Friday, March 17, 2017

News and Views

We have decided reluctantly to call a halt for at least one month to the Rainbow Healing Sanctuary activities.  After the lack of interest to our event on the 11th March we need to revaluate what we are doing and where we are doing it.  Everyone says it is a beautiful hall in the wrong location. Those that did attend on the 11th March had a lovely day and the energies were perfect.  We had a delightful workshop from Michael Redwin which was powerful as well as enlightening and I had lovely reports from those attending the workshops in regard to the others they attended especially Sam PrigmoreSo well done Sam.  We will not be cancelling what has already been booked, but will not be booking anything else for at least two months to give ourselves time to deliberate as well as formulate new ideas.  Our first workshop now at Epping will be on the 25th March and will consist of the following "Intuitive Colour For Everyone" with myself and "Working With Animal Wisdom" with Alan Albiston.  The day will start at 1 pm with the first workshop at 1.30 pm and finish around  6.15 pm.  We will be at the "Island of Light" this coming and Sam Prigmore  will be joining us for his first venture onto the platform.  On Monday 27th we are at Woodford Spiritualist Church for the afternoon service (  We also have another "Day With Spirit" on the 29th April and that will be held at Woodford Church.  The programme is gradually coming together and our Melody of Mediums will be in the evening with Alfred Hunt, Martin Jones and Alan Albiston.  We will have readings available with various mediums including Linda Fergusson, Alan Albiston, Daniel Naughnane, Liz Gale, Stevie Robinson and Hayden Clarke.  Workshops so far are Sam Prigmore, Liz Gale, Daniel Naughnane and Wendy Stokes. We would also like to wish everyone a Happy St.Patrick;s Day and say we are still knitting gnomes, owls and the such like to raise funds.

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