Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Any ideas guys

As I said in my previous post we are reluctantly stopping activities at Epping for the whole of May and before we go any further with bookings trying to ascertain where we have gone wrong.  Our last event on the 11th March was well advertised it was in the "Two Worlds", "Spirit Messenger", Twitter, Facebook as well as a one liner in Spirit and Destiny.  We are going to think again and I will confess I thought heavily of giving up as we can't afford to regularly have a flop.  We are going ahead with events for the rest of this month and we have two workshops next Saturday the 25th March "Intuitive Colour for Everyone" with myself and then "Working with Animal Wisdom" with Alan Albiston,  We are going ahead with all our commitments, but not taking new bookings.  We need to formulate a plan as we feel our main asset is as teachers. We are running a new course on a Tuesday at Woodford teach which will  not only teach people to be mindful but also a they will be learning how to crochet.  This starts on the "Crafty Mindfulness Crochet" which starts on the 18th April at noon.  So why not come and join us. We are also doing a "Day with Spirit" at Woodford Spiritualist Church. So far these are the mini workshops we are planning plus talks:-  "The Healing Touch" with Katalin Catherine Jones, a talk with Haydn Clarke on Gordon Higginson,  Daniel Naughnane "Healing Through Sound" and the other people doing workshops will be Stevie Robinson, Liz Gale and Sam Prigmore. Stevie Robinson and Haydn Clarke you may remember have been on "The 6th Sense with Colin Fry as some of you might remember, In the evening we have a "Medley of Mediums" with Alfred Hunt, Martin Jones and Alan Albiston. We  are still selling our knitted items to help raise money for the sanctuary and the litttle fellow on here is going to a new home Ed U.Kayschoon better known as "Brains".  I am still in the process of writing the children's book. For more details of any events please telephone us on 07737 137377 or email us on

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