 including a free raffle.  On the 10th June there will be another event which will comprise of the following a meditation, plus a mini workshop and a trance evening total cost £20 plus tea/coffee etc and biscuits or the workshop £12 and the trance evening £12 if you wish to book them separately.  The day will start at 1 pm with meet and greet followed with a short meditation for world peace and to get you into the right zone.  The workshop will be led by Sam Prigmore "Change your Life in Easy Steps".  There will then be a comfort break plus refreshments followed at 5.15 pm with a trance demonstration with Daniel Naughnane "The Children of Light" with questions and answers from Daniel's guide on these children who have been referred to as Indigo, Star Children plus numerous other names.  No admittance after 5.30 pm.  Incidentally our CD is still available  (this is just one track) Only £10 plus postage and we will ship to any part of the world.  We enjoyed a fabulous evening at the Epping folk Club and Julie Felix was truly magical and we are hoping that we can arrange a date for a "Songs to the Goddess" evening at Epping for the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary (so watch this blog for more information).  Incidentally as previous mentioned Julie facilitates a wonderful sound healing workshop and was the inspiration of our own (one will be taking place at Woodford Spiritualist Church on the 25th June ( We are also hoping to have a few more workshops on a Sunday and are planning another "Day with Spirit" so if you have any ideas for mini workshops please message me on Just in case any of you have not got the address at Epping it is the Friends Meeting House, Hemnall Street, Epping CM16 4LL.  We still have a selection of knitted items for sale and all profits go to help run the sanctuary.  We have been doing an interesting experiment with rainbow healing and its having remarkable results with people receiving lots of healing including a beautiful green light plus some with having an improvement in their mobility.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Keep on the look out - please help

As many of you know we are wanting to start a spiritual sanctuary where we can set up workshops not only for ourselves, but other mediums and teachers.  There are lots of empty building which stay unoccupied for years on end and can often be rented on a temporary basis.  I am ask that you keep your eyes peeled for such a building in Hertforshire/Essex and if you seen anything, which you feel might be suitable either text us, ring us or email us on or ring 07767 137377.  At the moment we are fortunate enough to be able to hire a venue in Epping which has a lovely energy, but we need something permanent. Next Wednesday evening just for ourselves we are going to a gig with Julie Felix who some of you may not know does the most amazing "Sound Healing Workshops" of which we have been fortunate enough to attend.  Julie herself is a very spiritual lady.  Our first workshop at Epping is on the 31st of May with Alan Albiston "Nature's Rainbow Colours"  starts at 7.30 pm and doors open at 7 pm for meet and greet. The venue as most of you know is the Friends Meeting House, Hemnall Street, Epping  CM16 4LL. Don't forget we are also running an awareness group taken by Daniel Naughnane and a closed circle run by myself at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( both start at 7.30 pm on a Tuesday evening.  Newbies welcome and do remember you can progress to the open circle and then the closed circle.  Students will be encourage to develop in such away it will equip them to do one to one readings, platform, healing and teach.  We will give our students opportunities where we can and encourage them eventually to spread their wings. We still have copies of our CD available for purchase at just £10 plus postage
 "Rainbow and Release"  

Monday, May 8, 2017

New events and another day with spirit.

We have two workshops planned in Epping the first is a taster event from Alan Albiston " Nature's Rainbow Colours" as his workshop at Harrow was very successful.  Alan is an excellent medium and tutor we highly recommend him.  This event will take place on my birthday Wednesday May 31st so we are hoping it will be a great success.  Start time 7.30 pm and the doors will open for a cup of tea and met and greet.  The second event there will be on Saturday the 10th June and will start at 1.30 pm again doors will open at 1 pm.  There will be two events both £12 each of £20 for the whole day.  The First is a workshop with Sam Prigmore "Change Your Life in Easy Steps" and it will finish around 4.30 ish and at 5.15 pm there will be a trance demonstration with Daniel Naughnane "The Children of Light" which will be about the children such as the Indigos, Rainbows, Crystals, Children of Truth and the Star Children many names that have been given to them and Daniel's guide will be answering questions (strictly no admittance after 5.15pm.  So why not join us for this interesting event. The address of the venue where these events is the Friends Meeting House, Hemnall Street, Epping, Essex  CM16 4LL.  We are pleased to say like Alex Camies who does the dream workshop Sam is a member of our closed circle at Woodford Spiritualist Church.  On the 25th June we will be leading a workshop there and this will start at 11 am to 4 pm "Sound Healing with Colour" a day for you to give and receive healing whilst learning a little about the vast subject of colour ( Only £10 for members and £12 for non members.  We are now planning our next "Day with Spirit" and at the moment we have no date, but we are planning on doing it in Chingford.  I have ask Sharon Law, Daniel Naughnane and Alex Camies to participate and I will be doing one myself as well.  We are hoping to have a whole range of different workshops and if there is anything you would particularly like please email us on or message us on 07767 137377. We are also hoping that Stevie Robinson and Haydn Clarke will be our guest mediums that evening. We still can't make up our minds whether to auction the Chakra Gnome Family or sell them - what do you think guys? 

Monday, May 1, 2017

A Day with Spirit on 29th April 2017

We are quite excited about last Saturday's event "A Day with Spirit" and we have had some wonderful feedback from many people in regard to the healing they received via Sam Prigmore and Katalin Catherine Jones and although Tracey Robinson Forde wasn't constantly busy we heard from all of those who had reflexology how much better they felt. It was interesting how so many people gravitated to the same readers and I would like to thank those who came that is Stephanie Barrows, Liz Gale, Sharon Law, Maxine Sewell, Kim Lucas and Colleen Rechere.   Those who did workshops who have not previously been mentioned Susan Griffiths, Wendy Stokes and David Irvin.  I would also like to thank the committee members of Woodford Spiritualist  Church (   that helped that is Iris, Chris, Barbara, John and Sue plus Dave and Gill Hayden. Those that comprised our Medley of Mediums Alan Albiston, Martin Jones and Pauly Chaplin. The watercolour on this post is one I was painted via myself for someone attending the day and I find the many faces hidden within this painting fascinating.  If any of you have any interpretations in regard to this please comment on the place for comments within the blog itself. We are sorry that Stevie Robinson and Haydn Clarke couldn't make it and their car has been repaired.  We also hope that their little dog Mr. Darcy is on the mend.   I would also like to mention that Alan Albiston has a workshop on the 6th of May at Harrow National Spiritualist Church "Nature Rainbow Colours" which starts a 11 am until 4.30 pm (www.harrowsnuchurch, David Irwin has a workshop on the on 3rd June "Inspiration with your Angels" ( and on 2nd July Wendy Stokes has a workshop at Woodford Spiritualis Church "A day of Divination".  I would also like to add that Stephanie Barrows is available for readings on Wednesdays with an appointment and can be contacted by email or ring 07908965893. We too are available for readings and can be reached by ringing 07767 137377 or emailing rainbowhealingsanctuary@ Our next event for the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary will be in June and further details will be in our next post. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

April 29th and more

It is now coming up to our big event in Woodford Spiritualist Church (
 next Saturday 29th April  and we are looking forward to seeing you all there.  We would like to say a big thank you in advance to all those who are help or donating their time to help raise funds for the sanctuary.  The day will start at 12.30, but we will be opening the doors at noon.  There will be readings available plus reflexology and hands on healing both spiritual, reiki and shamanic with Tracey Forde Robinson, Katalin Catherine Jones and Sam Prigmore.  These are available for £10 for 20 minutes.  We also have a large selection of mini workshops all at £2 each.  It will give you a taster of what is available. In the evening we have a Medley of Mediums with Martin Jones, Alan Albiston and Pauly Chaplin. Admission £5 starts at 7.30 pm.  I will be listing them in detail at the end of this post.  The picture on the left was sent to me by one of our students who was practising expanding her aura in a crowded train to get herself a space (it really does work). I am also including a picture of a lady from Kalamazoo Robin Jez who bought one of our naughty gnomes amongst other things, which are knitted to raise money for the sanctuary. Robin spends her time spreading love around the world and you can connect with her on facebook.  She is a lovely lady.  So please help her in this endeavour as we also feel if more smiles and love were sent out to the world there would be less conflicts.  I am sure you all agree with us. In May we have another ( (Sound Healing Workshop at West Wickham, but more details of this in our next post, which will be after Saturday. I might add that on May 13th we3 will be at one of Sue Cole's events in Kent (again more details next time)   Now to a list of the workshops:-
Room 1       12.45          -       The Healing Touch -  Katalin Catherine Jones
                      1.55          -        Healing with Sound  -  Daniel Naughnane
                      3.05          -        Kickstart Your Intuition - Susan Griffiths
                      4.15          -        Change Your Life (a beginners guide)  -  Sam Prigmore

Room 2         1.00          -        Your Authentic Self's Big Dream   -   Stephanie Barrows
                      2.10          -         Flora and other Femail Deities    -      Wendy Stokes
                      3.40          -         Connecting with your Divine Energy   -   David Irwin
                      4.40          -         Spring Time Traditions and Celebrations   -  Elizabeth Gale
                      5.45          -         Mindfulness in Everyday Life                    -  Martin Jones

Room 3         1.30          -         Doing it Right    -  Stevie Robinson
                      2.40          -         Gordon Higginson (a talk)     -   Haydn Clarke

Please book and pay for workshops on arrival as places are limited.  We may well have a discussion group in Room 3 around 3 pm where you can ask various mediums how their mediumship works for them as everyone is different. 


Monday, April 10, 2017

What a lovely event Sue and Peter Coles with their team arranged at Hartley yesterday and thank you to all those who came for readings.  It was lovely to see Amanda Fisher plus her two babies plus Dave and Gill HaydenGary Wimble from Energy Workouts and I might add we are hoping to arrange a workshop with him so if anybody is interested please message me on here or better still email me at or text on 07737 137377. Our next event is this coming Wednesday 12th in the evening at the Friends Meeting House, Hemnall Street,Epping   CM16 4LL  The doors will open at 7 pm and the workshop start at 7.30 pm tea and coffee available on arrival plus biscuits.   The workshop is entitled "How to work with the Universe" or a taster blueprint way of manifesting your dreams cost just £7. Don't forget on Tuesday evenings we are at Woodford Spiritualist Church ( with our awareness group plus closed circle.  It is a good opportunity for those starting out on their spiritual path to join the awareness group from which they can progress to Sharon Law's open circle then on to the closed circle.  Starts at 7.30 pm with doors opening wound 7 to 7.15 pm depending on road traffic.  I would also like to recommend a workshop on Saturday 15th April at the same church with Beverley Swift.  I have attended several of Beverley's workshops in the past and I can highly recommend these apart from being a lovely lady she is also an excellent tutor.  The workshop " Exploring Inspiration starts at 11 am and finishes at 4 pm. Next piece of news is on the 29th April "Day with Spirit" front Susan Griffith will be doing a workshop called "Kick Start Your Intuition"  So we will have a great team that day.  Finally don't for get our new course "Crafty Mindfulness Through Crochet" will strat on the 18th April from noon till 5pm only £15 including all materials. Don't forget also that all sales from our knitted and crochet items goe to a fund to help run the sanctuary and every home need a gnome.  We are also available to serve churches run workshops and do readings including party bookings. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

We are still thing about our next move in relation to the sanctuary.  We will be going ahead with our meetings in April and having a break in May so we can sort out where to do the next events and we are seriously considering splitting them between Epping and Ware.  Our next event is on the 12th April at Epping which starts at 7.30 pm and the doors open at 7 pm - workshop is entitled "How to Work with the Universe" - a blueprint to manifesting your dreams.  Cost just £7 which includes tea/coffee and a raffle ticket. The workshop leaders are Daniel Naughnane and myself.  On the 9th April we will be back at the Wellfield Psychic and Holistic PLUS, which starts 12 noon and finishes at 5 pm - Address: Wellfield Community Hall, Hartley, Kent DA3 7EG, which is going to be a very interesting day.  We now have the chakra family for sale or raffle or auction, but we are not sure which so any suggestions guys would be welcomed as we need to raise funds for our sanctuary. Please let us know your opinion. Our  next "Day with Spirit" on the 29th April is going very well and the things on offer are growing and we will be offering as well as hands on healing, reiki and reflexology as well as lots on mini workshops which will be jolly good value at £2 each,.  Readings and therapies are £10 for 20 minutes. Evening of Clairvoyance £5   The workshops are as follows:-
1.  The Healing Touch (Katalin Catherine Jones)
2.   Healing Through Sound (Daniel Naughnane)
3.   Spring Times Traditions and Celebrations (Liz Gale)
4.   Flora and other Female Deities (Wendy Stokes)
5.   A Talk on Gordon Higginson (Haydn Clarke)
6    Doing It Right ( Stevie Robinson)
7.   Mindfulness is EverydayLife (Martin Jones)
8.   Connecting with Your Divine Energy (David Irwin)
9.   Your Authentic Self's Big Dream (Stephanie Barrows)
10.  Change Your Life (begiiners guide (Sam Prigmore)

In the evening we will having an evening of clairvoyance with a Medley of Mediums.  Will be doing another post soon so please let us have your opinions on how we should raise money with the chakra gnomes.  I have also added a picture of Mr.& Mrs.Spring.


Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Showers the good kind.

Well here we are at the first day of April and what goodies have been lined up.  Our next workshop at Epping is on the 12th April with Daniel Naughnane and myself "How to work with the Universe" (a blueprint to manifest your dreams) Go with the Flow" with Alan Albiston. and its starts at 7.30 pm with doors opening at 7 pm.   The one after that is on the 26th April  We also have new workshop starting at Woodford Spiritualist Church called  "Crafty Mindfulness Crochet"  -  a combination workshop which will not only teach you a fun handicraft, but also help you be in the now.  This will be lead by myself and materials and crochet hooks will be provided as part of the workshop.  This workshop is in two parts and if it is well attended we will be running another similar one in which you will be able to crochet and design your own mandela with my help.  First one is on the 18th April and starts at  noon and finishes at 5 pm and the second part is on May 9th.  First part £15 and second part £12.  So if you fancy being mindful and learning how to crochet this is the workshop for you.  Will be a fun day with lots of learning making yourself a crochet key ring maybe not as elaborate as this one but it could be used for yourself or given as a present or donated to one of the raffles for fund raising for various projects or charities.  Now to our big event of the month "A Day with Spirit" on the 29th April at Woodford Church (  Workshops so far are the following:-
1. The Healing Touch"                               -     Katalin Catherine Jones
2. Healing Through Sound                         -     Daniel Naughnane
3. A Talk on Gordon Higginson                 -     Haydn Clarke
4. Doing it Right (mediumship)                  -    Stevie Robinson
5. Mindfulness in Every Day Life               -    Martin Jones
6. Spring Time
 (Traditions and elebrations)                        -    Liz Gale
There will be some other workshops yet to be announced plus readings therapies and a Medley of Mediums in the evening so please come and join us.   

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Any ideas guys

As I said in my previous post we are reluctantly stopping activities at Epping for the whole of May and before we go any further with bookings trying to ascertain where we have gone wrong.  Our last event on the 11th March was well advertised it was in the "Two Worlds", "Spirit Messenger", Twitter, Facebook as well as a one liner in Spirit and Destiny.  We are going to think again and I will confess I thought heavily of giving up as we can't afford to regularly have a flop.  We are going ahead with events for the rest of this month and we have two workshops next Saturday the 25th March "Intuitive Colour for Everyone" with myself and then "Working with Animal Wisdom" with Alan Albiston,  We are going ahead with all our commitments, but not taking new bookings.  We need to formulate a plan as we feel our main asset is as teachers. We are running a new course on a Tuesday at Woodford teach which will  not only teach people to be mindful but also a they will be learning how to crochet.  This starts on the "Crafty Mindfulness Crochet" which starts on the 18th April at noon.  So why not come and join us. We are also doing a "Day with Spirit" at Woodford Spiritualist Church. So far these are the mini workshops we are planning plus talks:-  "The Healing Touch" with Katalin Catherine Jones, a talk with Haydn Clarke on Gordon Higginson,  Daniel Naughnane "Healing Through Sound" and the other people doing workshops will be Stevie Robinson, Liz Gale and Sam Prigmore. Stevie Robinson and Haydn Clarke you may remember have been on "The 6th Sense with Colin Fry as some of you might remember, In the evening we have a "Medley of Mediums" with Alfred Hunt, Martin Jones and Alan Albiston. We  are still selling our knitted items to help raise money for the sanctuary and the litttle fellow on here is going to a new home Ed U.Kayschoon better known as "Brains".  I am still in the process of writing the children's book. For more details of any events please telephone us on 07737 137377 or email us on

Friday, March 17, 2017

News and Views

We have decided reluctantly to call a halt for at least one month to the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary activities.  After the lack of interest to our event on the 11th March we need to revaluate what we are doing and where we are doing it.  Everyone says it is a beautiful hall in the wrong location. Those that did attend on the 11th March had a lovely day and the energies were perfect.  We had a delightful workshop from Michael Redwin which was powerful as well as enlightening and I had lovely reports from those attending the workshops in regard to the others they attended especially Sam PrigmoreSo well done Sam.  We will not be cancelling what has already been booked, but will not be booking anything else for at least two months to give ourselves time to deliberate as well as formulate new ideas.  Our first workshop now at Epping will be on the 25th March and will consist of the following "Intuitive Colour For Everyone" with myself and "Working With Animal Wisdom" with Alan Albiston.  The day will start at 1 pm with the first workshop at 1.30 pm and finish around  6.15 pm.  We will be at the "Island of Light" this coming and Sam Prigmore  will be joining us for his first venture onto the platform.  On Monday 27th we are at Woodford Spiritualist Church for the afternoon service (  We also have another "Day With Spirit" on the 29th April and that will be held at Woodford Church.  The programme is gradually coming together and our Melody of Mediums will be in the evening with Alfred Hunt, Martin Jones and Alan Albiston.  We will have readings available with various mediums including Linda Fergusson, Alan Albiston, Daniel Naughnane, Liz Gale, Stevie Robinson and Hayden Clarke.  Workshops so far are Sam Prigmore, Liz Gale, Daniel Naughnane and Wendy Stokes. We would also like to wish everyone a Happy St.Patrick;s Day and say we are still knitting gnomes, owls and the such like to raise funds.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

We will be at West Wickham Spiritualist Church on the 1st March at 8 pm  for the evening demonstration of mediumship We will not be there on the 5th March as we feel a change of medium is better for us and the church.  There will be a new medium to West Wickham called Natalie Simpson so please give her your support.    Our first event at Epping is the 11th March "A Day with Spirit" and the day will consist of readings, therapies .mini workshop plus an evening of spiritual communications with Michael Redwin.  Mediums available for readings that day will be Alan Albiston, Daniel Naughnane, Daniel Wright, Linda Fergusson, John Jenkins amongst others including myself. Workshops now consist of  "Me in Mediumship"  John Jenkins, "The Law of Attraction", Sam Prigmore" plus a question and answer session with Michael Redwin . We will also have Wendy Stokes who has agreed to do a mini workshop for us and later in the year she will be doing two more workshops.  One of which will be to help those who have blocks and want to kickstart their writing and the second on how to get your work published, which I am quite excited about as I am making headway with my children's story regarding gnomes, which I will be illustrating too.  I will be posting the final details in our next post in regards to our "Day with Spirit". We are also looking forward to a talk/seminar  with John Etherington  from Midheaven Books ( on astology very soon date yet to be arranged.  The address at Epping is The Friends Meeting House, Hemnall Street, Epping, CM16 4LL. We would also like to recommend a workshop at Potters Bar Spiritualist Church on the 4th March with Alan Albiston which start at 11 am and finishes around 4 pm "Go with the flow" and the church address is Hill Rise, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire  EN6 2RS Cost £15.   We are still looking for ways to fund the sanctuary including as you all know knitted items.  I am in the middle of knitting the Chakra family and on the left is the first one Grandpa Red.  They will be a family of seven so if anyone is interested in purchasing them please let us know. Our meditation CD is still available at just £10 plus we are available for talks, seminar, workshops, one to one readings (both on the phone and in person) plus parties bookings. If you can think of any other ways we might fund the sanctuary please message us as hiring venues and advertising get expensive and sometimes we run at a loss.   Please contact us by email on or by telephone 07767 137377. Don't forget also we have set up a page on and any donations would be received with thanks. For those of you of who don' t know where West Wickham Church is  ( Also on 11th March at West Wickham Spiritualist Church there will be a workshop with Alex Camies, which I highly recommend starts at 11 am and finishes at 4.30 pm "Dreams and Inspiration".  Unfortunately it clashes with our " Day with Spirit" or we would have supported her (cost £15).  Another interesting workshop on that day is being held at Battersea Spiritualist Church with Maggie Jones and it is on trance starts at 11 am until 4.30 pm ( We are also planning another "A Day With Spirit" at Woodford Spiritualist Church on the 29th April and so far we have several workshops arranged plus an Evening of Clairvoyance with Alfred Hunt, Martin Jones and Alan Albiston.