Sunday, February 19, 2017

We will be at West Wickham Spiritualist Church on the 1st March at 8 pm  for the evening demonstration of mediumship We will not be there on the 5th March as we feel a change of medium is better for us and the church.  There will be a new medium to West Wickham called Natalie Simpson so please give her your support.    Our first event at Epping is the 11th March "A Day with Spirit" and the day will consist of readings, therapies .mini workshop plus an evening of spiritual communications with Michael Redwin.  Mediums available for readings that day will be Alan Albiston, Daniel Naughnane, Daniel Wright, Linda Fergusson, John Jenkins amongst others including myself. Workshops now consist of  "Me in Mediumship"  John Jenkins, "The Law of Attraction", Sam Prigmore" plus a question and answer session with Michael Redwin . We will also have Wendy Stokes who has agreed to do a mini workshop for us and later in the year she will be doing two more workshops.  One of which will be to help those who have blocks and want to kickstart their writing and the second on how to get your work published, which I am quite excited about as I am making headway with my children's story regarding gnomes, which I will be illustrating too.  I will be posting the final details in our next post in regards to our "Day with Spirit". We are also looking forward to a talk/seminar  with John Etherington  from Midheaven Books ( on astology very soon date yet to be arranged.  The address at Epping is The Friends Meeting House, Hemnall Street, Epping, CM16 4LL. We would also like to recommend a workshop at Potters Bar Spiritualist Church on the 4th March with Alan Albiston which start at 11 am and finishes around 4 pm "Go with the flow" and the church address is Hill Rise, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire  EN6 2RS Cost £15.   We are still looking for ways to fund the sanctuary including as you all know knitted items.  I am in the middle of knitting the Chakra family and on the left is the first one Grandpa Red.  They will be a family of seven so if anyone is interested in purchasing them please let us know. Our meditation CD is still available at just £10 plus we are available for talks, seminar, workshops, one to one readings (both on the phone and in person) plus parties bookings. If you can think of any other ways we might fund the sanctuary please message us as hiring venues and advertising get expensive and sometimes we run at a loss.   Please contact us by email on or by telephone 07767 137377. Don't forget also we have set up a page on and any donations would be received with thanks. For those of you of who don' t know where West Wickham Church is  ( Also on 11th March at West Wickham Spiritualist Church there will be a workshop with Alex Camies, which I highly recommend starts at 11 am and finishes at 4.30 pm "Dreams and Inspiration".  Unfortunately it clashes with our " Day with Spirit" or we would have supported her (cost £15).  Another interesting workshop on that day is being held at Battersea Spiritualist Church with Maggie Jones and it is on trance starts at 11 am until 4.30 pm ( We are also planning another "A Day With Spirit" at Woodford Spiritualist Church on the 29th April and so far we have several workshops arranged plus an Evening of Clairvoyance with Alfred Hunt, Martin Jones and Alan Albiston.

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